Bag found w/bones and toys– weighted down w/bricks!

13 Nov

Wow- its on every station now. It was a garbage bag, weighted down w/ red bricks and there were toys and bones in it too. The FBI is on the scene and OCSO forensics unit just arrived.

Here’s a local 6 news link.

I guess I’m going to head over there- yikes.

Well John Allen, the lead investigator is leaving now so…I think that means there is nothing of evidentiary value. He did not make any comments and said this is not a crime scene– the Local6 reporter said that there was a smirk on his face when he said –I didn’t find anything, Leonard Padilla found something and we are not calling OCSO divers out here. Read into that what you will. It looks like this is not of any importance to Caylee’s case.

OCSO just confirmed to WESH 2 news that the bag is of no evidentiary value.

I’m not going out there now. I think its clear that OCSO is not taking this seriously. Fox news is reporting that OCSO would like for Leonard Padilla to take a polygraph. WTF? Why would they want to poly him? He has agreed to it and said he had no problem apparently but I don’t understand why they would want to do that. Maybe to get KidFinders to stop accusing him of things? The guy that was so obnoxious to the camera man when George and Cindy were at the park the other day was the leader of KidFinders– he seemed really special. Here’s the video from CH9 — I still haven’t loaded mine. The KidFinder jerk is the guy in the blue shirt who starts up around the 1:40 min mark.

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