Det. Yuri in Trouble over WebSleuths, Cindy Threatens WhupAss on a Blogger and Todd Black fired!

03 Nov

WFTV is reporting that the Anthony’s complained, through their attorney Mark Nejame, about Detective Yuri Melich registering and supposedly “blogging” about the case on Websleuths. I remember when he got on and registered as “Dick Tracy Orlando” – he basically just went on to thank people for their support, and for the get well wishes over his broken leg, he also asked people to pray for the Anthony family — as I recall. I’m sure he didn’t reveal anything confidential but it was probably ill-advised and I hope the whole thing blows over soon. Here’s a link.

I just found all of Dick Tracy Orlando’s Websleuth posts for you here. There’s a total of 30, it was all personal, quite sweet and of course there’s nothing about the case.

Detective Yuri Melich was reprimanded by OCSO and told to discontinue. The report said its unlikely the defense will want to make a huge deal of it bc so many of the bloggers believe Casey’s guilty. I wouldn’t put anything past Jose- I’m sure he’s salivating.

Todd Black -spokesperson for the case (or for Jose Baez at least) was fired from the Anthony case and will be replaced by another person in the PR firm. Supposedly this has nothing to do w/the “live on-air” slip he made admitting that Caylee was dead –OOPS.

Todd recently recently sent the media a fax – slamming the media –Bad Media AND TexasEquusearch –Bad Searchers. Bad media for reporting on this case w/anything but a Pro-Casey bias and Bad Tim Miller for looking for Caylee. If Caylee is found- I think that would put a serious hurt on the Anthony’s ability to raise funds for their “search” for Caylee.

You can read the fax here.

The Anthony’s had another vigil for Caylee at a local Baptist church yesterday. It didn’t look like there was much of a turnout but I stumbled across this great blog HumbleOpinion who mentioned the vigil and how there was video of Cindy getting a bit emotional when hugging a little girl close to Caylee’s age.

Its really short, shot from far away, people walk in front of the camera and there’s no audio to speak of but I think its worth a watch. It made me emotional. Cindy envelopes that little girl in her arms and you can just tell she wants to inhale her and never let her go. No matter what Cindy’s done, she lost her grand daughter and I don’t think she’s really ready to deal w/that yet- on any real level. I don’t think she had anything to do w/it, I know she’s been under tremendous stress, and I think she loved Caylee more than anything in the world. Its just so unbelievably sad! 😦 Let’s all pray that Caylee will be found soon!! I will be searching w/TexasEquusearch this wkd – if you can help w/funds or would like to volunteer –pls click on that link. I think this time they are staying until she is found.

And, now we’re back to the crazy. Does this sound like the behavior of a grieving grandmother? I just found this great site where evidently Cindy called this blogger, implied threats to her children, berated her for blogging while believing Caylee might be dead and then bonus– an ass kicking threat at the end. Here’s the link (scroll to a little past mid-way- its in blue).

Here’s just a snippet:
I told Mrs. Anthony “Cindy, God Bless you and your family.” Mrs. Anthony responded “If I only had the time to meet you face to face for what you have done with this website…I would kick your ass myself.” Mrs. Anthony then hung up.


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6 responses to “Det. Yuri in Trouble over WebSleuths, Cindy Threatens WhupAss on a Blogger and Todd Black fired!

  1. cj

    November 3, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    I can see how Cindy Anthony could jump to conclusions concerning that Website…it has a view your cart button installed. I am suspicious of the intentions of this “Justice for Caylee” site myself.

    However, that doesn’t excuse her behavior in the matter…if what the Webmaster wrote was actually true.

  2. Tricia

    November 4, 2008 at 3:57 am

    You go girl-I pray everyday Caylee will be found. I am so glad you are going to search-please keep us updated. If I lived closer I would be there, too, for I have a daughter close to Caylee’s age. I watched NG 11/3 and teared up when LP said alot of volunteers were going to be there at the new search because of her. Some people are coming as far away as Nevada and Utah-good for them! I’m sure you won’t see the Anthony’s there-they are looking for an ALIVE Caylee-yea, whatever!

  3. citizenkim

    November 4, 2008 at 11:05 am

    Hey cj- I think the cart button may just be part of a template- I know I don’t know how to change them! Whenever I click on it- I just get an error. But who knows? I do believe that they are not associated w/those protesters – is that why you’re suspicious?

    Hi Tricia- I pray for her too. I want so badly for her to be found!! It must be especially difficult w/a child Caylee’s age- I can’t imagine. The Anthony’s refused to give anything of Caylee’s for a scent last time, berated the search publicly and even accused Tim Miller of stealing and of being a drunk– their behavior towards Tim and the searchers is reprehensible! They make it difficult to maintain sympathy for them.

  4. andrew65b

    May 16, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Afternoon! I am new to these forums I hope this was the best place to say hello.
    Anyway I am just saying hi

    • citizenkim

      May 25, 2010 at 10:44 am

      Good afternoon! This was the best place to say hello!!


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