10,000 of his babies!

11 Jun

Ok, it seems this is highly addictive.  I haven’t found such a wonderful way to practice work avoidance since the new Grand Theft Auto came out and this one seems almost cerebral, like we all know GTA is good for life experience mind you, but this blogging is much easier to justify.  I will justify it now with a book review because I love books even more than Elvis!

Everyone should read Chasing Ghosts, by Paul Rieckhoff.  I’m not actually going to review it (see aforementioned work avoidance and) bc you can see what its about here:

But it was completely engaging, well written and I developed more than a kindergarten crush on the author- what a man!  I’m not stalking him or anything, I mean, he’s toally GUD (geographically undesirable) -but I did go visit his website and his myspace page and put his picture up on my fridge etc.  I found out he’s single now and I just need to make sure he no longer likes McPain because I want to have like 10,000 of his babies.

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