OMFG Casey Anthony is going to be released from jail AGAIN!

05 Sep

I can’t believe she is getting out!! I can’t imagine why someone is bonding her out? Two local bond agencies have combined to provide the $50k on her $500,000 bond. This news comes the day after we find out that high levels of chloroform were found in Casey Anthony’s trunk AND Casey’s laptop (that the police seized) shows several searches about chloroform. Yuck – it seems Zanny(Xanax) the nanny needs to be updated to Chloe(Chloroform) the caretaker??

Also found in the trunk- hair samples (of Caylee’s length and color) that indicate they came from a dead body and air from the trunk that tested positive for a decomposing body. Let’s not forget about the cadaver dogs.

I’m watching Nancy Grace right now- that is what I’ve been driven to. This woman is unbelievably annoying- she’s obnoxious to guests, talks over them, loves to make people feel stupid and gets way out of line w/her opinions… but I need to know!

They are speculating that an entertainment company, interested in book and movie rights, is involved in the bond situation. Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter who originally bonded Casey out, has said that someone (anonymously) called him to solicit his interest in some type of deal and the call came from area code 615 = Nashville.

((Why does she have defense attorneys on if she doesn’t want them to play devil’s advocate? Grrr!))

Cindy and George Anthony, Casey’s parents, have hired a local “high profile” CRIMINAL defense attorney Mark NeJame. Supposedly he is on board to help them “navigate” this nightmare but I wonder if they are worried about possible charges- obstruction of justice etc? I think Cindy and George have just been drinking WAY too much of the Kool-Aid! I have had so much sympathy for them because I think they just cannot deal w/the possibility that their precious granddaughter is gone and their daughter is responsible. But their actions are just going beyond the pale now. Cindy attacked Tim Miller in an email to WFTV here is just part of it-

“Leonard Padilla and Tim Miller came to me under false pretenses. Both claiming their sole purpose to find Caylee alive. Tim Miller misrepresented his intentions, and is falsely accusing me of not cooperating with him, when it is evident his motives were to obtain publicity for his organization at the expense of exploiting my granddaughters disappearance.”

I can’t believe she would attack this man who has come here and spent over $30k helping to search for Caylee. He runs a non-profit ( helping search for missing people which he formed after his own 17 yr old daughter was abducted and killed. Law enforcement refused to search for his daughter because they considered her a runaway- her body was found just a few miles from home over a year later.

Tim Miller from is on right now. I wish everyone would go and donate their time and/or money to this wonderful organization. I’m going to drive over there and help w/the search this weekend. They say that parents usually “dispose” of a child’s body w/in miles from their home, usually in water and that they rarely put them in a dumpster. I just don’t know if Casey can be put in the “parent” category- I think she is a special case. I have felt that if she didn’t put her in the dumpster then its likely that she put her somewhere off of I-4 on the way to the beach. She seems supremely confident that she won’t be found. Setting aside the fact that she is COMPLETELY delusional, that could be due to the fact that she drove her some distance away, let alone that she waited over a month to report her missing and only did so then because the friend that she stole from, Amy, told her mother where to find her- really putting a kink in Casey’s plans.

There is usually a nugget of truth in people’s lies and Casey mentioned the beach several times- she said she was vacationing there and also said that Caylee was at the beach w/Zanny the nanny. There are so many heavily wooded and secluded places that have lots of bodies of water just off the interstate.

Let’s all send our thoughts and prayers out for Caylee – please let her be found!


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3 responses to “OMFG Casey Anthony is going to be released from jail AGAIN!

  1. Jen Jen

    September 5, 2008 at 1:28 am

    Cindy and George Anthony, don’t want Caylie found because they are more interested in saving Casey.

  2. Lisa

    September 16, 2008 at 12:54 am

    This entire Anthony family sickens me. I hope they not only put Casey in the jail but under it. She killed her daughter. Someone need to knock the stupid right off of George and Cindy Anthony. What jokes!

  3. chasitie

    November 18, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    I think they dont want to belive what thier daughter has done. My heart goes out to caylee. I hope she is found soon.


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