NG show bumps Caylee to the top of the show- due to Casey-Jose hugfest at the OC Jail

31 Oct

He’s been reprimanded twice. The first time- he said- oh I didn’t know the rules. (BS! It’s a JAIL!) The next time he said oop, sorry, I will make an effort to remember. Now, Jose says I hug all my clients. Jose Huggy Bear- ick. Jose implores the media as responsible journalists to explore what’s going on here– ha ha that’s a nice clip they just took of him out of context- way to go Nancy. He is so cocky w/nothing to back it up. That’s an extremely unattractive quality.

Hmm, it was a woman in Indiana who filed the report w/the FL Bar- she saw it online. It’s not ok, and I can’t believe this lawyer is saying that– at least admit that its a jail and its INAPPROPRIATE. Where’s is NG’s call screener??? GRR!!

caller- where’s the car seat? HELLOO– it was in the car w/the little doll Caylee called momma, the one which she never went anywhere w/out. BOTH of those things were sort of big points in that it looked highly suspicious – to Cindy- why those things wouldn’t be w/Caylee.

WKMG interviewed getting close to the exact spot and the exact whys…we believe we’re on the right track. They think Caylee has been moved numerous times and George said “there’s a lot more to this story than you guys can ever imagine!” Wow- I would love to hear what their theories are. Cindy said Casey would be willing to go to jail for the rest of her life to protect Caylee. I think she will never tell what she did to Caylee, in order to protect herself and in order to protect what her family, and her mother in particular thinks of her. They are speculating that its a PR strategy that the A team keeps saying we know she’s alive and we’re close to finding her. Leo P is saying that this is her strategy to get through w/life. I’m looking for this interview online– I don’t think they have it posted yet.

caller- asks could Lee have been the lookout? none of the family has been listed as a suspect. I still want to believe that they’re not involved. Cindy was just saying that she was angry about the case and that the evidence she’s seen so far is inconclusive. They’re really making it hard to believe that they’re not at least covering up- something- to some extent.

They’re talking about LE being interested in the movies that she rented the night they believe Caylee died. I posted them a while back– I’ll have to go look but I think the 2 movies were Jumper and Untraceable. I don’t really put much stock into what movies she was watching though– I imagine she just went along w/whatever darling boyfriend wanted to watch. She aims to please.

Hmm, maybe the movie was what was giving her nightmares though– WKMG is reporting this gruesome scene was in the movie Untraceable –WKMG reporter Pipitone said– “The movie shows an FBI agent being pursued by a sadistic cyber-stalker who pops the trunk of a car and is overcome by the smell of a fly-infested, rotting corpse left by the killer in the trunk of the car.” Yep that sounds like the stuff of nightmares.

Here’s a link to the 1,000s of tips that were released. They are said to be mostly psychic visions of where the body is located and not Caylee sightings.

Happy Halloween! I’m off to see the wizard.


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5 responses to “NG show bumps Caylee to the top of the show- due to Casey-Jose hugfest at the OC Jail

  1. Tricia

    October 31, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    Hello Kim-wondering where you been!
    Thanks for the update. Bozo Baez is such a slime! You are right-eww-just ewww!
    I will watch NG at 1:00. Hubby is watching The Da Vinci Code and kiddos are all wound up on Halloween candy and are watching the other TV! I am a night owl anyway!
    I was wondering have you or anyone else heard anything about any surveillance footage from the Amscot where Casey dumped the car? Maybe shows if she put anything in the dumpster by where her car was parked.

  2. cj

    November 1, 2008 at 6:25 am

    Yeah…keep us updated on what “Piss-n-Boots” Padilla has to say about life coping strategies.

  3. citizenkim

    November 3, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Hey Tricia- I’ve missed the back and forth! Work has really been cramping my style. 😉

    Yes- ewww is just what comes to mind when I think about these too. It really makes you wonder what was going on in all those visits– 30 hrs a week– that’s a lot of huggy bear.

    I haven’t heard about the Amscot footage but they are with holding some of the most damaging stuff – I think. We also haven’t heard from Annie– none of those intvs and she was her best friend! Wonder what she had to say? I heard they are going to be doing another document dump sometime this week– yea–eek!

  4. stacy

    November 4, 2008 at 7:00 am

    KIM, you’re hilarious!!!I hope work eases up on you…a day w/o your posts is a day w/o laughs!!!

    Now about the case-I’m sorry, but I think it’s weird that Caylee called her doll “mommy”….Anyone??

  5. ooopinionsss

    December 3, 2008 at 7:31 am

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!


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