Casey gets promoted…from person of interest to SUSPECT! I think she should watch today’s Oprah!

01 Oct

OCSO officially naming its one and only suspect in the disappearance of Caylee Anthony– her mother, Casey. She is the only one who can lead investigators to the truth about what happened to Caylee, who has been missing for 79 days, an agency spokesman said. I wonder what this means? Are they closer to an arrest? Why make this announcement? I bet Jose’s going to send another nasty letter- he will surely be displeased.

Will this make her talk? Will there be any talk of partial immunity? Just tell us it was an accident and tell us where she is! I think it could have been an accident and…

OMG- I hope Casey is watching Oprah right now. She’s probably at Jose’s place but maybe she can catch it again tonight (in some cable markets). Oprah is talking to a mother who left her 2-year-old baby in the car for 8 hours in August. The child, Cecilia, died of a heat stroke. We sit and watch while the mother hears portions of the 911 calls for the first time– one caller describes the baby’s skin as peeling off. It’s devastating.

She’s not a drug addict and she wasn’t out with friends partying at nightclubs but she did make a mistake. She was at work, she was an assistant principal and it was the first day of school. Things were hectic that day for Brenda. In addition to that, the routine was changed. Her husband had a dentist appointment and he was normally the parent who dropped the children at school and day care. But today the plan was for Brenda to do that so she dropped her older daughter off at school, checked her watch and realized it was still too early for Cecelia’s daycare and she rushed to squeeze an errand in. She went to a bakery, bought donuts for the teachers and rushed to school – forgetting about Cecilia sleeping in the backseat. Surveillance video at the school shows her backing up and opening the full hatchback on her SUV, and unloading the donuts. Cecilia remained asleep unnoticed.

The mother was getting ready to leave for the day and it was around 4pm when a teacher, one of her friends, rushed into her office panicked, saying “your baby’s in the car, did you just run an errand?” The mother realizes immediately what she’s done and runs barefoot, screaming no, out to her car. The temperature had been around 100 degrees that day and the mom talks about peeling her away from the seat in a rush to just get her out of the hot car. It was too late.

It’s heart breaking and for some reason (aside from my obsession), I immediately thought of Casey and Caylee. I think Caylee suffered some tragic accident while in Casey’s care. I wish that Casey would see this story and the support for this mother and somehow be able to admit the truth and tell everyone what happened to her daughter. I understand that Casey and her situation are really NOT AT ALL comparable to this one– mainly due to the way she handled the event and herself afterwards– but there is similarity in that they both (I think) lost their beautiful daughters!

I think things were changing for Casey drastically in the last few months of Caylee’s life and Casey was under tremendous pressure. Cindy had turned up the heat, consulted a counselor and finally stood up, said grow up, stop stealing, be more responsible and be a better parent to Caylee. And Cindy backed up those demands w/a threat to go after custody of Caylee.

Apparently the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was Casey stealing from her disabled grandfather- Cindy’s father – thus the blow up, overheard by neighbors, where Cindy puts her hands around Casey’s neck and almost chokes her out- evidently Casey was terrified. We had heard about that father’s day fight from the neighbor but the choking allegation was a recent bombshell revealed on Nancy Grace by Leonard Padilla, who claimed to have heard it from Lee.

I think Casey rebelled- she’d been coasting along just fine, using beautiful Caylee as her powerful pawn to lord over her parents- getting the sweet life just handed to her on a silver platter. But now, her free ride was about to get yanked, Caylee was becoming more verbal and able to tattle and Cindy was finally fed up. While Casey wanted to be more independent, she wanted it for free and wasn’t willing to work towards that so she fled, taking Caylee with her. Caylee was hers, she could take her away from them and that’s what she did! The question is what did she do with her? Did she snap and kill Caylee just to be a spiteful b!tch? Or was it an accident?

I still believe it was an accident, I just really want to. I think she freaked out, got rid of the problem and absolutely blocked it from her mind. She knew her parents would never forgive her so she had to blame shift. I think she spent that month plotting and planning several different scenarios she was going to try to spin on her parents. I think she was going to do it from afar- she was going to run. The night she’s busted she asks her mom for just one more day… I think if she had been able to make it she would have been gone! If she had made it to the marine in California- who knows when we would have found anything out. She could have said to her parents- I gave her to the real father and his family- they live out here now- I need to build my life and they are going to help us. Leave us alone!

Who knows what she would have said or done? We know she lies quite creatively and profusely so I’m sure there are more to come. So, come on Casey, tell us another story! We just want to know where she is. Its probably too late to prove cause of death so you’ll get to spin another fanciful tale—make yourself the hero, Casey- say it was a horrible tragedy and you went to heroic lengths to save Caylee but to no avail. You can say whatever you want- just tell us where you left her!! Where’s Caylee?

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