Tot Mom No longer Top Story on NG –Caylee Missing 19 wks Now! :(

27 Oct

Tot mom bombshells were not the lead tag on the Nancy Grace’s opening tonight. That’s the first time that I can recall that happening since…well, since I started watching this show anyway. I just found here that they’ve actually set a date for Casey’s trial- it’s February 9th, it will likely be relocated and it could last close to 2 weeks. I wonder where is will be? I will have to go – so hopefully it will be somewhere where I have friends or family.

They are talking about the tragic discovery of Jennifer Hudson’s nephew- found dead in an SUV, shortly after 7AM today. There are no suspects in custody right now. The 7 year old, Julian King was missing since the home invasion, last week, during which Jennifer’s mother and brother were killed. My thoughts and prayers are w/Jennifer and her family.

I can’t get involved in this tragedy when the other (Caylee) is so close to home, so unresolved and so mysterious/whacked out/crazy. I’ve been reading some about the FBI reports and there is MUCH speculation in the blogosphere as to their ultimate weight and the effect they’ll have at trial. Many are saying that they are light and use too much “inconclusive” language such as…”could be from” and “can’t be ruled out” — I think this is just typical sort of scientific speech and many are getting their panties in a wad for nothing. Let’s remember that they still call it the “theory” of evolution. There is much, much science to back it up and yet scientifically- that is still the correct terminology.

No one has visited Casey in jail yet- aside from her lawyers and their visits have been few and far between. I guess they feel like all of those marathon sessions in Jose’s office will suffice. Casey does not have to show up in court tomorrow for the scheduled arraignment, as she’s already entered a plea of not guilty. NG is breaking down the FBI results– the hair w/the death band belongs to either Casey or Caylee and Casey is not decomposed. That sounds pretty conclusive. I guess they are going to attack mitochondrial DNA– as being non-specific- it could also be Cindy or Lee. STILL there’s only one person from that group still dead. Kobi is saying there is still a statistical chance that the hair w/the death band matching Caylee belongs to someone else mDNA is not nearly as specific. That dog’s not gonna hunt at trial but it will sure be amusing to hear Jose or someone more competent spin it. There’s a statistical chance that I will win the lottery. BUT its not bloody likely!

Mark Klass is saying that this idea of a big search is half-baked. He’s saying that if 8,000 people come out for a search and Caylee is still not found by the trial date then that is going to be a major bonus for Casey at trial. Leonard is saying they are seeking bounty hunters, firefighters, law enforcement retirees and other people to be team leaders- they will then get some instruction from Equusearch and they are not worried about the potential for trampled evidence or mishandled remains and chain of custody concerns. I can see Mark’s point but I still think the search should go on. Casey is not going to talk and Caylee deserves to be found.

caller- Any idea if the car seen by the witnesses- was seen on the same day on the same road? We think they have it narrowed down to the same time period- the witnesses can’t pin down the exact dates. The guy from WDBO said they are NOT the same date. How does he know? Leonard Padilla just said he’s more concerned about the TARGET bag w/the two deodorants (I think he meant room deodorizers– like for her trunk that the dastardly squirrels ruined!) that were found wrapped up in a Target bag somewhere along the route that Casey frequented between Tony’s house and her parents. OMGWTF? Why does this person keep dropping bombshells out of no where. Its so incredibly annoying. I can’t believe he just brought that up at the end of the show and then it ended. He also casually mentioned that he thinks George Anthony KNEW that there was a body in the car on the 24th- the day of the infamous gas can incident. WTF?? NG doesn’t even call him out on that! She really needs to come out of her shell. Why does Leonard have so much information or seem to? Why does he keep dropping bits of info? Is there more to come? This case is making me crazy and I must do work to earn money!!

Oh no, how sad- the news anchor who was attacked in her home in Little Rock, Arkansas died. Anne Pressley died Saturday night in the hospital. Her parents plan to start a scholarship fund in her name and have released this statement –“Our lives will not be the same without her. We ask that you continue to pray for us as we struggle to move forward without our dear sweet daughter.” Let’s all send our thoughts and prayers to her family and other loved ones.

Oh no, a local anchor just got schooled by Joe Biden and now they’re persona non-grata w/the Obama campaign. While Elizabeth Hasselbeck (or whatever the anchorwoman’s name was) was clearly in the tank for McCain and really sounded like a middle schooler (or Jose Baez) w/her “attack” type questions- clearly worded as read from a McCain commercial transcript, RNC memo or FOX news talking sheet- Biden did a really good jog answering her questions- she just didn’t listen. I’m not sure they should have banned them– much the same way that Jose has but they did – I think they will just be more happy w/the extra attention this garners. They don’t care if you call them a tabloid station- as long as you’re talking about them.

The anchor actually asked this question:
“Are you forewarning Americans that nothing will be done and that America’s days as a leading power are over?” West asked. Biden stifled a laugh and then inquired jokingly as to authorship– she says she writes her own questions but is clear she lifts liberally from some far right wing nut balls!

Here’s what Obama’s camp had to say– “This campaign has now spanned 21 months and Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Joe and Jill Biden have done countless tough interviews and they’ve answered every single question. Let’s be clear: This station’s interview with Joe Biden wasn’t tough — it was just absurd.” I agree, but of course I’m clearly in the tank for Obama. I have read his plans and McCain’s in addition to seeing McCain’s record of voting 90% w/Bush, his anger problem and his absolute, total and complete -selling of his soul to get elected– w/his selection of Palin as a big, bright, shiny, you betcha, prime example of this. — see videos posted earlier! And here’s a funny INTERACTIVE site w/Palin as President. You click on different things in the picture and wait for the funny!


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6 responses to “Tot Mom No longer Top Story on NG –Caylee Missing 19 wks Now! :(

  1. cj

    October 27, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Oh…Padilla shouldn’t worry too much about a couple of deodorant cans in a Target bag…probably a couple of pigs working up a sweat, that’s all.

  2. Elaine

    October 27, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    Searching for a body is futile. After4 months
    at Caylee’s body weight, the most they could find would be bones and maybe some scraps of clothing.
    Personally I think Casey put her in the water,
    then there will be no trace of her. Casey is one
    cold-blooded woman. The forensics in this case
    are significant, but they wont make the case for conviction. The case will be made based upon
    Casey’s actions during the time no one saw Caylee
    again and the fact that Casey never reported her missing. Also the 5000 tips that are going to be
    released to the public soon – most were from psychics. The Anthonys have no credible evidence
    of even one sighting of Caylee. There is no evidence of a kidnapping. If Caylee is not dead or kidnapped
    then where is she? That is the case the prosecution
    will make and it will stick. Cases have been made
    with less evidence than this.

  3. janna

    October 27, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    Sarah Palin and her family donated to Equusearch when a family went missing a couple of years back. She’ll also ensure that people like Casey *never* get out of jail. Too bad you’ve got a burr up your butt about her, and you put your idealogy before your feminism.

  4. sophie

    October 28, 2008 at 5:14 am

    The funny thing I’ve noticed in working for several churches is that when they have a ‘white elephant’ sale of donated items for charity, every single church (and by this I mean the higher ups or people in charge of the sale) went through and selected their favorite donated items, took them home and sold what was left over.

    Now, I am pretty sure that the ‘charity’ that the Palin clothing is ‘donated’ to will be doing the exact same thing.

    I am quite sure that we will never see any accounting of what was purchased, and what was ‘donated’ to charity….

    Even then, there’s no way the heads of that ‘charity’ are going to give $150,000.00 worth of couture to women living in shelters trying to get back on their feet.

    Unless of course the items go up for auction.

    And then the fees by the auction house and then the overhead and bonuses, salaries etc will be paid before anything goes to where it is insinuated it will go…to those in actual need.

    Hasslebeck is a nobody from a reality show who has scratched and clawed her way to a top show without paying any dues, and now she’s just trying waaaaaaay to hard to be the possible future Vice Pres’s BFF and become as famous as she can.

    She’s no Ann Coulter.

  5. Faye McDermott

    October 28, 2008 at 6:27 am

    The search for Caylee, set to start 6th or 8th of November……… the search will be using cadaver dogs also?? I have not heard it mentioned.

  6. Tricia

    October 28, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    I read on CNN’s and channel 6 websites that Casey’s trial date is January 5.
    I agree with you about Leonard-he knows A LOT and I wish Nancy would let him talk more than she does on her show!


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