Caylee Search Updated Information.

07 Nov

Here’s the latest info for TexasEquusearchers.

Here is a map.

The search begins on Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 8:00am. The search still needs donations– they need water and funds. Pls click here if you’d like to give.

Supposedly, Cindy Anthony backed off the bitter a bit and actually met w/Tim Miller today. Let’s all send our thoughts and prayers out this wkd that Caylee will be found!

I also recently discovered the world of Murt! I’ve only been on there a couple of times but its always been really/strangely/really FUN! Its basically this super nice guy who is local, techno-savvy and following the case quite obsessively -just like us. So he sometimes drives around town showing places of interest and sometimes just sits and chats on the webcam about the case. I’m somehow drawn to it and fascinated either way. Alongside the webcam is a chat room – so the whole show is interactive- you can talk to Murt or talk to the “Murties” in the chat room.


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2 responses to “Caylee Search Updated Information.

  1. Tricia

    November 7, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    Hi Kim-thanks for the Murt link-I linked it and there was a chat going on (so fast you could hardly read it!)-I will have to check into it more later-looks pretty cool!
    So, are you going to search for Caylee tomorrow?
    I am going to listen to the George interview you linked on here-I tried to read the transscript and a lot of the other stuff on the Fox site but the type was so small (it wasn’t an Acrobat file you could zoom in on) I couldn’t hardly read it and about gave myself a headache from straining my eyes! They have told most of the juicy facts on news shows, NG, etc. Did you happen to catch NG last night? Her and Nejame got into it bigtime and LP just sat there and grinned! If you missed it you can watch it on her CNN page!

  2. citizenkim

    November 7, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Hey Tricia- yeah, the Murt site was crazy today- I’ve never seen it like that. There were a lot of rude trolls- he said he’s going to make it private next week- so that should be better- its fun! You’ll have to let me know who you are on there- cause we can have this back and forth- in a more timely manner. 😉

    I’ll be on the search tomorrow. I agree about the Fox site- they usually post things first but I can’t stand to read in that format either. I did see Nancy and Nejame get into it- I thought they were both rude! It was crazy!!


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