Real life Zanny- surprise -she’s not the nanny! Local6 gets big scoop!

07 Aug

Local 6’s got the golden goose and Louis Bolden has the golden egg- he’s cherishing it- don’t squeeze it, pet it Lenny- I’m kidding he seems really sweet and he’s very exited but I’m just hoping someone has their hand on the 7 second delay because I’m afraid he may start to hump her leg- he’s having his moment, he is seizing it and he is enjoying himself.

Actually, he’s asking good questions now- this woman seems totally believable.

I’m wondering now if Casey wasn’t trying to steal her identity? I guess I understand they have to seize this exclusive but I don’t know why they have to hold her captive and do it live?  Let the poor girl go- if she’s still there at 11 somebody’s going to be getting a letter!

What evidence did they take?- something that “all-knowing” Cindy told them weeks ago to do. Give me just a little break- if you thought it was evidence why didn’t you or your (former Law Enforcement) husband bag it up and take it in. This woman continues to insult my intelligence. It’s getting on one of my nerves- we all just want to find Caylee- I’m not sure she’s helping!

About talking to authorities?

We’re reaching out to each other and finding time for that and I think that’s good-Cindy says.

Um…Crazy much?


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2 responses to “Real life Zanny- surprise -she’s not the nanny! Local6 gets big scoop!


    August 9, 2008 at 2:31 pm


  2. citizenkim

    August 9, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Hi Mary- Amy was Casey’s friend and they were planning to move in together. But Casey stole almost $1k from her so she rolled over on her. She is the one that told Cindy how to find Casey (at Tony’s)- otherwise who knows when that poor child would have been reported missing.

    I wonder if she knows more than we’re aware of– maybe she told police something and that’s why they’re so sure -you know- no sketch, be on the lookout- no Amber Alert.

    I haven’t heard of any Cocoa Bch connection- what’s that about?

    Thanks for commenting- let’s find Caylee!


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