Nancy Grace has actual BOMBSHELLS in Casey Anthony case tonight 10/14!

15 Oct

She plays the Jose press conference, the indictment being read, Sheriff Beary’s statement among other things. Update from Jessica D’Onofrio from WKMG- it took only 30minutes for 12 of the 19 jurors to decide that it needs to go to trial. 1st degree murder is a CAPITAL case in FL!

George was the first witness- probably the most important and he spoke for over an hour. Next up was the cadaver dog expert, FBI and then lead investigators. In the show open NG implied that the Tennessee Body farm air sample expert testimony were key in the case.

Talking about the way she was arrested which seemed at first like she was trying to get away- I already described in a previous post- Fox was covering it- it was quite the spectacle.

Mark Nejame the Anthony’s attorney is on- quite why –no one knows bc he won’t be able to say ANYTHING. She asks him about the arrest under the bridge – why Cindy did that? – he says I don’t know I was dealing w/George all day. He goes on about how courageous George was to do what he did- which is tell the truth- evidently in that family it is quite unusual so perhaps he should be commended. They played the clip again of George asking everyone to pray for his family- especially Caylee- they didn’t play the part where he asked for prayers at 11am and 11pm- but he did do that which I thought was weird- but I will certainly pray for all of them- I’m certain that they need it.

NG lawyers say that the lesser included charge may be in order to signal that they are ready to make a plea deal and won’t seek death if she will tell what happened and cop to a lesser charge. NG very unhappy w/that.

Caller- the dress found today by Tim Miller’s team. Here’s a picture of Caylee wearing a similar dress. (I just figured out how to post pics- yea me!)
picture-51BTW I think this dress is not related bc it was in good condition and thought to be too large for Caylee but there are conflicting statements so we’ll see. I think if it was related – Tim wouldn’t be taking off to postpone the search for 2-3 more weeks. Tim says it has been sent off for testing. Nancy has tim on and she goes TIM…are you going to search more? He goes…NANCY…yes we are! HA I love him- here’s where you can go to donate to his efforts He says they will continue searching and its expected to be the largest search in history.

Results from the Oak Ridge Body Farm- is there more than the air samples that we know of? If so, we don’t know yet- they would assume that there IS alot more to be revealed at trial. Let’s hope so.

NG says will they cooperate w/police- the Anthony’s? Nejame says they did- they submitted to DNA? NG says- OK- will Cindy? and will Lee? Nejame defended Cindy saying she’s been cooperative and he doesn’t represent Lee- only met him once. NG says will they take polygraphs? Nejame says if deemed appropriate they will BUT as you know they are not appropriate- they are inadmissible and Cindy is on medication…NG cut him off- and a bit teswty and said- excuse me I wasn’t finished- then I guess they cut his mic bc her music kicked in and they went to break. Why does she bother w/him- he annoys me.

Bethany Marshall- psychoanalyst- what do you think of Casey finally crying? She says- her xmas has been taken away- her plan was to get rid of her daughter and have a fabulous life (bella vida tattoo?) w/her boyfriend and all of that has now crumbled away.

Nancy’s shirt today is so shiny tonight its almost sequined- but it is – appropriately black. 😉 I wonder if she holds certain shiny shirts back for special occasions? We’re 30 mins in right now. Back from commercial w/Cindy’s 911 call then testimony from bond hearing and other places about the odor of decomposition- then more of the press conference w/Casy standing there crying as Jose talks about what a nightmare this is for her- we have never seen her cry those tears for her daughter.

Dr. Kobi- do you think there is additional evidence from the body farm- Kobi says maybe…he thinks that the defense has to really look at the evidence bc some of it is cutting edge- we must see if its valid- NG says save it for the jury. He says fingerprints were wrong in Madrid train bombing case- NG says yeah- part of the train was blown up- what’s your point? NG says you said the science might be illegitimate- are you questioning fingerprint science? No- just this new technology. They go back in forth w/this line of questioning a bit.

caller- why didn’t they say death penalty? NG says this is just the charging phase- its rare at this point to make the death penalty decision- she doesn’t expect that decision for some time. NG asks about using that as a bargaining point- tell us where the body is or lets start talking about lethal injection. I don’t believe the death penalty should be legal but cases like this do give me pause- I think sometimes it is useful in bargaining.

Leonard Padilla (LP) is on- says Casey is not crying- she’s the same person we’ve seen all along. NG says how awful that house must be tonight- how silent and sad- no matter what we think of the Anthony’s. I agree- its just so sad! 😦 LP brought up how the Anthony’s had commented about helicopters not being able to see things happening under the overpasses- and that’s why they did the covert transfer under the bridge today. She got into her bail bondsman’s car and they transferred her into OCSO custody.

Playing various clips including Sheriff Beary who got a bit emotional- he wishes the evidence did not add up to the painfully obvious- they still haven’t achieved their primary objective- finding Caylee.

caller- strand of hair- can death band be verified? NG says problem is if there is not a root- they can only do mitochondrial DNA- he says yes – that’s not unique profile to individual. NG says it will be any maternally related individual- which would be Cindy Casey Caylee or Lee– so we know the person is dead- which one of those does it leave? He admits its very significant.

NG- where is Casey tonight? Back in her old cell block- that’s where she’ll stay until tomorrow’s first appearance. She was pulled over- taken into custody and that’s where she’ll remain. They think she will be in protective custody and isolated. Suicide watch? I don’t think she would do that- though she is a SPITEFUL B!TCH SO WHO KNOWS??

Nejame says the family has been aware of this possibility and this is only a charge- she hasn’t been convicted. Jesse Grund’s father is on the phone- saying its tought- we still love Casey- we love Caylee- hopes this will give the community a chance to calm down and realize that everyone in this case is hurting and they are all real people – including Cindy and George and Lee.

Talk of Jose having to step down- bc he doesn’t have 5 years as attny which you need in a DP case- also talk of Casey defending herself- that way the state (taxpayers) would have to foot the bill for the defense as well as all the testing. NG says this is BS basically- Jose will probably be second chair but not to Casey. I predict some fame whoring defense attny will step in pro bono for all the publicity.

Good night friend. I will watch the local news and update if there’s anything good.


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4 responses to “Nancy Grace has actual BOMBSHELLS in Casey Anthony case tonight 10/14!

  1. KJ

    October 14, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    Where is Caylee’s father in all this. I know nothing about him, I would like to know what he is doing and how he feels all about this…

  2. citizenkim

    October 14, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    HEY KJ- I agree- WHO is the father?? I think that if she knew- she would be draining him for $$$$- its just really strange that nothing has come from the potential father. There have been some statements that it was a friend of Lee’s, and that’s why she hasn’t identified the father- or that its someone she doesn’t really know- just someone she met at a party- so she doesn’t and he doesn’t really know…WHO KNOWS- I think- IF she knew- she would NOT give up the chance to get child support! She is a troll that lives under the bridge—the boggy creek one… I’m so sad!

  3. Krista

    October 15, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    According to Casey and Cindy, the father of Caylee is now deceased. Cindy has claimed that she has never met Caylees father. Casey claims the father moved away, remarried, and later was notified by his wife of his death. This after Casey claims the father and the new wife had a child and approached Casey about letting Caylee and her half-sibling meet… to which Casey declined. Now, considering no one has met Caylee’s father, except Casey, I highly doubt Casey has ever come clean about who Caylee’s father is. That’s if Casey herself even knows. But no, according to the Anthony’s : Caylee’s father is deceased. (Wow, I have too much time on my hands.)

  4. lawerance hayden

    October 20, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    why can’t somebody put the mother under hypnosis to find the true. or mybe she is covering for some one else and think’s she is safer in jail. or maybe her hole family was threatened and she was told they would all die if she said anything..


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