Points of Interest in Caylee Anthony Case! Taking Requests…

01 Oct

I have an appointment in OrLAHndo (as pronounced by Leonard) Thursday so I’m thinking about doing a bit of snooping around- I think I’m gonna get all Nancy Drew/Trixie Belden/Scooby Doo on this case. I can just picture the ending…when the crazy old freak reveals they’re the killer…Dagburnit to heckfire! –Explains diabolical plot here— And I would have gotten away w/it too…if it wasn’t for those meddling kids KIMs!!! Ok, so really nothing like that but it will be fun for me and BONUS – I found a new way to waste time on this case!!

I’m going to be shooting video and stills and I may even try to intv people.
So WHERE should I go?
1. Sawgrass -see if I can see a sign in card and/or talk to an agent?
2. Towyard -see if they will talk to me and/or see what kind of security they have?
3. Amscott -see their security and proximity to grocery other point that may be of interest?
4. Jay Blanchard Park
5. Apartment complexes in the vicinity of Amscott and Tony’s — scout some dumpsters?

I don’t know how much time I’ll have but I’m open to suggestions…what would you like to see?

PS – Don’t you love pronouncing Orlando OrLAHndo? I do, it classes the place up a bit no?


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2 responses to “Points of Interest in Caylee Anthony Case! Taking Requests…

  1. mrsjersey

    October 1, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    ive been following this story and something has come to mind about casey and the fact that she has lied so many times about having and job, so where has she been when she told friends she was at work, ect..???? She has also been stealing money from family and friends for quite some time…so im wondering, could it be that she was in a casino somewhere gambeling durning the day? i know that time passes quickly while your sitting at a card table or slot machine , you can play for hours , and if your addicted youll find anyway to get $$$ Could she possibly have sold her daughter to pay off some sort of debt?

  2. bunyanbaby

    October 4, 2008 at 6:19 am

    Here’s my theory.She uses chloraform on the Caylee to put her to “sleep” while she does her partying. She leaves her in the trunk not the back seat because she doesn’t want someone to report her as leaving a child alone in a car for hours.
    She comes back and finds Caylee dead in trunk,probably from overdose on Chloraform or from throwing up from it and choked.
    She knows she’s really done it this time and the mom is never going to forgive her.
    She takes teh little girl out to a place she is familiar with.Many she and her friends partied out at some lake or swamp.Maybe as far back as high school that she remembers a place she used to party that was deserted and she dumps the little girls body.
    I’d track down with her ex friends where they used to party and hand out.


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