Questions (for Caylee) that I want to scream at reporters!!???@#$%^&

12 Aug

I’m still obsessed w/finding out what happened to Caylee and I’ve got a few questions I’d like answered.  64 questions grew to 90 questions thanks to the sleuthi-ness of the wonderful websleuthers here:  (link at the top of blogroll)


1. Was there tension between Casey and parents in early June? If so, why?

2. Was there a fight on or around 6/15?

3. Did Casey frequently stay away w/friends overnight or for extended periods?

4. How often, when and how (phone/text/in person) did anyone speak w/Casey after 6/16?

5. What exact time on 6/16 did she discover that child was gone? –remember something about going to Tony’s to feel safe?

6. Has Casey detailed a timeline for her actions from 6/16 on?

7. If so, how much of that can you share?

8. George saw her on 6/24 she said she “talks to mom everyday” –is this true?

9. What’s the longest period of time family has been out of contact w/Caylee for?

10. Why was Casey home on 6/24 and what was her explanation for having the gas cans? Specifically- why take both? Returned empty?

11. Why did she abandon the car at Amscot on 6/27?

12. What was in the purse that she left in the car?

13. How was Casey conducting a search for Caylee?

14. Why didn’t she ask for help from family?

15. She said movies made her scared to contact authorities, was there any other indication of danger to Caylee? If no, (as her nightclub behavior seems to indicate) why did that change once she was arrested and how did she know that changed?

16. Why does Casey think Zenaida Gonzales took Casey?

17. Does Casey think ZG still has Casey?

18. Does ZG have any children? A husband? Family in the area? A job?

19. Why would Cindy not have met her Gdaughter’s care-giver?

20. Did ZG watch any other children?

21. Have you been able to locate anyone that knew ZG?

22. How did Casey pay ZG (check/cash/credit) and how much?

23. How was Casey earning money and how much?

24. Why do you think Casey lied about where she worked? Faked emails? Kept up w/charade to LE?

25. Does Casey still say that she talked to Caylee 7/15? If so- for how long and what about?

26. How many times did she speak with Caylee from 6/16 on?

27. What did LE do as to evidence recovery in the home? Black paper etc.

28. How often did Casey use a shovel to take care of bamboo in the yard?

29. Did she use gloves when doing so?

30. Were you surprised to learn she’d borrowed the neighbor’s shovel 6/18?

31. Why did she need to borrow a shovel?

32. What are you referring to when you say there are particular phone records from that day that are extremely interesting? If you can’t give specifics, give something- what makes it stand out- the # of calls, who they were from, the length or were they incoming or outgoing etc.

33. Why did Casey immediately release ZG as kidnapper if she thought there might be danger?

34. Who is Raquel Farrell? Do you know her? Been in contact w/anyone who does?

35. Who is Jeff Hopkins? Do you know him? Has he confirmed ZG and helping to search for Caylee? Is he helping the family now? Did your family ask him not to speak to the media?

36. Did your family ask Casey’s friends not to talk to the media? If so why?

37. Have you or LE interviewed people at Fusian as Casey said ZG was know to frequent the club? How many people have acknowledged knowing ZG?

38. Has Casey given a description to a sketch artist? If so, how is that sketch being used?

39. What has been LE’s answer to the family about not issuing an Amber Alert?

40. Why not ask the public for help –telling them what to look for w/specifics?

41. Should the public be looking for Caylee to be in the company of a Hispanic woman (ZG)? What does she look like?

42. Did Casey have any of ZG’s contact information written down for family?

43. Did Casey have more than one phone number for ZG? Work/cell/home etc.

44. How often was Caylee left in the care of ZG? Estimated hrs per wk? Had this changed recently?

45. Have Cindy and George ever met ZG? If not, why?

46. Did you learn why Casey needed her attorney (urgently) on 8/2? –per your call

47. How much money had Casey taken from Cindy re: bank records and who has those records now?

48. Did Casey say why she’d taken the money and what she did w/it?

49. Had Casey ever stolen money before?

50. Why did Cindy write to myspace about Caylee “missing” on 7/3 and not contact authorities?

51. Did the first responders know about the smell in car when they arrived 7/15? If not, why?

52. Do you or Casey think Zenaida may be an illegal immigrant?

53. How many other people would Casey utilize for child care?

54. How many hours per week was Casey working?

55. Why does she feel like Caylee’s close?

56. Did Caylee know how to dial a phone?

57. How verbal was she?

58. Did Caylee ever mention Zanny the nanny?

59. Cindy told Greta that the dog hits in the yard were “inconsistent” –what does that mean? Is that confirmed w/LE?

60. What do you think Casey meant when she said in your phone call “There is nothing to find out. There is absolutely nothing to find out. Not even what I told the detectives.”?

61. Have you spoken w/Jesse (ex-fiance)? Is he helping in the search? Are you convinced that he heard Caylee in the background w/Casey in the 6/24 phone call?

62. Do yo know why Jesse left his job in LE?

63. Are you certain that Casey was truthful in saying that Caylee’s father is deceased?

64. Did you know Caylee’s father? Was Casey in a relationship w/him for any period of time?

65. Do the family feel comfortable with Jose Baez on board or do you think he’s making it more difficult for Casey to tell you the truth?

66. Why hasn’t the family hired a PR specialist to help them get through this tragic time? It should have been done from the beginning but it’s still not too late.

67. Why hasn’t the family teamed up with some of the well known missing children organizations to help them through this process?

68. Were you parents on speaking terms when Casey left on the 16th of June? Or do they just not communicate with each other all that much?

69. Was your dad planning on moving out of the family home in the near future?

70. Do you know where Amy was supposed to be moving into with Casey? Could it have been the Anthony family home?

71. Do you know what Casey meant when she posted somethinhg about “soon it would be just us girls” on Amy’s mySpace?

72. When will the police report–not arrest affidavit–by the first-on-scene officer(s) be available?

73. When will we know what is contained in Casey’s 4 page handwritten statement?

74. When can we hear the raw tapes of detective’s interviews with Casey?

75. Was the car even close to being on empty when George picked it up?

76. Were the gas cans full or empty when George got them from her trunk?

77. Has LE tried to do any forensic testing at that apartment at Sawgrass to see if Caylee OR Casey was ever there?

78. Has LE done any forensic testing at Tony or Amy’s apartment where Casey was known to be spending most of her time (often alone while Tony was at wk and Amy was in PR)?

79. How did Casey know the exact spelling, full name, & make of car as the ZG that was at the Sawgrass Apartments on June 17th?

80. With a month to plan a story, why was Casey unable to come up with a single plausible lie?

81. Why would her parents turn her into LE, tell officers on the scene that she is lying, then suddenly become her biggest supporters? They have put themselves in danger of joining their daughter in jail.

82. Where was Casey and George when Cindy and Caylee where in the pool the night of June 15th.

83. I would like to know why Cindy said: “I know where Caylee was sleeping that night.

84. I’d like to know if on June 16th, George saw Caylee have breakfast, lunch, or take a bath, come out of the bedroom prior to the 12:50 PM statement George made.

85. I’d like to know why when the police dusted for fingerprints on June 24th, they didn’t find any!

86. I would like to know what else George saw in the trunk on the June 24th. Or did George help Casey put something in the trunk. This has to do with the day Casey went to her parents home on June 24th.

87. Did they take this neighbor’s shovel for testing?

88. Did they ever conduct any kind of search around the sawgrass apartments, even though Casey lied about ZG?

89. Why are they so unconcerned with who Casey’s father is?

90. Why don’t they put pictures of Casey and her very distinctive car- that was evidently used to transport a dead body- on one of those mobile billboards and drive back and forth on I-4 towards the beach?  Casey had told numerous people about the beach- Zanny the nanny took Caylee to the beach and mom, I’m on vacation in Jax Bch. 

That’s 90 Bob.


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25 responses to “Questions (for Caylee) that I want to scream at reporters!!???@#$%^&

  1. Deborah

    August 12, 2008 at 2:32 am

    Another Question: Did the grandparents ever ask Caylee about her day? If so, they may have some clues about where Caylee was really going while Casey was “at work”.

  2. citizenkim

    August 12, 2008 at 2:39 am

    Good point Deborah- but if you watch the video of her taken on 6/15 I’m not sure she was talking quite yet.

    Maybe she wasn’t completely verbal yet but was becoming more so daily… things would certainly be changing for Casey as she became more verbal- yikes.

    The parents looked almost cheerful today -like maybe they’d been given a reason to hope! I sure hope this is all wild speculation and there will be truth in some of Casey’s statements and Caylee will be coming home soon!

  3. dd

    August 13, 2008 at 5:55 am

    And if you recheck that vid of Caylee at the greatgrandpa’s? residential home (kitchen) on Father’s Day (when Cindy claims she shot the vid), little Caylee is showing some cultural influence with her story book. The way she sputters “momma, poppa” is very much similar to hispanic descent, as well as the way she shakes her head, squinches her face and says “noooh”. Similar to the little mexican family that raised me, saying “nooooh, nina”. So I am sort of leaning towards the MAYBE there really is someone who has been sitting that baby for the past 2 years? I dunno.. the parents seem to know who Zanny is, so does Lee, the bro. Something is just not right with this mystery, but hey………..everyone loves a good mystery, so, pretty soon the entire world will get on the band waggon and start blogging ’bout it. Pray God Speed for Caylee’s justice, however, I believe the entire family is involved, and others.

  4. citizenkim

    August 13, 2008 at 6:31 am

    Hi dd- verrry interesting! Someone over on websleuths speculated that maybe Ricardo (Amy’s current boyfriend) Casey’s former boyfriend was the father and that they took her to Puerto Rico.

    I would sooo love for this to be true but I just can’t believe that Casey was telling the truth about ZG- I think she may have been TELLING the parents for years about Zanny the nanny but- Cindy/George/Lee NOBODY ever met her– that doesn’t make sense– not to mention the cadaver dogs. And wouldn’t cops have checked this out?

    There’s also a picture of Caylee posted next to a picture of another of Casey’s former BF’s somewhere and they DEFINITELY look related- I think his name was JP.

  5. Michelle from SC

    August 22, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    here’s a question to ponder…if she was leaving Caylee w/ the “nanny”. We know she wasn’t working @Universal, why has no one come forward and say “she worked for me here” … i think she was really going from man to man… stealing money, pawning her off to anyone who would take her. you know her family must haved believed she had a job, but what did she really do for 2 years..

  6. Abby

    August 23, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    I read most of the questions. I bet you dimes to donuts that both the defense and DA want the answers to many of those questions. A few things we do know: Casey never had a job nor did she have a Nanny. She couldn’t pay for a Nanny nor would she really need one. She lived with her parents and didn;t have to worry about food and shelter. She had two built in babysitters who loved that child. They knew she was a loose canon but they stuck by her. Their fatal flaw was not taking that child away and putting it up for adoption. They knew all about Casey and what a bully she was-they also knew that she was not “Mother of the Year”.
    She gave up any possibility of child support when she wouldn;t or couldn’t come forward with the name of the father. Why would she deny Caylee the name of her father? There could come a day when Caylee might want to find out who he is. It’s a shame because so many times adult children need to know about serious life threatening diseases and their genetic link, etc.
    One thing we know for sure is the fact that the 500K bond meant that the police knew an awful lot at the very outset. I suspect that they knew all they needed to know to keep her or at least attempt to keep her in jail until all the forensics were done. Those forensics have been done and the FBI are surely finished with their work. I am fairly confident that the Sheriff and local law enforcement are watching every move she makes and are also very mindful that they have to watch every thing they do. A slip up on their part and she may end up doing 6 years instead of life. I hate to be harsh but things are not looking good -the safe return of Caylee is almost an afterthought as far as this case is concerned. Casey spent 6 hours with her attorney yesterday on her first free day since July 17th-did you hear that she went right over to the Police Station to help all the detectives out with her information? I didn’t think so.

  7. Linda

    September 3, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    I feel if Casey didnt kill her, she is just as guilty for withholding information, to not bring her back. I just don’t understand how a mother could ever hurt her child. That is insane.

  8. Linda

    September 3, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    Oh by the way, I didn’t see a video on fathers day, where did you guys see that?

  9. citizenkim

    September 4, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    Hey Linda- the video that was taken on Father’s Day is on the family’s website
    It’s one of the cutest but now heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen! Hard to watch.

  10. S.Behl

    September 5, 2008 at 4:14 am

    Is there anyone out here in cyberland that hasn’t just lost entire leave of their sense here?

    Is EVERYONE just arbitrarily insisting she’s guilty when the fact show otherwise, just because you guys need a dead child in the trunk?

    What is wrong with you all? Not specifically here but all these people on various forums and blogs, just mindlessly on a witchhunt…and I can’t find a support site one in her defense.

    I do defend her. I see what nobody else is looking at apparently due to their mindless need to indulge in wild speculations while self righteously claiming to care about Caylee.

    Casey’s Innocence: Other Side Of The Story

    and Redqueen’s defense:

    All those questions can be answered quite simply and easily if you remove the filter of the nonsense the media is plastering everywhere, that is, if you actually care about real justice and Caylee’s best interests.

    Casey didn’t kill anybody. Caylee is not dead, despite the sensationalist propaganda coming out. It is a fact, documented and widly circulated now what the media spin is about – the police flat out told her they would fabricate 2 stories and hand them over to the media to create bias against her, to increase pressure on her so she will confess to a homicide. No more, no less. No sooner did they tell her they would, they did.

    The reports about the human decomp are outright lies and all it takes is an examination of the timewindow to see it. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that the report is a lie.

    Even if you can’t unravel your brain from insistence of guilt just yet, at least for Caylee’s sake look at the other side and see how something simple has been exploded into a media spectacle and how this girl is being railroaded.

    For you who seem to assume that this is all on Casey to tell them, consider that she doesn’t have to tell anyone where Caylee is. This was always about protecting Caylee, not covering up a homicide. It’s astonishing how many people so easily conclude she’s the one with the problem because they are straight baffled and can’t figure out the answer to the question of why anyone would wait a month to report their child missing unless it was because she killed her…wow, she must be nuts.

    Are you guys just deliberately ignoring the part she obviously knew Caylee couldn’t be missing as of June 15? June 24? And if she was never missing, what in the world makes you think she should be dead? Are you just blatantly ignoring the reality that she didn’t lie about where Caylee was UNTIL Cindy threatened to take her to court to get custody of Caylee, and THEN the nanny June 9 story hit the table?

    If you can find any shred of objectivity left when you consider this whole debacle, I urge you to give the girl the benefit of doubt here and see why she refused to tell anyone where Caylee was, and how reasonable it was all along.

    Most of these witchhunts are clearly picking and choosing what to accept as true and what to ignore…if she’s not missing, that’s the reason she’s not showing concern over her being missing. If she’s not missing, that’s probably the number one reason right there she didn’t report it..and she didn’t report it anyway, Cindy did. If she’s not missing, why think she’s murdered? Just cause? Christ, I hope none of you guys ever end up on anyone’s jury. No wonder the justice system can’t seem to work.

  11. S.C.

    September 5, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    HEY ——– S. BEHL ,
    Which side of the Pathetic Anthony family do you come from?????????????

  12. citizenkim

    September 5, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    Wow S.Behl- thanks for commenting. That’s quite a scenario…but I’m afraid you’re drinking the kool-aid! I’m working on a post right now about people who still believe she’s innocent and I appreciate your input.

    I’d really love to believe that but I just can’t ignore all the evidence. Authorities would not release false information as they could be open to massive lawsuits.

    Also, her parents would probably have a pretty good case for custodial caregiver- and Casey would have to tell where Caylee was.

    Why do you think someone (who NO ONE knows about) would have such loyalty to Casey that they would let this circus go on and not collect almost a quarter of a million dollars in reward money?

  13. kari

    September 6, 2008 at 12:28 am

    S. Behl, very refreshing to hear a differing point of view, interesting theory.
    The thing for me, though, is why in the world would she lie to police? So, we all can understand why she might lie to her family if she felt she wanted freedom, independence for herself and her baby… But when her mom took the extreme step, in that scenario, of calling 911 to report the baby missing, why lie to the cops?
    Why not ask to speak to them in private and explain?
    Or if she didn’t want to explain, if she feared for her child’s safety that much, all she had to say was”She’s not missing, I know where she is.”

    And why allow this whole charade to continue? She’s certainly taught her mom a darn good lesson, why keep it up until not just ‘nasty-minded’ suspicious policemen are on her case, but mobs of angry protesters are banging on her door and representing the probably thousands of us fuming at home….
    I think, if she didn’t trust the police, there are legal ways to request a different officer to handle the case, wouldn’t Baez have helped her with that?

    Which is another question for the list….

  14. MsGurl

    September 8, 2008 at 10:28 am

    Casey has told so many lies why would anyone believe a word that comes out of her mouth..She’s clearly not worried about the baby missing because she’s in denial about what she did..She’s told so many lies that now she believes herself!

  15. Nina

    September 23, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    first of all it is Caseys right to keep her child away from whom she chooses but it is NOT her right to keep this insane story going as if she is guily of doing some thing terrible to her child.SHE has done this!!!!!WHY would the police and FBI try to frame her in to admitting she killed her daughter, whether it was an accident or intentionally.IF Casey knows where Caylee is and knows she is in safe hands prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then the nation would be less ready to call her a cold hearted person.From all i have seen and heard and the testings that came back i dont believe for a minute this little girl is walking around with the living.AND until MISS CASEY ANTHONY PROVES THIS CHILD IS IN SAFE CARE i will not believe anything different.SHE has made this STORY,HER lies and not showing one sign of concern for her child… IT shows all over her face.If some one is innocent they are going to tell what they know at any cost..SHE has not done anything to prove anything..No Mother would wait a month to call the police on the a child that is missing,This story is discusting and we all have are own opinions…AND from what i can see CASEY has made the world look at her the way they do now.CASEY,NOT THE PUBLIC NOT THE POLICE NOT THE FBI RESULTS..

  16. Jules

    October 4, 2008 at 9:48 pm

    If the family knows who has the child and she is safe then why do they continue to wear those useless t-shirts? Reality check….if LE thinks Caylee is deceased why do they continue to refer to her as a 3-year-old. This tends to give a public impression that she may still be alive. Physically speaking, if she is dead, she is 2-years-old.

  17. ghezelle

    December 8, 2008 at 4:49 am

    Ok S. Behl, let’s ask you the same question, have you not totally lost your mind ?
    I can indeed understand Casey feeling the need to hide the child from her parents if she felt they wanted to take her away from her.
    at the point law enforcement is called into the situation, thats when things are no longer handled by individuals, but are decided by courts of law or other governmental agencies , child services etc, If Casey felt a threat from the parents, she should have followed legal proceedure to assure no one, with out substantiated reason could take her child away.
    They have a thing called a restraining order, protective orders, and many other legal custody
    laws to prevent protect her parental rights.
    And I’m frankly a little shocked at the way you approach people that you want to hear your side of this issue. We are not out of our minds to believe that this situation is more than Casey sent caylee off to keep her from Cindy,
    And that is not because we are so willing to think the worst. Casey has singlehandedly been the one to make herself appear to be lying, uncooperative ,and arrogant., She has lied to police, I dont give a rats ass what lies she told her family, but when police became involved her personal plans or methods are no longer acceptable as a means or solution to her problem, Laws were made for more than just Casey, the police didnt call her, and am i right she told the mom go ahead call them,
    Since that time she has lied , lied about lying, lied about being cooperative, and heres a list of things that are a result of her actions or lack of actions.
    Taxpayers money for law enforcement
    How many man hours, and expenses have gone into this
    Equisearch, an organixzation that has spent 100k plus and how many volunteer hours?
    Padilla, did not recover the 50k out of the bail money
    Casey’s incarceration,, special care , of course
    that cost ?
    Media alerts ( even in the beginning) if this method is aceptable, media will not want to cover missing children cases , and be made fools of, and who will assume the responsibility for the missing children that truly need this exposure???
    I cant even go on, this is beyond ridiculous,
    Your attitude to start off is no way to get a sympathetic look by anyone, and it’s not a very well thought out accusation, unless you feel all these people all this time, emotion, money, and effort is just okie dokie cause Casey had her reasons that us morons didnt consider
    You need to consider that we don’t live in a society that has rules for everyone except Casey Anthony. She had a lot of nerve saying that people will feel dumb once they know the truth,, The idiot is the reason we don’t know, and to be honest. we won’t feel dumb, if it is as you say, we will feel outraged at her selfishness, and self rightousness.
    I hope to God good people aren”t afraid to donte time and effort to others that need and deserve it, Casey deserves to repay every wasted dime, every wasted hour. and every wasted lie with the truth
    One lat thing, I have seen the videos of cindy and george playing with caylee, I have seen the one of casey playing with her, no one appeared tormented, threatened, or in a dangerous situation, So Casey I guess has something to explain, why she is above using the normal legal methods to ensure her child custody. OMG maybe she’s afraid Cindy will lie ….imagine that
    What insanity are you selling?

  18. ghezelle

    December 8, 2008 at 4:55 am

    In my last way too long of a post
    ( I apologize ) I intentionally left out the emotional toll this has has on more people than
    you can imagine, It has broken relationships , and damaged every Zenaida Gonzales that has ever lived,
    I am assuming I can believe you, and Zenaida didn’t really steal anyones child:)

  19. ghezelle

    December 8, 2008 at 5:00 am

    sorry i have one more one last thing,
    would you assume casey pretended to work for 2 years so she could make up this crap in case cindy wanted custody?

  20. dirtdobber

    December 14, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    New York attorney Linda Kenney Baden, who is helping with Casey Anthony’s defense, said during a hearing Friday that investigators told lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, that the body had light-colored hair and the size of the bones appeared to be similar to the 2-year-old. This attorney is not working for Casey!!!!!!!! Get her on the prosecutor side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    January 21, 2009 at 12:01 am


  22. Hope

    February 11, 2009 at 12:44 am

    I have followed this story from the beginning to the end and when I first heard abour her not reporting to the authorities that her daughter was missing, I just knew she was guilty. I feel for the Anthony family, however they need to lookat their daughter as aMURDERER. This is a sad day and Cindy put on a good memorial for Caylee but still is defending her daughter and little Caylee is looking down on them from heaven and wants to be back with jojo and cici but is saying hey look at what my mom did to me and what she did to our family all because she was jealous of our relationship because I was a better person then she was. If it would of been anyone else that killed her they would want the death penalty. I lost my little girl at 3mths and 21days old and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. I also went out to buy her outfit to have her buried in with my family as hard as it was on me I was the one deciding on her arrangements. I know little Caylee is up there with my baby and she would now be 18 and my baby is telling her that is my mom mourning over you and at the same time mourning over my little girl. This story has hurt me sooo bad cause I lost my little girl, not to murder but to crib death. Not my fault and then you have pshycos out there like Casey who murders their kids. I really hope for Caylees sake that the Anthony’s look at who the real murder is because that is where they are going to find the closure at. I don’t understand how the so called attorneys could even take a case like this and you know they know the truth and still defend this pshyco. How can they sleep at night knowing she killed this beautiful little girl and they are defending her. I guess that is why I was never out to be an attorney cause I would take the case, however not to help my client but to help the state if I knew they was GUILTY!!! George needs to open the eyes of the other family members because I believe in my heart he knows his daughter killed little Caylee. I am sorry family or no family a murder is a murder. If someone in my family killed another member in my family i am sorry but I could not live with myself knowing and not revealing. ALL OF THIS TOOK A LIFE OF A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL JUST OVER WHAT SEEMS TO BE JEALOUSY. This is sad and just heartbreaking. I think they ought to kill Casey just like she killed Caylee, Use of clorophorm, neck breaking, put duct tape over her mouth, wrap in a blanket, put in 2 trash bags, in back of trunk of car and then left for the animals, bugs and water to demolish her body. I would love to be there for that. I am sorry but we are talking about a 2yr old little girl with no defense and knowing at the time that this is my mom doing this to me. I just keep going thru my mind what she was thinking, was she thinking gosh I wish I could holler out jojo or cici. Someone with no defense for her against this animal that she once called mom. RIP little Caylee and play with Steph she will be nice to you.

    • citizenkim

      February 11, 2009 at 2:04 am

      Hi Hope- great post, thanks for sharing. I’m so sorry about your loss. I’m sure Steph is up there caring for Caylee. I honestly don’t know what to think about these Anthnoy’s. I want to think that they ARE dealing w/reality now but they just want Casey to know they will still love her bc what they really want is for her to confess. Who knows?

  23. Hope

    February 11, 2009 at 12:45 am

    Anyone have anything to say p,lease feel free to talk

  24. ML

    March 3, 2009 at 2:58 am

    Everyone seems to feel that there was never a “Nanny” – not necessarily a Zanny the nanny, but any Nanny… what so ever.

    So, where was Caylee Anthony on June 13, 2008 late at night?

    Timelines (and police documents) show that George and Cindy Anthony stated that NEITHER Casey or Caylee stayed at their home that evening (June 13, 2008).

    In police documents and time lines Anthony Lazarro states Casey spent the night June 13, 2008 – after the fusion party. He states baby Caylee did NOT spend the night. This was the first night Casey and Anthony Lazarro spent the night together alone. In his statement, he told investigators that “Caylee was with the NANNY”.

    Because of the very popular date and time stamped photo/vedio of little Caylee singing at the nursing home on June 15th, 2008 while visiting her great-grandfather on Father’s Day – we all know she was very much alive on June 13th, 2008…if still alive on June 15th, 2008..

    So, if Casey didn’t have a nanny – then who do you suppose was babysitting her (Caylee) the night of June 13th, 2008?

    Christine Chester (who claims to be Casey’s best friend) tells investigators that she went for a walk with Casey and Caylee in the park on or around June 12th, 2008 or June 13th, 2008. She does not say anything about babysitting.

    Does anyone know who babysat Caylee on June 13th, 2008?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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