“special lines” for all you fly muthas

11 Jun
Oooh "call starkist"- I will have a contest for people
to recognize when I use movie lines or lines from TV-
this will be a great test bc-- don't you just immediately
bond w/someone when you use a line from a movie and they
immediately get it- "only the sexy people."  I guess I'll
have to include songs too, bc- ex. only the sexy people
is from Salt Salt Salt Salt and pepper's here
and we're in a fix want you to ____ __ baby.

I psychotically loved that song, I've rediscovered it
recently, its in heavy rotation on my ipod and I don't
have any shame about it either.

That's probably giving something away about my age
but oh well.  I will put the "special lines" in quotes and
to win you have to guess each one accurately.
I will just hold this contest hypothetically of course
bc I have to figure out how to get readers first but I will
record the idea here for now lest I forget it bc I don't
have a voice recorder and I suffer from short term memory
loss, but I blame the spicy food for that. I love spicy
food and I think it should be legal.  Don't you?

So, "step right up and win some crap!"
This blog is anonymous right?
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