Dive Team Searching the Econ again for Caylee!

13 Nov

I just heard from Murt’s site that they are roping the area of the river near the culvert off bc they are pulling something out of the water. I don’t know what it is and I’m sure if it was something important Law Enforcement would be called.

Earlier there was a shamrock toy found in the river. Casey has a shamrock tattoo and there was a shamrock sticker on the back of her car. WFTV is reporting that it was a bag of toys? I’ll update when I hear.

Leonard Padilla is still determined to find Caylee in the Econ River at Jay Blanchard Park. He contacted Black Water Divers who agreed to come out and search today. They expect up to 40 divers and plan to search all day hoping to cover up to a mile of the river. So far there are about a dozen divers in the water and more are coming in.

Someone from the FL Wildlife Fish and Game Commission is coming out to consult as to reports of Turkey Buzzards who were swarming a certain area yesterday. The speculation (disgusting as it is) is that the divers stirred something up and the birds were feeding on it.

Murt of MurtWitnessOne is on the scene and you can get a live peek at the activity here. He’s been hacked so you’ll have to go to the chat and then read instructions — I think you have to open a separate window for video.

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