New Audio Tapes Released In Casey Anthony Case!

25 Sep

These are the same interviews I’ve summarized in previous posts here –but its interesting to listen for yourself bc you can hear voice inflection, nervous laughter etc. Plus you don’t have to SLAVE over the interview documents w/all the interrupting investigators like I had to! 😉

Here’s Lee Anthony – Casey’s brother. He seems so cooperative during this interview, though now its unclear where he stands- bc it certainly appears he’s been drinking the kool-aid. Its really creeeeeeepy when he laughs when referring to the “atrocious smell” in the car! I mean, either he bought the SUICIDAL SQUIRREL story or he doesn’t understand that….that smell may be…Caylee! I just don’t understand so many things, but the laughter especially…I don’t get it. I’m so angry.

Here’s Tony Lazaro – Casey was shacking up w/him when all hell broke loose. She had attached herself to him like velcro- and was in bed w/him when waking up from nightmares COVERED IN SWEAT! GOOD!

Here’s Jesse Grund — Casey’s former fiance. He seems like a really nice guy. He’s former Law Enforcement and did his own “investigation” too- he drops in some police lingo occasionally. Casey had told him he was the father for many months and he fell in love w/Caylee and still seems to care a bit for Casey. He believes it had to be an accident. Though he recognizes she has “issues” and says that her one toe that she had left in reality would snap if something happened to Caylee and she would lose all touch w/reality. He does think Casey would hide even an accident — hide Caylee somewhere and create a new story to tell herself. It sure seems like she’s told several. Doesn’t think she would have told ANYBODY and certainly NOT her mom! Says the playhouse was the first place he thought of when he thought maybe Casey hid her body– says Caylee LOVED that playhouse! I think the cadaver dogs hit around there-yikes. Where is she now?? He says he never saw Casey do a drug in his entire life. Describes her as a DIABOLICAL liar though. Thinks Fusian nightclub and new BF Tony- could have led Casey astray –equaling recent drug use.


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7 responses to “New Audio Tapes Released In Casey Anthony Case!

  1. Barb

    September 25, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    Thanks soooo much for posting the tapes. Like you said I have been reading them – and there’s nothing like the actual tapes! Thanks again.

  2. Barb

    September 25, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    I sure would like to hear the tapes of Cindy & George. If they’d release those, I bet Casey would be so mad she’d crack. Remember how made she got when Cindy was on TV? Casey got so mad she said “All anybody cares about is where Caylee is” ….

  3. nina

    October 1, 2008 at 4:16 am

    Seems as though MISS ANTHONY will eventually GET whats coming to her.This is a very sad story.Almost doesnt even sound real, none of it.i have followed this case from day one as most of us have ,and i knew all along something terrible happened to Caylee whether and accident or intentionally.I am not sure how a person can live with them selfs not showing a bit concern for the welfare of her child ,the only way is if they canceled this child from there mind as though it never was.Its odvious Casey is a sick girl but mentally crazy i dont think so.She i believe did this to spite her mother.I had believed that from the beginning.I dont even know how she can keep up with one lie that follows another repeatedly.Cindy knew how Casey was all along,and i think George also knew but was left in the dark most the time.I dont think Cindy was ever in denial.She was covering up for Casey….No one could be that much in denial unless they were simply ignorant.This story has been unual but truly sad ..This little girl should of been protected from the one person that should of loved her ,Casey.I am not sure a person like her is capable of loving anyone.She is dark and cruel,and empty.She lives in a world of her own that she her self created.NO signs of remorse,nothing on her face but a smug look that i would like to of knocked right off her face.What happened to Caylee,is something Casey knows well,but will she ever admit to it,i doubt that,she will take it with her til the day she dies.This little baby was such a gift from God and she had the nerve to wear the rosary around her neck..One day when she leaves this world she will have to answer to God himself and that is who she needs to fear.The only thing i wish for is that they will find this child and bring her home so she can be given a proper burial.I dont believe she is walking with the living as much as i hate to even admit it.I wish she had given her away to safe hands but i dont believe that is the case here.She is pure Evil……I hope this story is finally brought to light and little Caylee will be in peace.GOD BLESS U LITTLE CAYLEE ….

  4. Journey

    October 9, 2008 at 5:15 am

    I thought that guy Jesse seemed a little weird. Self important maybe. Not that he knows anything just kind of strange.

    Couldn’t have been an accident if possible charges of a certain type coming out soon huh? We’ll see. So strange. I wonder if Casey felt free from her mother without Caylee maybe.

  5. Marie

    October 15, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    Lee’s laughter, when speaking of the smell, isn’t totally unusual. It’s sometimes more of a human nature response when it comes to dealing with death, as odd as that sounds.

    After hearing Tony Lazaro’s testimony about the car wash, I wonder if she didn’t take the Jeep back to the site of Calee’s body and was afraid of detection and washed the car.

    Also, by running out of gas and not filling it, it’s as though she didn’t want to drive the car. Was it because of the smell or because she feared somebody saw her ditch her daughter’s body and wanted to distance herself from the car for a while or both? There’s more to that whole car incident.

    It’s also so interesting that she had been possibly to a Zani Bar, and she referred to her nanny as Zani. She either borrowed Zani from the Zani Bar or the book Zani the Nanny. Maybe it was actually Xanax the nanny.

    At any rate, Casey can’t give anybody information about Calee’s disappearance, even with the possibility of facing death (unlikely without admission or a body), because the information she has is that she killed her daughter, which would bring on her death anyway. She probably has greater risk of her own life by admitting this entire thing.

    The handwriting is on the wall as to what happened to Calee.

  6. Venice

    November 12, 2008 at 10:10 am


  7. Sphinx

    November 23, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    She’s just like that guy in the Usual Suspects. She gets that Zanni was from New York from Tony being from New York. Telling her mother that Zanni doesn’t need money because her dad’s well off, and even got her a car lately from Amy getting a car. Jacksonville she gets from this Jeff guy from there. She gets type of phone the now lost blackberry from Tony having a blackberry. She gets Caylee telling her about a book on the last time she talks to her over the phone from a conveniently private number to the videos of Caylee reading the same book. She gets the cell phone photo of Caylee being taken at Zanni’s apartment from being taken at Ricardo’s apartment.

    Her dad found a fake resume in which Casey claimed having previous experience as a nanny, and that her dad said was not true. She was probably trying to establish this Zanni identity so she could use it to get a position as a nanny. Telling any and everybody about “Zanni” so she could use them as references as people potential parents could call to hire her as their nanny. So they could say yeah I know Zanni’s watched Casey’s daughter for years and she’s great.

    She probably made that flurry of phone calls planning to act in a frantic to the first person who answered. Then when nobody picked up she scratched that.


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