2 responses to “Bombshell– the Tot Mom is About to Go Down!! Casey to be Charged in death of Caylee.

  1. Nina

    October 9, 2008 at 3:01 am

    AND I HOPE SHE GOES DOWN ALL THE WAY!Why after 16 long weeks would she want to go look for Caylee now ,when she didnt even call to report her little girl missing in the first place.I have followed this sence the beginning and nothing that i can see she has done or said shows SHE EVEN CARES.How can Casey not be judged from the public with the way she has behaved threw all this ..SHE made herself look like horrible being,that had no compassion or concern at all for her little girl.NOW suddenly she wants to put on the concerned mother act and be secret on helping find her daughter .WHEN i think i have heard it all it follows with some thing else that is insane.WHAT a story!!…THE BOUNTY HUNTER thinks Tim will find little Cayless body,i can only hope that is true and it happens so there can finally be some closer to this story and Caylee can be given a proper burial…I wish i didnt think she is not with the living any more,but i dont believe she is.ITS diffcult to see hope anymore in this case,not with all the testings that have came back.IF it wasnt Caylees body in the truck,then CASEY ANTHONY whos was it!!!ITS odvious from the testings they found it was a dead body..I hope they arrest her REAL SOON …I thought about SUSAN SMITH when she accused some one of taking her children and she was the guilty one ,but even she got on TV and shed some tears (even if they werent real she played the part of a grieving mother,CASEY didnt even have it in her to pretend…SHE lies,steals,cheats, smiles as though she hasnt a care on earth .HOW a person can be so empty with out emotion is something i cant comprehend…SO if she can act this way what she must of had put that innocent child threw in the end…I hope some light comes from this tragic story soon…

  2. katie

    October 14, 2008 at 1:12 am

    They just found a dress,same as caylees wooded area by the airport. You are correct about susan smith.


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