My baby likes it rough, my neighbors think I’m weird.

11 Jun

My baby likes it rough = Neighbors think I’m weird.

June 11, 2008 · No Comments

He likes to be spanked, and often. He likes it when I play butt bongo and he can go all night. He can’t get enough. It started off with just some scratching in his nether region. I could scratch him there and his whole body would just torque with pleasure That satiated him for a while but now its just the rough stuff-and he’s got to have it. What’s slightly creepy about it is that he likes to moan really loudly w/pleasure which is fine, you know, because I’m not mormon or anything, but the thing is, he’s my DOG. Is that perverted? You’re perverted, shut up!

He likes it and I like to make him happy. In fact I laugh uncontrollably (like I’m on a roller coaster) when all this is going on and that just eggs him on. He seems to think I am sort of coin operated (if coins were kisses) and to keep the ride going he just needs to keep the change coming.  So, he keeps kissing me and missing my nose in all the passion.  Which, of course, makes me laugh more and its a whole vicious cycle. He likes to hear me laugh- I think he actually associates my laughter now w/this type of butt bongo pleasure because I don’t even need to call his name anymore- if I want him to come right away, I just start laughing like crazy and he is there on the spot.

This is slightly more embarrassing in public than calling his name or calling out TREATS when I need him to come right away. The other day the collar slipped off and he of course bolted (like I beat him) so I had to stand there and just laugh (really loudly) like the village idiot. It was an epic struggle for him- the urge to roam and pee freely vs. the laughter and promise of butt bongo. It took him some time to decide so I had to really ham it up- make him think it was the best butt bongo session ever to be had = laugh like a lunatic.

So, eventually he came back but I’m afraid that standing in the street alone laughing really loudly is not the best recommendation as to my sanity. So just a heads up, not all the crazy people you see talking/laughing/dancing to themselves are completely crazy, maybe they are just signaling the commencement of a serious butt bongo session or you know, calling their dog.

So, that’s what this blog will be about. My dog, my life, butt bongo, my job (I’m starting a business dealing with philanthropy/volunteering), I’m a do-gooder, not a goody 2 shoes, though I wear 2 -I watch some reality television and follow politics obsessively. This is where I will rant about McPain and how utterly ridiculous anyone who votes for him is-this is where I will get my rage on!  I’m not a joyologist and there is certainly a need for more cowbell.

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