Apropos of Nothing- Project Runway next wk is Drag Queens!

14 Aug

If you don’t have a healthy appreciation for social mutants on display or Reality TV then don’t read another word!!@#$  but it was just Like a gift from baby Jesus!  I walked in just now and haven’t seen a stitch of TV all week- I walk in-walk the dog (wake the neighbor?)- walk back – Tube on and what do I get… the coming up next wk on Project Runway- they are going to be styling Drag Queens for a runway show!  I’m sorry but if you’ve never hung out w/a bunch of drag queens- its something you should put on your bucket list and get to it- STAT.  

I have been going to a conference in Orlando all week (70 min commute) pretty much brain ON from 6AM – 11PM- I’m ready to drop!  Aging in front of my eyes.  Anyway, I haven’t been able to see or hear anything about Caylee so I’m going to take that as a good sign and try to spend some mindless time w/my friends in Reality World.  I’m watching Kathy Griffin and she’s going to be giving a lecture at a business school- for a fan ( a gay) professor- Yeah- that sounds like an excellent mix of people.  I like Kathy- you know, not all day everyday Kathy but she seems like a nice person- super honest-many laughs.  I enjoy people who either don’t have that filter or ignore it.  I sometimes like to watch from afar but its almost always fun to watch.  

Nice w/the cock fight and Michael Vick- ASS HOLO MIO- she’s funny, I like the professor he’s a wanna be talk show host- so cute.  I heard recently that Jessica and KG had parted ways and NOT on friendly terms.  I was surprised but watching this -I think maybe just slightly Jessica may have been getting a bit too big for her britches- she seemed to want to ig KG when she was telling about spkg invite (rude w/a magazine).  Its probably hard to tell where to draw the line w/stuff like that w/KG- who knows what happened.  I will miss Jess but maybe KG will hire Jeff Lewis- oooh-I heard that he said he wants to redo her house.  He NEEDS to do that!  I would love to see what he would do w/that house but even more than that- I would love to see Jeff and co w/KG and crew.  People should write to WoW (World of Wonder) and ask for that show.  I’m going to add the link if I can muster the brain power to figure out how to do it.

Oh sad, sounds like KG is about to dump her billionaire bear!  He was a hoot.  I’m going to get someone a Box O’ Wine as a gift.  KG is always talking about it and Target has a really cute one.  Someone is going to get a present and I’m going to partake of the BOW- the idea has really grown on me.

Ooooh so has segway polo- that looks like fun- not good for mother earth perhaps but fun.  Brick shirt is cute- I would love to hang out w/that crowd.  That’s another group of people that has an underdeveloped filter- nerd herd.  This conference I’m at is actually chock full of them but their techi-ness is all blatant and showing so I haven’t even seen many quite as cute as brick shirt even ;)- alas.  It is quite sad actually bc I’ve almost decided AS A RULE that the next guy I date seriously is going to have to be a pretty proficient mac guy.  I really miss having a an IT dept – gimme some Nick Burns – Your Company’s Computer guy- wth- why can’t I find that on youtube- those are some greedy bastiches at nbc- just give us the clips.  Awkwardness w/Woz’s xwife- he must still love her.

Ha- she just yelled at the richies to cough up some dough- nice.  Somebody’s getting a letter (KG)!  I will have to put that on my to do list- try to get KG to come down here and yell at our richies- STAT!  So that’s it for me- must get sleep.  Here’s hoping that progress is being made and all little girls lost are coming home!


OMG so I haven’t gone away or changed the channel and the hair dressing contest show on bravo is on and the cutest little girl said paris hilton is her role model- OMG.  I don’t have words.

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