Grand Jury Indicts Casey- Its a capital charge!

14 Oct

The charges were sealed but there will be no bond bc it IS a capital case. Casey stood crying as Jose spoke to reporters saying he won’t be surprised if there’s an indictment and that Casey will not run, she will surrender herself. She showed up at his office in pinstriped pants and a white dress shirt- absent were the shorts, the big, ugly, white, stolen sunglasses and the Where’s Caylee T-shirt.

I guess I’m supposed to feel elated that the wheels of justice are turning and she will soon be arrested…but somehow I’m just really sad all over again. The prosecutor thanked the grand jury and spoke of the sorrow they were forced to endure in reviewing the evidence.

George Anthony, who testified today looked defeated and through his attorney asked for prayers for his family and for Caylee most particularly. He did not use his usual plea of pls look for an alive Caylee. God- its just so devastating. I wonder what he said today? I wonder if he admitted that he smelled something suspicious when Casey wouldn’t let him near her trunk on June 24? I wonder if Caylee was in the trunk at that time? Here’s a what George and his attorney had to say today regarding the grand jury and his testimony:
George and his Attorney gave a brief statement- Tuesday Morning
“Good Morning everyone, George Anthony is here today to do really the incomprehensible and that is to testify truthfully before a grand jury considering their investigation in their consideration homicide charges against his daughter concerning his beloved grand daughter Caylee Marie I am sure the enormity of that does not escape anybody and respectfully we ask that all of you be compassionate understanding as George is getting ready to do the unimaginable um George does have a few words to say before we proceed”…George: “This is going to be very hard for me to do my focus is always on my granddaughter and always will be I love my daughter I love my wife and I love my son I want everyone to have prayer for all of us today especially my granddaughter if someone could take a moment out at 11 o clock this morning and 11 o clock tonight to just pray for her that’s all I am asking for that’s all I can say thank you all” ….to be clear – they never said testify against his daughter!! Here’s the video.

Baez asks for understanding- saying Casey has a missing child and she’s also someone’s child. Casey was standing there looking sad but didn’t break into tears until the latter statement. I think she’s already “mourned” or dealt w/the loss of her daughter and now she’s most sad about losing her family- or the potential for that as they must realize now or soon that she harmed or let harm come to that beautiful child.

I’ve got the split screen going for all the local coverage – so I’ll keep updating. I don’t know why I’m so devastated today- I’ve wanted Casey to have to face justice…but I guess that’s it for hope that she was alive. I can’t see holding onto that now. She’s gone. Is anyone else feeling strangely sad as the case moves forward?

Casey’s parents just pulled into the garage. Its unknown where Casey is at this time but she’s expected to turn herself in soon.

Oh, also, Texas Equusearch is leaving town again today, expected to return in a few weeks to search for Caylee. They found a dress today in the area of cell ping interest near the airport. It was a mickey mouse dress, size 6- supposedly similar to one Caylee has been photographed in. Before this find even, Cindy had pretty much canceled all meetings w/Tim Miller and told him to go to hell. What the hell is wrong w/this woman. If people aren’t able to delude themselves to the degree that she’s able – she pretty much tell them to p!ss off. She’s a piece of work and so is her daughter.

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