quelle douchebag…speidi…make it stop

21 Jun

spencer on letterman, noooo,quelle douchebag– dave “handled” him of course but it was also just kindof scary on the apocalypse front- bc wtf? I then discovered that heidi had been on the wk b4- retch. I really can’t understand why i need to see and hear from these people (speidi) so frequently- its not healthy. Nobody likes them- why don’t they go away.  I’m serious. Now, I’m not ready to trade my life for his (malcovich in that movie w/eastwood) (yet) but almost- bc seriously, its really close.  Someone out there in LA should…just make it stop.  First heidi was on and then spencer- talking to letterman- I worship him so…. ewwwww- its vomit inducing…they’ve soiled the show.  I’m not sure what cartoon character (spence)it is- he looks soo familiar w/his weird beardy chin- who does he look like?  I want to place him in or around a robin hood character maybe -but I also get a heavy care bear vibe- there’s just something about his peach fuzz face- what IS IT? i don’t know but PLS make it stop!! AND help me identify bc I don’t think I’m making it up!! He (spence) looks like something smurf/greystoke/carebear timeframe- or around then bc – its driving me crazy!!

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