Jose talks about justice for Casey– that’s gross –the priority should be JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

01 Oct

Heads up Bozo- I mean Baez -its not about justice for Casey– Its about JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE! Jose made this sickening statement Tuesday AM- on the Today Show -clip to come -hopefully soon. I found the clip below while I was looking for that clip from 9/30…where Jose goes on, getting his panties in a wad about how people are ‘vilifying his client – when its not been proven that Casey has done anything to that child.’ — I’m paraphrasing… I will have to find the clip or the quote bc that just really set me off.

I believe not telling anyone when she was “abducted” and then telling monstrous lies misleading the police all over town IS HARMFUL to Caylee. WHO took her? Release a sketch! Whatever story your client wants to go w/for the day – I think there will be an adult in all of them so- release a sketch! Unless Casey was blindfolded in a story to be announced soon then Casey saw whoever she “dropped her off” with or whoever “took” her. The toddler is not traveling alone! Release a sketch! If you want people to be on the lookout then fill in the picture – that would be a way to HELP FIND CAYLEE! It just doesn’t make sense for the family not to release a sketch– IF they believe Casey. I don’t get it?

Anyway- I’m through ranting about that (for now). I stumbled upon the video below- its about a month old but its a pretty concise update on the case – (not much forensically has changed even though we do have lots more intvs and info now) –and its SO worth a look!! Cindy seems just a bit over-medicated but still able to hold desperately to her fervent denial and self delusion. Its soo sad! Grr- she whines about the re-arrest of Casey saying- they’ve had those charges – they could have done something about it. Matt tries to ask her if she can step away from mom role and apply some logic…can she understand why so many people have serious doubts as to her daughter’s innocence in the disappearance and/or death of Caylee— so you understand why those doubts exist ?? He asks. Uh, clearly she doesn’t understand. She goes into a rant and throws Tim Miller under the bus again. Is she under the care of Zanny(Xanax) the nanny in this interview?

Jose talks about justice for casey at the end– that’s gross –the priority should be JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!
Casey Anthony- confirmed LIAR, suspected MURDERER. Allegedly.

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One response to “Jose talks about justice for Casey– that’s gross –the priority should be JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

  1. dawn smith

    October 1, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    your granddaughter is dead if caylee was still alive someone would have gotten to her by now. i just really dont believe shes still alive. and the law isnt doing anything to put casey behind bars. i mean this girl is running around and the whole family is getting fame out of it and the only one in the family with any sense is lee. the son. he kinows what really has happened and has no problem telling the real truth the mom the dad are in denial and dont want to lose a daughter 2. please realize this and do something and dont let this girl run free. this has to come to an end. so that caylee can rest…………………………


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