No more Zanny my Nanny – This Woman is Through! Real life Zenaida Gonzales sues Casey Anthony -Yea!

24 Sep


Late Wednesday afternoon, it was revealed that Zenaida Gonzales has hired local ‘high profile’ attorney John Morgan and filed a civil lawsuit against Casey Anthony for defamation. What took her so long? I was thinking the ambulance chasers would have been hot on the trail of this one long ago. I guess they ethically have to approach her carefully but I’m surprised, frankly, that it took her so long to lawyer up. The minute that B!TCH said ANYTHING about me, knew personal details and dragged my name through the mud I would have put the SMACK down!! I feel really sorry for ZG and I hope she wins this case. Its being reported that Casey’s attorney Jose Baez is counting on entertainment/production deals in lieu of payment from Casey or her family. Though Lifetime TV denies it, some are saying that they’ve offered and entered into a contract for the story to the tune of over $2 million. YUCK! I feel sick. 😦

And for even more ICK….

Leonard Padilla, of cowboy hat, OrLAHndo, bounty hunter, bail bondsman fame has come out recently against Jose Baez saying he broke his promise to beef up security when Casey was bonded out to the Anthony home. Evidently he wanted the chaos outside w/protesters and media in order “to ramp up the drama” the night Casey was arrested at her parents’ house. He whined like a tiny baby, after the fact, blaming Law Enforcement for not allowing him to surrender her w/dignity. (Uh, reality to Jose? -your client waved buh-bye to dignity soo long ago!) He conveniently showed up at the Anthony home for the media scrum -after her arrest and held a marathon news conference slamming investigators for the show.


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3 responses to “No more Zanny my Nanny – This Woman is Through! Real life Zenaida Gonzales sues Casey Anthony -Yea!

  1. sophie

    September 25, 2008 at 5:19 am

    I think it’s high time Zenaida sued the pants off Casey. Casey won’t mind, she’ll take them off for anyone it seems.

    I like that Zenaida is suing to keep the Anthonys from profitting from this heinous situation.

  2. Rebecca

    September 25, 2008 at 5:55 pm

    Poor Zenaida, no one wants to rent to her or hire her because of Casey Anthony. I’m sure her life has been horrible, since this whole thing began. She can’t even tell anyone her name, without them linking her to this case, and if she has children, they are probably going through hell, too. Zenaida, I hope you get lots of money out of this. You Go, Girl!

  3. Nina

    October 6, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    IF a MOVIE will come from this discusting story i hope the proceeds are divided between all that derserve it.Zenaida ,the MISSING CHILDRENS FUND AND THE POLICE DEPARTMENT,and those that have gave there time and effort to try to solve this case,THE ANTHONYS not!!!


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