Watching The Bachelorette – I wish I could quit you!

01 Jul

Wow- she is really annoying me – mostly I guess bc I can’t predict what she does- we just have vastly different tastes.  She just sent Jeremy home- wtf? Oh dear, Jeremy appears to be all caught up in the drama- he just asked the limo to pull over, I thank god he didn’t puke but he did walk over all dramatically and lean against a tree- puhleese.  I thought he was going to pull the crazy train around and go back and challenge somebody.

Once again they make me sit for 2 hours- which I don’t appreciate.  This reunion however, is nice- I get to see my high school football coach, Brian again- yum yum gimme some.  Whoa- I am usually doing 3 different things when I’m watching and I almost completely missed how much people hated Jeremy- I guess I wasn’t paying attention- I just thought they were jealous.  I see a little bit now what they mean from the clips how he was just a DeAnna seeking machine- here to win.

Both of her choices now though, seem like her way of being able to say- lets not talk about marriage just yet- which is weird bc that’s almost like Brad.  Not that I think she’ll adios them both.  I just think that w/Jason she’ll be able to say- lets take it slow bc of Ty and w/Jesse- I don’t know he just seems so immature- though he did say he was ready to get married.  Plus both of these two are GUD (geographically undesirable).

OK here’s Graham- wow- w/the screaming- he’s nice looking but not all that AND the chips.  Personally I think he needs a little more time in the oven- almost like Ben Affleck a few years ago- I think he will look better when he’s older- and he has some maturing to do.  His having never had a serious relationship was a serious red flag- and I’m still bitter about the note we didn’t get to see.

I don’t know who is picking this girl’s clothes- but I’m not digging the orange puff ball dress- happy halloween!  Ouch, I forgot about her little meltdown at the picnic- there was a better way to handle that- that was a bit like a 2 year old tantrum- GIVE ME ATTN NOW!  OCD- obsessive compulsive deanna that’s excellent- I think self-righteous-D got a little angry there.

She just said she’s engaged!  I have no idea who she’ll pick- I’m leaning toward Jesse.  Clips from the finale- hmm.  Jason just pronounced her name wrong- ouch.  But then when they were both down on one knee- I was feeling Jason.  I think the kid factors in bc she wants them so much- but does she want to deal w/an exwife?  Also, (maybe they discussed in private but) I would be curious to know what happened- why did the marriage end?  Kindof important. But then Jesse- what does he want to do w/his life when he’s through shredding?  I don’t know maybe be a sports agent he says- hmm that sounds a bit like George Costanza.  But no, I’m going to stick w/Jesse bc maybe she’s thinking she can mold him, relocate him and raise him up a bit- women seem to like that.


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2 responses to “Watching The Bachelorette – I wish I could quit you!

  1. citizenkim

    July 1, 2008 at 7:51 am

    Ooh- this video makes me change my mind a bit about Jesse- I don’t know if he can do this but if he can- he should and he should do it often and video tape it and keep it handy…bc DAMN – sexy much?

  2. citizenkim

    July 1, 2008 at 7:51 am


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