What happened to Caylee??- I’m Watching Nancy Grace…so you don’t have to! ;)

01 Oct

I’m going to LIVE blog Nancy Grace tonight since I’ve been forced by my obsession to waste this hour every night. She drives me crazy but I do appreciate her keeping the Caylee case in the forefront w/Bomshells and Breaking News—even when there’s no such thing.

Breaking news tonight—she always says that- no matter what. That wolf is going to get annoyed w/you- haven’t you heard that story?

LE painstakingly building a case…82 names revealed – possible witnesses in trial, include her family, former friends and Zenaida Gonzales. I’d like to sign up for the jury PLEASE!!!

OCSO (Orange County Sheriff’s Office)- says investigation could proceed as a homicide even w/out a body. Please let Caylee be found!

Showing clips from Cindy’s interview when she throws Amy and Jesse under the bus. Evil! Cindy says that she thinks Zanny- could be (code for) either of the two. Apparently she doesn’t appreciate Amy turning Casey in for emptying her bank account or Jesse for having loved her daughter and grand daughter thus threatening her CONTROL. Beware the wrath of this grand mother- she may accuse you of homicide! Spiteful B!tch!! Her philosophy as to who is to blame in Caylee’s disappearance is as simple as ABC…Anyone BUT Casey!!

Sheriff Kevin Beary says working a homicide case w/out a body is difficult. Thank you Captain Obvious!! 😉 Let’s all hope and pray! It has been done- murder convictions w/out a body?? I’ll try to look up some cases. Anyone??

Lee Anthony saying (old interview)– when asked if Casey was telling the truth- he thought so yes, “to the best of her ability”– oh dear. PANTS on FIRE!! (Apparently her pants were on fire from more than lying…it seems she did quite a bit of partying w/her pants OFF!)

Pants on Fire! – Pants Off!
Pants on Fire! – Pants Off!
Diabolical Liar! – Spiteful B!tch!
Diabolical Liar! – Spiteful B!tch!

Bond hearing…
CA saying Zanny has watched Caylee for the last year and a half- and says there was no reason to meet her. BS- she is sooo controlling. That insults my intelligence that she wouldn’t have needed to meet who’s watching her precious Caylee. I call BS!

Going over some further Casey fiction…
Saying Jeff Hopkins introduced her to Zanny who was a nanny to his child when they worked together at Kodak- says Jeff and Zanny used to date…none of that is true for something completely new! NG producers talked to Jeff Hopkin’s father who said yes, Jeff used to work at Universal, but not w/Casey and he only vaguely remembers Casey from High School.

Now George intv being played talking about how Casey lied about big event where Casey/Caylee/Zanny the nanny and co were all put up at the Hard Rock hotel for work and then the “convention” was moved to Tampa where they (Caylee/Zanny) went to Busch Gardens while Casey worked then Zanny got into a car accident so Casey and Caylee had to stay and look after Zanny in the hospital. Ahh BS! Bless me!

Cindy goes into this whole web of lies EXTENSIVELY in her interview- remembering many things in over embellished detail- later admitting that she knows now that its all lies.

During that intv its actually funny bc another detective comes in and calls BS saying basically… to mis quote Casey – Going over this story w/you…a WASTE…HUGE WASTE! I think that its Detective Yummy- I mean -Yuri but I’m not sure.

Talking about the smell in the car and how Cindy is in denial—truly, deeply, darkly –who does she think was dead in the car? Oh wait, that’s right- DAMN those SUICIDAL SQUIRRELS!!

NG unleashing the lawyers… asking about ethics of Casey telling her attny she did it and it was an accident- lawyer says it’s a terrible problem- he might get another attny on board to handle that part of the case. Says the attny– does not have to reveal if Casey told him where the body is… unless someone is in danger they don’t have reveal those details of culpability.

Cindy talking about having 7 pages of intv and investigation that she did into Jesse- she says he was her first suspect bc he could intimidate Casey and he would have a motive. Uh, crazy much? He has been extremely cooperative w/LE and hello—he passed a polygraph- have you??? Why did the Anthonys refuse polygraphs??? I realize they are not admissible in court but they are extremely valuable in clearing people in LE’s mind so the investigation doesn’t get stalled. Ask Mark Klass (Polly’s father) he commented on NG the other day and I believe called Casey an ODIOUS CREATURE! Nice call- there are many questions in this case but THAT is for damn sure.

Playing George intv where he says- I’ll be straight w/you…I did not like the smell in that car. No sh!t Sherlock- nobody did! Dead body is not a good scent for a car (its no new car spray). The question is—why didn’t you immediately call 911??

Leonard Padilla says Cindy sat w/him and Rob Dick when they told her the baby is dead- she didn’t react- he says she KNOWS the baby is dead. He says Cindy should realize she set it in motion almost –by making Casey leave the house – he says Cindy almost choked Casey out on 6/15 – it really scared Casey. That, is when all hell broke loose- all hell being Casey- she certainly broke loose from her daughter…we just need to know HOW!! LE heard this from Lee apparently. Maybe that’s why the family, and Cindy started it, wound up giving LE the wrong date initially??

This argument was also overheard by the neighbors and was supposedly regarding yet another theft of money case– Casey stealing from her elderly grandparents. Scumball.

Talking about the real Zenaida Gonzales and how she has a pretty good case in her suit against Casey. Yea!!

NG says they’ve gotten their mitts on more police interrogation. Yeah, we all have the new docs Nancy- you don’t have special mitts. Except w/those phone records LP gave you—I would like to see those please? Maybe they’ve been published- I STILL have not slogged through all of the documents. Real life/work has really been rearing its ugly head!!

I’m curious…has anyone changed their mind as a result of some of the new information in the case?

A lot of people seem to have really turned around after hearing George Anthony’s interview. I think he does come across as sincere and frankly bewildered- not as cagey as Cindy appears – BUT I cannot get past him driving home in that car w/that powerful smell of decomposition- still not knowing the whereabouts of his daughter and grandaughter and not calling 911!!??? WTF?

OK- Nancy then covered other cases which need urgent attention- unfortunately I was typing and updating Caylee. I will update this post w/links and a summary on those new cases later. I did catch something about a woman missing in Arizona – the family won’t release what her profession was- that’s at least a 3rd degree level of weirdness and will not work or last for long. That’s like saying DO NOT think about POPSICLES- whatever you do – nothing about POPSICLES—get POPSICLES out of your head right now.

Oh well, this is all the time I can give to this case today—aside from a bit of wandering around the wonderful forums on – I have to get back to work…let me just go get a POPSICLE really quick. ☺

Can you put truth serum in brownies??? Knock, knock…CANDY GRAM!!!


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10 responses to “What happened to Caylee??- I’m Watching Nancy Grace…so you don’t have to! ;)

  1. elma remando

    October 1, 2008 at 1:59 am

    i heard some where, that the anthonys layed a fresh cement slab in the back yard, is that true and have the cops and there canines checked this out ? aloso i’m wondering if the cops have checked out any of the grave yards just a thought !

  2. citizenkim

    October 1, 2008 at 2:05 am

    Hey- actually they just put down some concrete pavers- so they did look under those- if I recall correctly. The cadaver dogs hit on several places in the backyard including the playhouse- under which the concrete pavers were installed. So I think its possible that Caylee was buried there – or hidden somewhere for some period of time. Where is she now though? I think only Casey knows!!

  3. Cathy J

    October 1, 2008 at 6:55 am

    When this is all said and done, I’m just wondering , is Cindy going back to work?
    with patients? don’t mean to get off the subject, but who would want a witch like her, watching over them, I would’nt want her to give me a shot or anything, should’nt her licence be revoked for lying, obstructing justice, there’s got to be something, we can charge her with…… not being professional,

  4. nina

    October 1, 2008 at 7:29 am

    i dont recall the news ever saying they checked under that slab that was laid down in July in the Anthonys back yard.I think at one time Caylee was in that back yard but was removed and put some where else.The Cadaver dogs picked up that scent in the back yard which i think Caylee was there,but i dont believe was kept there.Casey moved her body which might explain why she backed the car in the garage.She put Caylee in the trunk of that car and took and disposed of the body some where else. How she lives with what has happened is beyond me..Cindy is another story also..SHE was suppose to be such a over protective grandparent yet never met any so call person Casey called Zani..Yet Casey claimed was Caylees nanny for two years..Grandmother never questioned this in those two years.That is to me unbelievable especially when CASEY AND HER CHILD LIVED UNDER THE SAME ROOF AS HER PARENTS.For one as demanding as Cindy appears to be that is hard to believe she never once in all that time questioned who this so call nanny her grandaughter was being left with.or demanded to meet…Something is so wrong with this whole story.Casey knows well what happened to Caylee and i do believe her family deep down in know something bad happened to her.The dogs acted on the truck of that car,they know!Cindy is protecting Casey now,which the one she should of protected was her innocent grandaugther.She knew well what kind of person Casey was…She got tired of her stealing and lying ,then finally calling 911 when it was to late.To late for Caylee.This whole story has discusted me along with every one else that has followed it.SO many lies and so much covering up and that poor child is some where out there still.Saying she is still alive to cover up what there horrible daughter has done….THEY have already lost Casey and they need to realize that.Its to late for her…One thing Cindy said this was about Caylee ,SHE is so right she needs to remember her words when her daughter keeps one lie coming after another .and when she continues to cover for Casey she needs to remember who is out there some where that needs to be found to be given a proper burial.I would never forgive a child of mine if they ever did such a thing,no love on earth would make me protect them if they ever brought harm to any living being on this earth especially a child.I hope that Caylee will be found,which i believe is unlikely.Thats what Casey intended all alone..NO body to be found..


    October 1, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Thanks for doing such a good job of reviewing the NG program. Glad I found your blog and I will be reading daily.


  6. Danelle

    October 1, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    I think Cacy should be remanded back to jail for some reason.Ifshe isconfined ling enough in isolation without visitors and recreation,she just might break.I would at least want the option of being allowed visitors and acess to the feamle pepulation of a prison,rather than be isolated.But, there may be a law against this.If there weren’t.her lawyer would find a way around whatever it was the officials were subjecting Cacy,

  7. Danelle

    October 1, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    The trouble with the judicial system today, is presumed innocense! If Cacy is innocent,then the moon really is made of green cheese.Why is this woman being allowed home with her mother.Maybe Cindy can CHOKE the truth out of when she confronted her with stealing her grandparents money,and wiping out Cindy’s own bank acct. too.There is just no way I could get away with this.My conscious would kill me.I wish she has adopted “snot nose”.

  8. Danelle

    October 1, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    The trouble with the judicial system today, is presumed innocense! If Cacy is innocent,then the moon really is made of green cheese.Why is this woman being allowed home with her mother.Maybe Cindy can CHOKE the truth out of when she confronted her with stealing her grandparents money,and wiping out Cindy’s own bank acct. too.There is just no way I could get away with this.My conscious would kill me.I wish she had adopted “snot nose”.

  9. nina

    October 6, 2008 at 2:40 am

    CASEY ANTHONY,NOW A SUSPECT!WHY IS SHE NOT IN JAIL WHERE SHE SHOULD OF BEEN ALL THIS TIME.I am waiting every day along with every one else to see MURDER charges brought against her.SHE should of been locked up just for not reporting her child was not with her for 30 days.,and never calling 911.Its odvious to me why she didnt as i am sure its odvious to every one else.SHE disposed the body and then waited all that time so it would be even harder to find her..Especially the evidence on how she died…I dont know how some one can tell one lie after another ,that has been proven a lie and still continues with another string of lies.HOW DID HER YOUNG MIND GET SO TWISTED.I see her on the news and that smug look on her face and i cant even believe this women is even a real being.SO cold and unconcerned,like she hasnt a care in this world.SHE lives in some world she created on her own .SHE IS IN A COLD EMPTY PLACE and she seems to enjoy it..Caylee is some where out there that CASEY knows well where she is.I dont think she will ever admit to anything ,she will take it with her til she dies.Such a horrible human being ,that i hope will answer to every thing she has done.ITs hard not to think she is not guilty when she has told do many lies and all the results of the test from the yard and the trunk of that car..If it wasnt Caylee who was it CASEY.ITS odvious some one that wasnt alive was in that trunk..THE TEST HAVE PROVEN THAT…THE FBI HAVE NO REASON TO LIE OR TRY TO FRAME YOU!!!!!EVEN though her parents have tried to even argue that as well.When Cindy Anthony finally had enough of CASEYS lying and stealing ,called 911,finally but it was to late.To late for Caylee.THEY need to stop protecting Casey and when CINDY said this is about Caylee she is right..SHE need to remember her own words because Caylee is some where out that that needs to be found and given a decent burial.I can only hope as every one else that this story comes to light and this little baby girl is found ..GOD BLESS LITTLE CAYLEE.I never met this child but i can tell you i love her,and would of given anything to of had a daughter .AND people like CASEY ANTHONY are nothing but an empty shell ..

  10. Bill

    November 26, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Just some thoughts toponder!
    George is niave enough to fall for an internet scam.
    Cindy didn’t lie to the FBI, she just didn’t give them the correct hairbrush.
    What a combination of parents! It’s not a big step ti figure out where Casey became so skilled at lyinf.


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