Casey has been re-arrested!

14 Oct

Fox scooped everyone. They were following the car Cindy was driving Casey home in when they stopped and Casey got into an undercover OC Sheriff’s officer’s SUV. Fox was following them and Cindy tried to lose them even wheeling around in a parking lot, then getting out and going back to bang on the window of the Fox van- she was irate. I guess the other vehicle following was the OSCO SUV- Fox was there- as they stopped under the bridge on Boggy Creek road and Casey got out and got into the OCSO SUV. It’s being reported that they took this route over near the airport so that news choppers couldn’t be there to film. I guess that’s why Cindy was so irate that Fox had followed them.

They have staked out the jail and Casey’s been a no show for about 40 minutes so it is suspected that Casey may have been taken to the sheriff’s office. Wonder why?

They are discussing the discovery documents right now. There’s a news conference coming up from

Secret Grand Jury proceedings were leaked to media??
Outside the courthouse there is a metal box where media trucks can plug in to get video and audio- this was sealed so it wasn’t supposed to be feeding the box but something happened and the audio was being leaked and the media was able to hear some of the sealed grand jury proceedings. The media actually made the court aware of the mishap. WTF? The judge said it was not the state attorney’s fault and admitted it was a mistake by his staff.

Cindy Anthony just told Fox that she dropped Casey off w/her bail bondsman. The OCSO says that’s not true- we took her into custody.

I’m updating continually under the latest post– Indictment Unsealed… I will of course be watching shiny shirt (Nancy Grace) tonight- and will live blog that as well as provide any updates that come from local news tonight at 10(fox) and 11pm.


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2 responses to “Casey has been re-arrested!


    October 14, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    I hope that little mistake of letting the audio being heard by the media isn’t cause for throwing the indictment out!!! Grand Juries are supposed to be secret, and if there was a leak of the proceedings, the defense may be able to get the indictment thrown out and make the prosecution seek another indictment with another Grand Jury.

  2. citizenkim

    October 14, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    Wally- OMG- I know! I hope they caught it in time to avert anything like that!! You know Jose would just love to draw things out- he’s so far out of his league- now he’s considering Casey as co-counsel- that would be grounds enough for appeal- they need to be super careful w/every aspect of this case- I don’t want anything to get her off!


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