Breaking News, Stunning police interrogations and Bombshells abound on Nancy Grace 10/1!

02 Oct

Once again watching Nancy- so you don’t have to. She starts off w/the usual -as mentioned in the title. Hmm- talking about the Heather Locklear DUI – they’re saying she may have been set up. Why are we supposed to care? Get to Caylee.

Desperate search for a beautiful 3 year old Florida girl. Tot mom needs to tell us what happened! OC investigators confirm that Casey is a suspect in her daughter’s disappearance. Playing the call -the first one where she’s cussing up a storm and saying they need to look for Zanny not just in the FL database. That call is disgusting.

Now the forensic pathologist Kobe (who’s a member of the defense team) is on. He’s pointlessly stating the obvious. Though he does say he expects charges to be brought soon, and says homicide charges make sense, given what the Sheriff said.

OCSO (Orange County Sheriff’s Office) spokesperson says she’s the one they go to for answers (a truly frightful state of affairs) and they’re hoping she’ll step up (I’m hoping to win the lottery too). Says some of the over 5,000 tips they’ve received seem like a smokescreen. Ya think?

Hmm, I wonder if they could be coming from the “missing” AKA imaginary “blackjack” phone? The calls are coming from inside the house!!! Have you checked the children? Get OUT of that house!!

Kobe seems to agree that there was decomposition in the trunk. Welcome to reality- its sad but true. Be careful you’ll get a nasty letter from Jose.

Unleashing the lawyers…
Person of Interest is just someone the police would like to talk to. Suspect is stronger and points to involvement. Does this up the ante for Casey to crack? Lawyer says no- lawyer won’t let her talk. Gotta love lawyers.

Casey on tape saying she has ‘perspective ideas’ about where she could be…NY, Miami etc. Total BS. What an idiot- her’s trying to use the big words.

Nancy still can’t pronounce Caylee’s name right- it drives me crazy (short trip). She pronounces it Kheillllee. Let’s have today’s show be sponsored by the letter K. Can you say that Nancy? That’s how you say CAylee’s name…K- lee. Pls try it.

Casey says–I’ve been looking for her and gone through other resources to try to find her. Resources like nightclubs and Tony’s couch?

Caller–Any credible tips that she’s been sighted? Answer directly from OCSO’s lips– in one word NO. Talking about clothing found early on- it was not linked to this case.

Caller asks if forensics can prove or disprove anything Casey says w/autopsy if remains are found– sadly no, its been too long. NG guests says the reason cops still follow tips and look for an alive Caylee is bc they know they will have to answer to that in court- they are being as thorough as possible.

Talking again about how calls coming in seem to be a smokescreen. That makes me so angry. Obstruction of Justice anyone? Perhaps that’s why they won’t release a sketch?! Is it illegal to falsely accuse an imaginary person? Could I blame my work avoidance on such an imaginary person? Perhaps have them send me emails from made up addresses- threatening my life if I focus on work rather than this case? Damn that troll!!

Caller asks about searches on Casey’s computer for escorts and sex sites– was she involved in that? No one knows but they’re also suspicious of her looking at missing children websites (as far back as March) and searches for chloroform. That is just so creepy and sad. 😦 Was she really planning this for that long?

Caller asks about dual personality aka Sybil- maybe Casey took on ZG’s personality? NG guest says no- Casey just has no personality of her own so she takes on one from boyfriends and other lovers. Its funny, I was thinking about this theory the other day and thought of Primal Fear. Ed Norton gives a brilliant performance in that movie as someone who…tries to pull a similar defense in the courtroom.

Nancy asks about ZG getting any money from Casey- the thefty thief who had no job or money of her own. Morgan says its not about that its about ZG’s good name…BUT he goes on to mention that the Anthony family is rumored to be profiting BIGTIME from this case. That’s disgusting. Here’s a petition. There’s also contact info for ABC in my post about the 20/20 show- ABC’s rumored to have paid close to $200,000 to the Anthonys- NOT for the interview they said, but for the right to use the photos and video. Right.

ZG says she has received death threats. John Morgan says Casey played the race card to inflame the public like Susan Smith did bc ZG is Puerto Rican- or mixed as Casey described her.

Zenaida Gonzales is on right now talking about how Casey has ruined her life lately. ZG has never heard of Casey or Caylee. She got a call from detectives while she was out shopping– they called her on her cell. She did go see that vacant apt at Sawgrass. But had never heard of or met Casey.

How did Casey get that info? That is the million dollar question. Lawyer thinks it may be from the sign in card- as everyone suspects. Or did she break into ZG car and rifle a bit? She knew Annie and Dante who lived in 218. Leonard says she was driving Tony’s car around and she had been to visit Chris that day too. Maybe she was scoping where to dispose of Caylee and didn’t want to do it in her car. When I lived in OrLAHndo my apt complex had a trash compactor on the property- I think (should the need arise) I would dispose of a body there- wouldn’t it get so sealed up w/other trash that it wouldn’t be seen and wouldn’t smell?

Cops met ZG at her house later- she was fully cooperative, showed them the car Casey had described (lawsuit). ZG says she’s not a babysitter- she cleans. Gosh I feel so sorry for her. Her attny just said when he met her she was a basket case- no one would hire her and he said you can do nothing or you can push back and they filed the defamation suit.

NG guest says Casey is a perfect example of a psychopathic personality- that’s why Casey lies.

ZG says she has never received an apology from Casey, her attny or any of the Anthonys. Somehow I’m not surprised.

NG blathered on the rest of the show about Heather Locklear’s personal life.


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4 responses to “Breaking News, Stunning police interrogations and Bombshells abound on Nancy Grace 10/1!

  1. ann

    October 2, 2008 at 3:41 am

    Glad you watched NG for me-personally I somehow do not get the opportunity to wacth-so appreciate it!
    I hope Zaeinda Fernandez Gonzalez goes after the Anthonys(particularly Casey)for everything they’ve got-but even more especially, I hope she drags Casey Anthony into court to explain just how, where, & when she dug up this woman’s name, personal details- Furthermore perhaps Ms Anthony could reveal to the court, in specific & in forsenic detail just why she opted to purposely steal/borrow this person’s identity?
    Sadly Anthony will plead the 5th-but will maintain & expressly state that this is not “the Zaienda Fernandez Gonzalez-Zanni) that she entrusted her child to at the Sawgrass Apts-on uh june 9th, wasnt it??? Nope of course-It’s not her, as -Casey’s Zanni-Zaienda Fernandez-Gonzalez is of the invisible kind.
    You know I really wish that someone would would do an re-enactment of this thing-Wish Nancy would take this all the way back to June 9th, 2008.
    Let’s begin at the beginning-Casey & Caylee in the am leaving the home on Hopespring drive-They drive over to the Sawgrass Appts, Casey drops Caylee at the stairwell-waves bye,bye and heads off in the direction of Universal??????.
    What I wonder did actually constitute as a day in the life of Casey Anthony-lets take June 9th as an example, What the heck did she do? Where did she go? Who did she meet up with?
    I think the police failed to pen her down on this-in their interviews-So she was not going to work at universal, what she’s do? I think the truth would prove interesting-as I have come to the opinion that there was no Nanny-no Zanni-as there was no job-Casey was a stay at home mom-She spent her days at the home on hopespring drive taking care of Caylee(as revealed in the online conversation with italiano-she was stuck with the “snot-head”, she even opined on just how tough it was spending the whole day with Caylee-as oppossed to being at work?!). I think this is significant-as I feel this reveals the potential personal motivation Casey Anthony had in relation to the “disappearance “of Caylee. I also think that Casey Anthony felt obligated to abide by her mothers rules-the house rules-as she & Caylee were dependent upon her parents-I think Casey Anthony wanted out-I think she wanted out of the “mothering” role, out of the family home, but due to the presence of Caylee, she was obligated to remain in the home & the “mother” role-I think Cindy Anthony would not allow her to leave-vacate the role-I think Cindy Anthony repeatedly reminded her of her responsibilities to the child-I think Cindy advocated that it was not about Casey or the way she felt-It was about Caylee now & how she would feel-if her “own”mother choose to abandon her.
    I think the financial aspect of this case is most revealing too. Cindy was well aware that Casey was stealing from her-thus Cindy had to have known the serious lack of funds Casey Anthony experienced-She had to have known that Casey was not gainfully employed-& I have to wonder just where/how she perceived Anthony came up with any honest funds of her own. I personally wonder if Cindy Anthony was giving Casey an allowance for staying home & looking after Caylee(mondayfriday)??Perhaps this is why she reacted with such anger when she learnt that Casey had been thieving from her maternal grandparents-This apparently was the final straw-& she booted Casey out of the home(i think this occurred either the weekend of june 8th (casey & caylee stayed with Ricardo Morrales june9th/10th) or june 15th). I think Casey left- in haste but the question is did she take Caylee with her? or did she return and remove the child from the home june 16th in the absence of her mother(at work).
    I personally feel that Casey did remove Caylee from the Anthony home as an act of vengance/spite on her mother-It was an act designed to maximise the pain & hurt Cindy Anthony would undoubtedly feel. I think Casey Anthony’s warped sense-was somewhere along the lines-that Cindy owed her-$$$-s in exchange for spending time with Caylee-I think this is how she justified the numerous thefts of Cindy’s $$$$s over the two year period that sadly was caylee’s lifetime-it was emotional extortion. I have also begun to wonder if Casey had actually intended to stage a kidnap of her daughter-if in fact, she was planning to extort a grand sum of ransom money from her parents in exchange for the return of Caylee? seems a little ott-but the use of few drops of chloroform on an handkerchief has been conveyed many times in movie scenes, depicting episodes of kidnapping/abductions??? I know-crazy-totally crazy-but I think personal freedom & financial gain were Casey Anthony’s motivation in relation to this thing. But something clearly went wrong-and this /or any other plan was not exceuted. This of course is mere speculation on my behalf.


  2. fromzenon

    October 6, 2008 at 2:10 am

    THANK YOU! Many thanks for commenting on Nancy Grace’s inability to pronounce “K-LEE!”

    It sounds like “Kelly” when she says it, and it drives me bonkers! Glad I’m not the only one…

    Rock on.

  3. Misti Lidey

    January 28, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Excellent read! I enjoy your site very much.

  4. 仿货EMS

    June 2, 2010 at 9:08 pm

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