Doc’s comments question Xanax theory w/what happened to Caylee.

14 Aug

I’m still obsessing instead of sleeping so just thought I’d bring these comments to the front.  Dr. Matt was kind enough to write in w/some factual info re: Xanax since I forgot to go to med school.  I’ve been wondering about its effects and here’s some scoop from the doc…

(here’s what Matt said)


I am a medical doctor and have some doubts about the Xanax theory. I would think that the grandparents would notice if the child had been habitually drugged. Xanax has a duration of action of approximately six hours in adults. I’m not sure what dose she is using but I would imagine that a toddler would sleep for long periods of time and would when awakened, would appear to be drugged (i.e. lethargic, slurred speech). Plus, after Casey left the grandparents house, where would the sleeping child be placed? I doubt her coming to and from an empty apartment over a long period of time would go unnoticed. And the trunk of the car as a place to keep the drugged child is pretty wacky.—–

…and my reply follows bc I’m quite hard headed (been needing to see a doc about that) and I needed to restate my case….

Hi Matt- good point. I was actually just wondering about that today- how long the drug would have taken her out of commission? People on websleuthers were saying they’ve had it prescribed for their dogs so maybe she usually gave her just a small “doggy” dose?

Casey was setting her own schedule so it seems she could just wait to bring Caylee by (for inspection by Cindy) until she was coherent each time and presentable. I’m still not convinced it wasn’t Xanax or something similar and not the drowning and here’s why…

I really don’t think drugging the child was a constant (or even frequent) thing bc her parents were usually so willing and eager to babysit Caylee. I think she did it when she just really wanted to stay out w/friends AND -bonus- punish Cindy and George.

I actually tend to doubt she would leave her in the trunk sleeping/drugged either. Others mentioned that and I threw it in there but I don’t think -even she was quite that dumb. If she woke up in the trunk she would totally freak out and could possibly injure herself. I just don’t see that as a good option in Casey’s mind. I also think Casey loved Caylee (in her own way) but she was getting more and more inconvenient as she became more verbal- able to tattle.

I think Casey usually just took Caylee along w/her to whichever apt she was crashing at and left her there. Someone that went through many of the photobucket pics w/the main characters wrote that they’d seen pictures of Caylee at a house where people were clearly partying and laying about.

Maybe the new boyfriend was starting to resent having a little one around and that prompted the need for Casey to find a new place to leave her w/”Zanny the nanny” …meaning –just elsewhere.

Cindy mentioned in Greta intv that Casey had spoken about a friend named Zanny for several years and that she has known of her as a caregiver for Caylee for about 1.5 years. I think maybe Casey would use Zanny when she just had to get away –maybe after a fight w/folks– saying- Caylee’s mine- you’ve got to let me take care of her sometimes- BACK OFF!

I can’t imagine Cindy under any other circumstances (even those actually) not wanting to have a better idea about just who exactly is caring for precious Caylee.

Caylee had just gone swimming the night before w/Gma. I just don’t buy that Casey sneaked back into her parent’s house to spend the afternoon in the pool w/Caylee. I think Casey liked to spend her time w/Caylee in whatever way was most convenient for HER– not Caylee. I don’t think she would be sneaking back into the home and letting Caylee swim– she would be signing up for an afternoon of VERY attentive parenting (she might even have to put her phone down) AND she would be worried about towels and wetness around the pool. Remember she’s a sneaky little thing and she’s supposed to be at “work.” She had just left earlier telling George she was off to wk and Caylee to the nanny- we will be home very late if at all she told him.

Who knows what scenarios Casey ran through to try and hide the problem in the backyard?? I agree w/you I don’t think she would seriously consider leaving Caylee there.

I think she was panicked and could not make up her mind. Maybe after OD she took her outside, put ladder there and thought about saying- oops drowned- washed vomit off –but then worried about autopsy finding drugs so decided that the pool was not the best theory.

I think Caylee might have gone in the trunk that day- 6/16 and by the 18th it started to smell so Casey backs into the driveway planning to get gas cans or shovel from her home–maybe she sees neighbor doing yard work- spontaneously asks to borrows the shovel and then changes her mind again -she might have taken the child back there and tried to dig a bit but then decided it was tough going and also colossally stupid -returns shovel quickly bc that would be way too suspicious to drive away w/it…

So, she goes on to concoct a whole different plan- gas cans, abandoned car etc. I feel like she meant to stage some elaborate story and then disappear– why was she stealing all that money?

I think she meant for that car to be found burned– w/Caylee and Casey missing and tragically car seat and Casey’s purse were found inside. I think she got rudely interrupted when the car was towed, Cindy found Amy’s number and Amy ratted her out. She was THIS CLOSE (in her mind) to getting away w/it. Even when mom shows up she’s asking for one more day- just give me one more day. She just half assed it like everything else, was digging fun new boyfriend, having fun partying w/Amy’s money and car and just didn’t quite get it wrapped up.

But who knows? I’d like to figure out a scenario where Caylee is found alive…like her real father is alive and took her away (to PR?) or its a paternity spat and family took her or Casey loaned Caylee out as a cover for drug mule or if those darn cops would just look up ZG in something other than the FL database!

Honestly I can’t figure out WTH has happened – its just so unbelievably sad!


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4 responses to “Doc’s comments question Xanax theory w/what happened to Caylee.

  1. Nancy Imperiale

    August 31, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Zanny stands for “Xanny”, as in when Casey needed some party time, she’d just drug her daughter with Xanax and stick her in a spare bedroom, or on the sofa. As one friend said in a deposition, “The kid slept through anything.”

    But one night in June, Casey took it too far and gave her little girl a dose that was too strong, and Caylee died.

    Xanny the Nanny stole Caylee away.

    Think about it. Makes sense.

  2. d. shanklin

    September 2, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    Where did the xanax come from. I mus hv mised somthng.

  3. Nina

    September 24, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    I dont think there was ever a NANNY .In all the time sence Caylee was born she lived with her parents.It would be odvious to me her parents would know of such a person.After all Caseys mother seemed very protective of Caylee so it would be quite odvious to me her parents would of known.Dont know how some one could live with a parent for nearly three years of a childs life and not ever met or demanded to meet this so call Nanny.Something is not right with any of this story and hasnt been sence the beginning.So many untrue statements that have proven to be false and Casey still continues to lie.SO that is not proving innocence on her part.IF by chance she gave Caylee to safe hands .come forward with that information then people would not be looking at her thinking she done the worst to her child..She has made people look at her now the way they do..IF she was innocent she would not be telling one lie after another and these lies are not something she is doing to protect little Caylee,Casey is protecting Casey !ITS really a sad and discusting story.I wont say if her parents are covering for her for sure but i can say what it appears to be they are..Maybe they know Lee knows it all and the lie detector was refused by LEE and he told his parents not to take it because then they would loose BOTH there children if LEE didnt pass the lie detector ..Seems to me if they had nothing to hide that would of been one of the first things they would of done from the beginning to prove they had nothing or know nothing of what happened to Caylee or her whereabouts.Denial is one thing but its ignorance now…IT seems like this family is covering alot of things up about each other,whether its true or not something is terribly wrong with this whole story.I would like to think Caylee was given to some one she knew and is in safe hands but i dont believe Caylee is walking around with the living any more.Casey knows where Caylee is and what had happened.Will she ever admit to it ,idoubt that seriously.She will continue this discusting story and her disusting behavior til she dies…MY ONLY wish for MISS ANTHONY IS that when she lays her head down at night i hope the ONLY face she sees is CAYLEES and asking her, WHY MOMMY.GOD BLESS THIS SWEET INNOCENT CHILD.

  4. elbsightzunknown

    July 30, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    ok,,great theory working here,,the drugging of this child ,,her brain would have been fried,,,besides the noticable sleeping of this child all the time,,and counting in spanish???could be on speed too?,,,maybe the childs father was spanish or hispanic and it was just coming out ,,,and how much comfort was the child placed while in the trunk?,,,had blankets? and if she woke up,,that could be obvious damage,,so,,where was the kid on drugs?,,,since 2006-2008?and,,why only one hair left in the trunk after cindy did the cleaning/vacuming?,,,was it the same person that took the skull out of the bag and put it back in too?,,too many things not solved yet,,soo,,no one observed the kid,,with all the boy friends?,,,and the drugs came from where?,,for 2 years?,,,but if your standing in front of your parents with a universal name tag on,,then they wouldnt see a babay in a bag then would they?


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