Live Blogging Nancy 11/7- for bombshells and some such stuff.

07 Nov

She’s playing the part of the interview w/George where he’s talking about the smell in the car…and how he doesn’t want to believe that he raised someone who could have done that to someone. Its so sad. At one point he has to leave the room and he gets physically sick. How does he go from that to all of the comments about– we know who has her- we’re watching them etc. ??!!

Nancy talking about getting sick when smelling food when she was going through her tragedy. I know her fiance was murdered right? How horrible! Wasn’t she w/him? I can’t remember the story- was it a mugging?

NG says its extremely rare that we get to hear actual police interrogations…this is an interview not an interrogation. It does seem like we are privy to an awful lot of info– I understand w/the Sunshine Law and all but…I just hope nothing comes back and allows Casey some grounds for appeal.

Wow, I hope I never have to smell a dead body. People who’ve had the experience pretty much say its indescribable– but they sure do try! Nancy and Leonard are lamenting the smell. We get it– we die, we stink. Let’s move on. Back to more of the George audio- I posted link earlier.

Now they’re playing the part about how he can’t believe she was hanging out w/this new crowd of friends at Fusion. I don’t think it was “the crowd” that took Casey down the bad path– I think she’s been making her way there for quite some time.

Talking about the search and how everyone has to wear a badge. Badges!…We don’t need no stinking badges! I apologize- that was beyond my control. She was begging for it.

NG talking about how Casey once tricked her parents into believing she had made a $4k deposit or so at some point. George said she was very good w/computers. I think they may have been a bit naive too.

George intv talking about when, after a prayer vigil, they sat down w/15- 18 friends over and they all talked about what a good mom Casey was. George said come on guys– what’s been going on the last 2 years– help us out. But most of those friends are not the ones she’s been hanging out w/lately. One of those friends said Casey had recently seemed to fall off the face of the earth. George also talking about that ladder being found attached to the pool where they NEVER left it bc Casey could climb into pool w/it. I don’t think Caylee drowned. I think maybe it was an over heat in the car and she put her in the car to cool off. If she had drowned why would Casey leave the ladder there and the gate open? Maybe she left it bc she was still in a panic and was going to rush Caylee to the hospital…then she freaked out while driving there and decided to try something else?

Those little twins are so cute- but honestly some of the pictures…they’re often blurry and some are just weird shots. Pls learn to shoot, get a better camera or at the very least —choose the best shots to air on national television. Shiny shirt- check! Color- green!

It seems like the rest of the night will be about this tragic case of this Navy dad– murdered right in front of his family. Todd Scott.

Oh yeah, talking about Casey’s attorney’s asking the prosecutors not to seek the death penalty. That was an interesting letter- I’ll have to find it and link it up. They said- she’s not dead (Caylee) BUT if she is then it was surely and accident– maybe an accidental overdose.

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