FBI decomposition results from Casey’s car.

24 Oct

An unusually large sample of chloroform. There was definitely a decomposing body in the trunk. OMG Jennifer Hudson’s mom and brother were killed- there’s a missing child. 😦

Mark Williams- has the FBI report–35 pages of lab reports– there was chloroform and decomposition in the trunk. There were 35 pages released about the forensic pathology.

1- there was decomp
2- the decomp was human
3- the hair belonged to either Caylee or Casey- Casey is not dead
4- they went too fast for me to get what they said…
5- no idea what they said

I’m barely listening bc I actually have a date but I made him wait till after 9pm. So far, the general gist is not looking good for Casey.

The hair belonging to either Casey or Caylee is being disputed by Kobi. Kobi is saying that the hair can be belonging to Casey or Caylee- but can’t be scientifically STATISTICALLY proven to be so. Nice try- that’s not gonna fly.

Kobi is not sure that they have eliminated the possibility of animal decomp- as opposed to human. Those DAMN squirrels!!

35 pages of damning lab reports were released today. She met w/a minister today– LP speculating that that may just be their way of getting info out and they may be speaking in code. BS!! Bless me!


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2 responses to “FBI decomposition results from Casey’s car.

  1. sheral

    October 28, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    that f–king bitch could have put that beautiful baby up for adoption ,gave her to dad or either family i’m sure.that baby loved and trusted her and depened on killed her for a night of sex with someone who does’nt like kids,but knew she had one.PLEEAASE turn the whore loose we ALL want her now,granny n papa want to defend her we’ll have them too!!!!!!!!

  2. Juls

    October 29, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    The crazy broad killed here kid. She did not want to take of baby. The grandmother to the child was probably fed up with Casey shit. Obviously all Casey wanted to do was party. She lied about any and everything she did. And yet, she has still to tell us where the baby is? Casey new when she used the credit cards her life as she new was over. Casey doesn’t care who she hurts. She thinks her shit don’t stink. Now, Casey can party like a rock star in the big house.


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