Leonard Padilla just got into Orange County Sheriff’s Car.

13 Nov

He got into the front seat. It appears as if he is just filling out a witness statement. But people were applauding for some reason when he got into the car.

OCSO stated earlier today that they wanted him to take a polygraph. He agreed and when reporters asked if he was insulted he said– absolutely not. OCSO did take those bone fragments into evidence but said that they don’t believe its related to the Caylee case. Its typical to have to fill out a statement when you call LE out to the scene. The car is pulling away– I think just to get away from reporters.

Reporters found Cindy Anthony earlier today and told her about the bag of bones found…she had no reaction. She laughed and said Caylee never had a clover toy — Casey liked clovers. I think she was somewhere w/KidFinders soliciting funds for their “search” for Caylee. When they later went back and told her OCSO said that the bones were not related– still no reaction. She just said I’m not concerned about what they’re doing out there I’m concerned about what we’re doing here and the people need to keep Caylee’s picture out there and look for her at Kmart or McDonalds or the grocery store etc. Supposedly today the latest Caylee sighting fueling her denial was a sighting at a McDonald’s in Coral Springs. The toddler was w/a man and they got the tag number so authorities are investigating.

They’ve already issued a press release OCSO has, saying the find was not related to the case. I wonder how they can be so confident so quickly? They issued it but haven’t posted it to their Caylee update site though.

Here’s a live update from the Sheriff’s Office. I’ll summarize as I watch. Apparently OCSO is a bit miffed that the media was notified so contemporaneously along w/Law Enforcement– that’s actually what he said. He’s not really saying why they want Leonard to take a poly. The media was already there– they saw something happen– they weren’t notified and then arrived on the scene. He says their forensic investigator saw no bones and OCSO did NOT retain any of that evidence. OCSO is saying that park belongs to Orange County– it sounds like they may want to kick Leonard out of the park.

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One response to “Leonard Padilla just got into Orange County Sheriff’s Car.

  1. Pam B

    December 15, 2008 at 4:02 am

    There was a girl named Casey
    Who was a little tramp
    She laid on her back so much
    They used her as a ramp

    Her mother was a crazy
    Who lied just like a rug
    So Casey was a lazy, fibbing tramping, thieving slug

    The father was a loser
    Who’s balls were amputated
    His daughter was a boozer
    Who told stories fabricated

    The brother disappeared
    And may have been conspiratorial
    But then he showed us who he was
    By removing Caylee’s memorial

    All these people didn’t deserve
    An angel they called Caylee
    They fought and screamed and acted like fools
    Behaviors she saw daily

    But now the world will never know
    The person she would be
    Her mother was a selfish slut
    And HELL she’s sure to see!

    (Obviously I have too much time on my hands)


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