Protester scuffle- Casey Anthony call’s 911- says “punks” need to be arrested!

18 Sep

Those crazy protesters lured those crazy Anthony’s out of the house again —in the wee hours this morning, prompting Casey Anthony to call 911 demanding that cops “hurry up and get out here” to their house because her ‘parents are outside’ (her mom came out w/a BAT) and it was ‘getting physical’ and ‘these punks need to be arrested.’ Her tone is very aggravated, she complains that they called before and it ‘took them over 30 minutes to get here’ and ‘you need to come IMMEDIATELY’ they ask her to stay on the line, to which she replies “I ABSOLUTELY will – but they need to hurry.”

I’m sorry but that is just RICH! Hello, Pot? This is the Kettle— YOU’RE BLACK!! You ABSOLUTELY need to tell people where your daughter is!!!

You can listen to Casey’s 911 call below: (Its under Public Records request, the last one Posted 09.18.08 – 12:27pm)

Bottom of the page- also the previous 911 call from Cindy is right before that and this is also the page where EVERYTHING that OCSO released can be found.

PUNKS that don’t report their daughter missing for a month and only then because her parents made her should also be arrested. If the Anthony’s would just stay in their house none of this would happen. I can’t even stand to hear Casey Anthony say what the police NEED to do…PUKE!! You need to release a sketch of the imaginary “Zanny the nanny!!” Or are you afraid of legal ramifications?? Sometimes it IS against the law to lie! And no, being a liar doesn’t make you a murderer but when ABSOLUTELY everything that comes out of your mouth is a LIE- when police are trying to find your toddler- that ABSOLUTELY makes people very suspicious of you.

Also, here’s an interesting TEASE from local Fox news yesterday about – who, (some say suspiciously) pulled out in the middle of the day the very wkd they got the most volunteers- over 1,000 as well as help from the Sheriff’s department -in the form of $5,000 and their mounted search team — a spokesperson for them told a reporter for Fox that “there are big developments to come in this case…that will surprise us all” and that they are in constant contact w/OCSO (Orange County Sheriff’s Office)- it comes towards the end of the clip. The report also mentions that Leonard Padilla, the original Bounty Hunter who facilitated Casey’s bail, has Casey’s phone records from June 10 – the end of July siting a suspicious lull in phone activity during the period of time when or after she abandoned her car at Amscot June 27. I want to see those phone records!!! OMG- Nancy Grace has them—pls share!!

Questions: What do you think of the protesters? Should they be forced to move down the street? And, do you think TexasEquuSearch found something and that’s why they left in the middle of the day? Are we just waiting on DNA testing?


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2 responses to “Protester scuffle- Casey Anthony call’s 911- says “punks” need to be arrested!

  1. joann68

    September 19, 2008 at 9:21 am

    I thought equisearch pulled out due to the flooding.. hmm it’s casey anthony how surprised could we be ? It is wrong what the protesters did but casey calling 911 just didn’t seem right demanding that they need to get arrested. Umm.. lets start with you casey . Then we can work down.. I mean really she sounded like a security guard watching survelliance cameras and dictating what should be done. And reporting what station got license plates and video footage. Wish she would work that hard and try to remember where she left caylee.

  2. Katie J. Williams

    September 19, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    I would just keep in mind that these protesters are harassing innocent people too. Casey’s family is grieving right now and I think it’s disgusting that people are throwing pennies and rocks at their home. The protesters are nothing but disgusting white trash that you might see on Cops. They need to get a life and leave the Anthony family alone. They may not like the fact that Casey got away with murder, but lets face it, that happens every day in America. They watch Nancy Grace with the hopes that they will be featured on the show, so they disregard a grieving family’s feelings, and they take it upon themselves to be the judge, jury and executioner. The only reason these people know anything about this case is because they don’t work and they’re glued to their television sets. I sincerely hope that they sustain bodily harm because it is well deserved.


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