It was a sad search for Caylee today! :(

08 Nov

So I went searching for Caylee today and it was very discouraging. There were soo many swampy areas where you could easily have hidden something and even though water had receded- the vegetation was just so thick- you couldn’t even see the ground. 😦

It was so exciting at first to turn down the street and see that long line of brake lights lighting up the lane backed up almost all the way to the light. So many cars that traffic was jammed up just trying to coordinate parking and already a huge field is so filled w/cars they’re spilling into the ditches.

I still haven’t heard what the turn out was but it seemed massive and (I hate to say it but) actually a bit disorganized. We got there at 8AM and didn’t get out to start searching till about 10AM. I met Leonard Padilla and Rob Dick– they were so nice- they gave me their business cards-they’re like baseball trading cards- cute. I will scan them later and post- I’m too exhausted now. I’m going to try to set up an interview w/them before they leave. They said they’d be willing to so…keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh, I also met Murt- soo cool! He’s going to grant me a sit down too! So I’ll shoot the video and post here next week. If you have any questions you’d like to ask– let me know!

Mark Nejame was there- I saw him wandering about. I did actually feel really sad for the Anthony’s all day. No matter what they’ve done — and granted, they have some real likability issues — just try to put yourself in their shoes today. At any moment the TV stations could break in and announce that the remains of a child were found. Actual identification will take a while but that’s not sweetening the deal IMO.

So thousands of people have turned up w/large sticks in order to poke at the ground while looking for your precious grand daughter’s remains..they’re organizing the areas based on your daughter’s cell phone activity in the area and BONUS most of the thousands are convinced your daughter murdered your grand daughter! It’s unimaginable. Let’s all keep them in our thoughts and prayers– and Caylee most of all!!

I’m worried. I’m worried we won’t find her and I’m worried that that will drive Cindy even further over the edge– she will be even more convinced that Casey’s tales are true! And that’s not doing anyone any good- especially Caylee. I’m convinced that Casey needs to have Cindy confront her – say I know she’s gone, I’ll believe it was an accident and I absolutely forgive you! Just tell us where she is!!

I’m not sure it would have any effect on Casey now but I think it might have in the beginning–before Baez began blowing sunshine up Casey’s ass. Instead– according to Casey in one of those first interviews – I think it was the one at Universal? Casey says something like– My mom already said that she could NEVER forgive me and you know what I could never forgive myself…something like that. I’ll look for the link. Instead, Cindy extracted an iron clad promise from Casey — that she would NEVER put them through this torture— so now Casey has NO incentive to tell. There’s nothing in it for her except bad news- harsher sentence, zero family and BONUS the whole world gets to say I TOLD YOU SO— We knew you were a SPITEFUL (murdering) B!TCH!

So what do you think?


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6 responses to “It was a sad search for Caylee today! :(

  1. Eric Lee

    November 8, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

  2. Jen

    November 8, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Did you guys search where those guys that were walking down the side of the road said they saw Casey with a shovel walking out of the woods & a lookout guy pretending he was fishing?
    Oh, this is so freaking frustrating! Are there alligators around that could have gotten her? I wish I could be there to search too but I’m broke & in NJ unfortunately. I feel so let down & out of hope of anyone ever finding her b/c I really thought w/ that many volenteers she’d be found by now…plus they probably had you guys searching in the “most likely” places the body would be today, right?
    You know, since Casey was thrown in jail I’ve had this feeling that Lee (or one of Caseys friends/ boyfriends) went & moved the body. Doesn’t Leonard Padilla suspect that at all? I;m very suspicous of Lee. I think Casey confided in him…I really do & it’s mostly b/c George, the father said in one of his interviews that if Casey were to talk to anyone in their family about it it would be Lee since they’re so close. Plus it doesn’t help that he wont take a lie detector test. Jen

  3. citizenkim

    November 8, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Hey Jen- I will have to find out if they covered that area– I’m curious myself but SURELY they did! I’m sure we were searching in the high priority places. 😦

    I know how you feel but I’m trying to remain hopeful. I’m also trying really hard not to think the A team is involved but…now that you mention it… Lee sure has been scarce and not taking that polygraph sure does seem sketch. Why would he refuse?? Oh and lest we forget– refused to give DNA too- made them get a subpoena. WTH?

  4. Rebecca

    November 8, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    In the beginning, Lee was in front of the Media, defending Casey, and no one has seen him for weeks. I think when Casey had gotten released from jail, she had confided in him. That’s why he doesn’t talk to the Media anymore. He knows what Casey did, and to be put in front of the Media knowing the truth, he probably will feel like a complete jerk.
    Good Luck in finding Caylee- it’s so sad, but everyone is praying you find her and bring closure to the world, and Casey can start paying for her horrible crime!

  5. citizenkim

    November 8, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Rebecca–thank you– I know! I was actually on his side at first. When during that first call home from jail where Casey was being such a spiteful b!tch–Lee seemed to be the ONLY one w/a BS detector. He was all…you might as well go ahead and tell us…its going to come out…we’re going to find out!

    I don’t know what happened. And I realllllly don’t want to accuse anyone of anything so heinous but…I think he may have lost his taste for the kool-aid. Let’s hope and pray! I’m curious as to why– no further intv’s w/him were released? Were there no more or were they too incriminating and thus exempt from Sunshine Law. I mean the very fact that we haven’t seen a single transcript or intv from Annie–Casey’s BFF– makes me hopeful that its evidentiary and it makes me hopeful (I’m the eternal optimist) that Lee has smelled the coffee– and left the dark side = thus we don’t get to hear those intv. AND he would certainly be persona non grata at the A team home.

  6. whichferret

    November 9, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    I am glad you got to do something. It always helps to actually be a part of something instead of just watching it. Even if it is a while before we know what happened(any of what we learn), you can know that you were a part of finding the truth. You can point to all of what you have done. You have gone and searched and you have also kept many of us informed who don’t have time to keep up with this. I know I find your summaries very helpful. I will keep a candle burning for you my friend *hugs*


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