Indictment unsealed– IT’S 1ST DEGREE MURDER. Continual updates at the top.–State Attorney holding press conference for Casey Anthony.

14 Oct

That means they believe it was premeditated! There were 7 charges:
1- 1st degree murder
2- child abuse
3- aggravated manslaughter
4- 4 counts of lying to Law enforcement

I’m just going to keep updating here for a bit so it may seem a bit jumbled. The latest information will be at the top.

Casey was in handcuffs- but looked like she was trying to hide it- when she arrived at OCSO this afternoon. She arrived in an unmarked car w/3 detectives at the back of the facility. News crews for channel 9 said the camera man only go the shot by climbing on top of the news van.

Jose just commented about the audio leak from the grand jury proceedings- saying a joke was made out of justice today and he will be looking into the legal issues.

The Anthony family is supposedly trying to auction off interviews for morning news shows tomorrow. That’s disgusting- I wish no one would pay them. What are they going to say??-get off your azzes and look for an alive Caylee??! I really do feel sorry for them but they sure do make it difficult w/their bizarre behavoir

1st degree murder and felony murder are both punishable by death- it WAS unclear which they are going for. Channel 9 is reporting that Casey may try to represent her self- the state will then pay for all of the defense testing as well as pay for Jose Baez- that’s us- FL tax payers would fit the bill. Jose would still be on board to advise. Jose said when she is able to tell her side of the story- people will understand. Oh that is rich! I can’t wait to hear what they have to explain “Casey’s version of events”– he has said previously that she had “compelling reasons” for doing what she did. Ok – I’m back to anger now from sadness. They are unbelievable!

Jose Baez kicked Channel 9 out of his office today before the press conference – calling wftv a tabloid channel- they still got the footage of Casey standing by Jose and silently crying as he gave statements. That makes me want to tune into channel 9 even more- ha. It seems like they are stepping up the rhetoric against Baez- saying things like- Casey’s ROOKIE attorney. They are covering the story about how he is not qualified
to defend a death penalty case- he hasn’t been an attorney for more than 5 years and he has never been lead counsel on a death penalty case.

I can’t imagine that they would allow her to do that- she does not have the mental capacity- what a ruse. I will be infuriated!


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2 responses to “Indictment unsealed– IT’S 1ST DEGREE MURDER. Continual updates at the top.–State Attorney holding press conference for Casey Anthony.

  1. Woodleigh

    October 14, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    Casey’s tears following indictment?

    After hearing Padillo state she was not crying, I took a much closer look. She frequently wiped her fingers under her eyes as if wiping away tears.

    She must have been wiping away non-existent tears because there was not a wet spot on her face.

    Lying again? That’s Casey!

  2. sislittle

    October 15, 2008 at 4:23 am

    Glad she is finnaly in jail. Does anyone know why lee refused to give DNA. Where is Lee now? Is there a person of interest or is this a rumor?


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