Who Will She Pick?- the bachelorette-donezo yea! – I think Jesse!II

08 Jul

Its so nice to be right!  Watching the previews- I’m still thinking Jesse- he’s really laying it on thick- water works and everything. She speaks about how their relationship had the most natural progression, I think she needed that and I think she loves his family and how (possibly) portable he is- when he’s through ‘shredding’- he can be a “sports agent or something like that” from a new location. Whereas Jason has really thrown down some hardcore roots w/ family and an ex-wife…he’s not moving to Georgia = I think that equals deal breaker.

Newnan: How cute -she has a schnauzer almost as cute as mine. Earnest, I mean-Jason, finally mentions what happened w/the marriage- the wife left- the fam seems worried about her moving- yep- that’s definitely trouble -GUD. Jason asked for permission- good call- southern girl. I don’t sense any warmth or real getting to know you vibe w/Jason and the fam- he’s just so eager that in trying to be convincing I’m missing something organic. She seems to be pulling away from him- he’s donezo. She’s going to say- she loves him but its too complicated bc of Ty and location.

Jesse- wow just the way she looks at him- I think she’s desperate for them to like him. Girls like that- finding a hidden treasure- someone that your peeps think might not be your type and then they come around to what you’ve discovered. WTF- the sister doesn’t feel like she knows Jesse yet- seriously are you sure? I think this must be the shows way of throwing us off- I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t pick Jesse. What is pops trying to do? Yikes that might hurt him that Jesse didn’t ask for permission.

OMG Jeremy coming back- pls spare me- I can’t even believe they were able to talk him into that- how embarrassing. So, good Jesse has another chance to ask the pops- he’s so nervous- its cute- he’s grown on me. This is awkward and ridiculous- why are they both here. Yaya just picked Jason- she’s out of touch- what does she know? Jesse just got some major points w/that little speech to pops- I got something in my eye. I like how he waited till the second day- so her dad could have some basis in knowledge when asked for his daughter’s hand. That’s funny the dad w/the haircut- I could hear my dad.

So, I’m still thinking Jesse, and before I was just thinking that was who she’d choose and now I’m thinking he’s the right one. I don’t think ABC can manipulate me to change my opinion.- its 8:46. The sister looks nothing like her and I like the sister-in-law’s advice- duh. That’s a scary thought- which one do you want to father your children? This show is just completely inappropriate- its weirding me out now/again. I can’t imagine how you could be ready to make such a momentous decision and you’re undecided up till then… crazy much? I hope the next installment of this show can be avoided bc this is just unhealthy.

Why is Jeremy coming back- I’m thinking he wants to be all mr. look how great I am- I need more camera time and wouldn’t I make a great next bachelor. Oh dear don’t tell a girl she’s making a mistake- oh and don’t play the dead mom card- oh not the I’m not worthy card either- I hope he is the next bachelor bc I won’t watch- I will be free. Call ABC. She handled that well- thanks for coming and thanks for going what a nice ego boost for her. OMG did he really just break down and take it to kneel/squat- don’t forget about your balls dude- they can’t be comfortable in that position -crying/kneeling/posing on tv like that– you should check for them bc clearly you’ve misplaced them.

Jesse needs a wife/girlfriend to pick out he’s clothes bc DAMN. I probably would’ve let him go that first night based on that ridiculous outfit alone. Wow, I forgot how pretty the Bahamas are- perhaps a bit prettier (in places) than my West Coast FL beach. OH I hope he doesn’t cheese me out w/this book of thoughts- danger. Wow, it didn’t and that’s surprising- he’s really hangin’em out there.

Jason: NOT feelin’ him -“if they’re tame sharks I’m ok”- you’re lame dork, OK! I’m just not digging him. Ha- she said pop off. The producers must have given them pictures- oh- no I think Martha stewart’s less cool cousin got a hold of him. I’m sorry, I’m sure this is very sweet, I’m absolutely sure- it just isn’t for me- yikes did I mention that? Though I suppose that it all depends on where you’re sitting- she sure seems to be diggin it. Hmm-she opens her eyes alot when kissing- just saying- oh baby got back! Those pants really accentuate… I like how comfortable she is w/her body- she looks great- I hope freaks aren’t out there judging her.

Hmm- from what she’s saying I think she might be picking Jason- no, I hate this show. That’s gotta be the editing- I’m not backin down. He’s even becoming more attractive. Nice ring. Does she really have to do her own hair?- cheap much? Oh dear… keep it together Jesse. She looks great but those earrings don’t quite match- they are going to drag this on for 25 more minutes- grrr. I don’t wanna see a whole lot of Jason crying or upset- he seems so nice. I’m not in the mood for tears period and you know they’re coming. I just went to my site and there’s an ad on it- how the hell did that happen? I’ve really got to do some research on this blog thing. Are they giving me some money for that?- how rude!

OK there’s Jason- unless they’ve changed protocol I was right. Ouch for him- but she’s so kind- she will handle it well. Oh the awkwardness is unbearable- thank you- she should have spoken up a few seconds earlier though- that was brutal! What did he say, I know you said that, what did he say after that? I heard that line or heard you the first time- dammit- I’m going to have to go see – I need a tivo- see? No- I’m over it now who cares- I feel terrible for him- what a nice guy- he will find someone soon I predict- there will be lots of people thinking about him sending good thoughts- good things are coming your way J! He should stop talking- geez I could never be one of the camera people on this show. Not a fan of the word soulmate- pls don’t cheese it up. Aw- they’re so cute- the epitome of cute!

OK- I’m done I’m at the sister’s house and she’s not fan- she just got home. Will be interested to see if they do the talk show thing- I have a very low tolerance but I’m curious for the moment.  Oh- so sweet- this is their song- sister is making fun of me- must go.  Oh good another reunion- I wonder if it will be 2 hours- stop messing with us ABC.  

OMG  I can’t believe they’re doing this- 3 HOURS in one night is too much- my sister is going to let me watch but ridicule me the entire time- must go suffer the onslaught head on!

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  1. Goselype

    August 3, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    Very nice!!


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