Cindy and George show up at the Park- want to stop tomorrow’s memorial!

10 Nov

So there were two divers searching the Econ river for Caylee today and so far nothing has been found. I interviewed several people at the scene and will post video later. Leonard outlined his theory for me– he’s convinced that Casey put Caylee in the water there and is holding a memorial for Caylee tomorrow at 9AM in the park. He said that everyone needs a chance to say goodbye and though Caylee may never be found at least the service would provide some type of closure.

As we’re sitting there talking- someone comes running up saying that George is here and wants to talk to Leonard. Of course mass chaos ensues and I follow him over along w/a huge media scrum as they walk away to talk in “private.” Cindy was there too and of course people started yelling at her and she engages w/them. It was just an ugly scene. Leonard yelled at the crowd to stop– threatening to never give interviews again. George and Cindy were there to tell Leonard not to hold the memorial service and said that they will have their attorney Mark Nejame- file a legal motion to stop it. I’m not sure what they’re thinking there- bc they have no right to do that. Leonard seemed unconcerned and said– well that’s just typical Cindy, she thinks she rules the world.

Murt was kind enough to share his story w/me and we had a chance to hang out most of the day. He’s so cool! Today he had a passenger in the Murt mobile, in addition to the almost 3,000 ustreamers on the webchat, he brought along Lois. Lois is the grandmother/guardian of Dakota the little 12 year old girl who was so affected by the Caylee case– she organized a vigil for Caylee and became involved w/the Anthony family. When Casey got out of jail she began writing to Dakota and said she loved her and wanted her to come over for a sleep – over. She made a bracelet for the little girl and mailed it to her w/a note- (link later). Jose, heard about that and nixed it. Casey – under conditions of her release was not to have contact w/minors- if I recall correctly.

Anyway, when the DNA results came out about decomposition in the trunk– Dakota was extremely distraught and had to be hospitalized. She believe w/all her heart that Caylee is alive and is having a really hard time dealing w/the case. Lois eventually asked Cindy to stop communicating w/the child and had to keep asking bc Cindy kept writing. Lois tried to get the court to intervene and ask Cindy to leave the girl alone but the judge said there’s nothing to be done- the child was not in danger.

The bracelet Casey made w/beads for Dakota was supposedly not similar to the one found at the park. I showed her a picture of the cross w/beads found at the park– which prompted this search today and she said the beads were not similar she didn’t recognize them.


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10 responses to “Cindy and George show up at the Park- want to stop tomorrow’s memorial!

  1. TAS

    November 10, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    Padila is taking it to far now thats not his place in regards the memorial!

  2. daliagirl

    November 10, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    It’s simple. How would you like it if someone took it into their heads to have a memorials for a member of your family, with you having no sayso in the matter?

    You wouldn’t.

  3. Rey

    November 10, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    When Caylee was reported missing, she became everyone’s business. She belongs to everyone who has ever had a missing child, or a child at all. She belongs to LE, and Tim Miller, and Padilla and all the searchers. She belongs to everyone who have shed tears for her and prayed for her. And yes, she belongs to George and Cindy too. But, they have got to realize that we citizens have a right and obligation to look for this child! We have a right to mourn her any way we see fit. There are many people that are emotionally devastated by this and the Anthony’s don’t have the monopoly on grief and suffering. I understand their pain but I don’t understand many of their actions.

  4. citizenkim

    November 10, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    Hi TAS and daliagirl! I guess you are right — maybe its not his place to do that, but I do feel like its coming from a good place. There are soo many people who are just devastated and yet have accepted the FBI’s word that the forensics say she’s gone- he’s trying to provide some sense of peace so that people can move on. I don’t know– its all just so unbelievably sad. I wish that we could have found Caylee this wkd. 😦

  5. Pball

    November 10, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    I agree, i feel that we have a right to mourn for the little girl that everyone has fallen in love with, it seems as though everyone in her family are so concerned about Casey that they have forgotten about Caylee and her rights, it seems to me that someone has to focus on that little baby and show her that we care, why would the Anthonys be so against a memorial service for her? Of course we know they don’t make sense, but really why be against a memorial service for her, i think it comes from everyones heart, makes me wonder if they really do care anything about Caylee at all.

  6. toni

    November 11, 2008 at 12:12 am

    If my grand son were missing, I would be begging for viewers to call in tips , putting the phone numbers on the screen, reminding people of the reward. You couldnt get me to shut up about it. This is all about Casey at this point. Saving her from lethal injection. Why arent they organizing searchs in Puerto rico and texas etc etc etc… The media frezy around her house, I dont know, maybe if people were outside my home protesting, I might stay inside… Not come out after midnight to hammer yellow tape around my yard and be confronted/ alot of this they have caused themselves.

  7. chris

    November 11, 2008 at 6:57 am

    Come on people,someone has to give a damn about this little girl, her family sure doesn’t!!! I applaud you for standing up for her!!! As for the grandma, I’d keep her as far away from children as possible! /what’s the matter with her? Leave the little 12 year old girl alone she doesn’t know that there are such monsters in the world,she only reads about them!!! I would like to know why she thinks that she’s so much above the law is it b/c the grampa was a cop?? Go figure!!!!!!!!!

  8. Robin

    November 11, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    If Cindy thinks that Caylee is alive, Why then does she not use the Media to her advantage? I never see her or George pleading with Kidnappers, Babysitters… Nope never, Not even a description of what she was last seen wearing. I never hear them offering rewards..Hell I would offer my home, my cars ,my life! But I never hear those words. I would be broken, Crying and begging to anyone that would listen. and Cindy whines that no one is searing for Caylee… Well I don’t see her searching, Just complaining! oh she has plenty of prayer vigils , But where is her effort on a true Physical search weather she believes Caylee is dead or alive? I just don’t see the effort coming from the Anthony’s at all.

    Sweet Caylee, rest little one and find your peace with God.

  9. stacy

    November 29, 2008 at 1:18 am

    wheres caylee i watch it all the time and i watched it today and it all matches up that the mother did it there is neck breaking and everything like that was on their home computer and they searched it and they found bag of bones and toys with bricks holding them down and the family cares less it all adds up that the mother did it she doesnt wanna help search for caylee and everything it would be a fricken miracle to find missing children alive and im just hoping this little girl is still alive it wont happen but i am praying for a miracle that she will be found alive like seriously the family doesnt even care i mean i care about missing children like they are basicaly my own kids and family but im only 14 and dont have kids soo yeahh and it makes me upset when kids are missing cause they dont get a chance to live their life and its sadd and makes me wanna cry

  10. AnotherVoice

    December 17, 2008 at 9:04 am

    Lois continues to allow Dakota to be involved with the seamier side of this case… in Murt’s chat, Lois told his veiwers that if they IDed the remains, to please come pick her up at school. She was also allowed to be in Murt’s R rated chat and licked a candy cane suggestively on camera. Any time one of the other viewers protested about allowing this, a moderator promptly booted them out of the chat.

    Murt DID turn this into a business… he’s filed for a business liscense. So it’s not his “hobby”, it’s now his job. There are many MORE lies about this man and Lois and more… go to and see for yourself.


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