Shamrock charm- pic of Casey– Cindy and George on Nancy tomorrow–WTF?.

13 Nov

Here’s a picture someone found of Casey wearing a Shamrock charm— I don’t think its similar to the one that was found in the Econ River today- but she’s wearing a shamrock and the picture makes her look appropriately evil. OK– Murt just confirmed that the shamrock found in the bag WAS similar to the one in this picture– It looks like a match in his words!!

Casey wearing a Shamrock Charm.

Casey wearing a Shamrock Charm.

Cindy says about the bag discovered — until I hear from authorities that its Caylee they found- its just a bag of…whatever. I’m sorry, but how could you not just be home curled up in a ball– worrying that they are going to find your precious Caylee. She is so far in denial– I just can’t understand it. You don’t KNOW where she is so wouldn’t you be terrified and just on pins and needles all day?? I know that I was and I’m not related!

How do they know that Caylee wasn’t killed by a kidnapper IF there was one? They DON’T know that– Casey was supposedly so terrified that she didn’t call authorities– why is she convinced that Caylee is safe w/these people now? It just doesn’t make any sense and I hope that Nancy– when she interviews George and Cindy Anthony tomorrow– asks them the important questions. Like, why haven’t you released a sketch?? The toddler is not traveling alone– WHO was Caylee last seen with? IF your daughter is to be believed AT ALL then she dropped Caylee w/someone she knew– let’s have a description– they didn’t travel around w/invisibility.

Also, pls ask, — WHY haven’t you guys ever ONCE looked into the camera and spoken to Caylee or her kidnappers? I have NEVER seen them say– Caylee honey, we love you and we are looking for you…we want you to come home! OR – Pls whoever has Caylee- pls let her come home to us– we love her and can’t go on w/out her. Pls drop her off at a fire station or where ever– we will forgive you –we just want Caylee home. They could even go so far as to give them an out like…we don’t care if there was something that Casey was involved in and you are or thought you were protecting Caylee or Casey from something— we DON’T CARE– just bring Caylee home and you will get the reward. We will make sure you do!! That’s just the least of what I would be doing.

Tim said some really ugly things about Leonard Padilla tonight (and previously) on Nancy Grace…I don’t even want to talk about it. But I don’t understand it. Why the mud slinging? Let’s search EVERYWHERE 50 times if we have to!! And btw Tim– would you have seen that bag full of bones and toys in the river w/your side sonar? I guess not.

I don’t understand how LE could dismiss it so quickly? Do they know something that lets them know she’s not in that river? And WHY can’t they just state definitively that Caylee is dead??? Why can’t they provide that closure? I think that everyone NEEDS to move on w/that information– to the common goal of finding out what happened to Caylee and lets bring that precious girl home!! Mad and sad.

Oh- I just wanted to post this too bc its seems so appropriate. Reportedly, Casey was out of her cell for her one hour of the day and was able to see the TV of the diver’s recovery–BEFORE it was known to be unrelated to the case!! And her reaction? …was Nil nada nothing– she just turned around and wen back in her cell. What does that mean? She’s so psycho its hard to say but it makes me think she knows they won’t find her there and I’m worried more than ever that she put her in a dumpster. THAT is why she is so ADAMANT that she doesn’t know where she is…she could be anywhere in that landfill and Casey probably could pass that question on a poly— I don’t know where she is!!! So, anyway, this was on her computer– she saved it for her facebook or myspace– the file was last accessed on 7/11– just a few days before the fit hit the shan!

Words of comfort for Casey?

Words of comfort for Casey?


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16 responses to “Shamrock charm- pic of Casey– Cindy and George on Nancy tomorrow–WTF?.

  1. Bill

    November 14, 2008 at 7:06 am

    OCSO dismisses the find. Maybe they more than they let on, possibly even knowing that the remains will never be recovered, or the most likely place that they are located at (possibly a land fill). I can’t believe they would not search any valid reports or places. They want and need to recover the body.

    Tim Miller states that Leonard Padilla talked about how much money they could make, while requesting help with divers. When asked for a reply, Padilla never denies the money comment.
    Just a guess; will Leonard Padilla be the first out with an “insider” book? I thought he was way out of line helping the family then turning on them. Ethically, he should have walked away after deciding Casey wasn’t cooperating with him.

    AND… NG registers an 8.5 on the rude and obnoxious meter. I can’t believe how she treats people when she doesn’t get the answer she wants. It’s hard to believe she is an attorney. Did she get her degree at Walmart?

  2. Rebecca

    November 14, 2008 at 8:21 am

    I’ve been wondering since day 1- as you said-why no sketch from the family? The police feel there is no nanny, but as much as Cindy has been on camera, why hasn’t she got the information from Casey and given the media a sketch? I, too, have been wondering why the Anthonys have not gone on tv- everyday if they have to- pleading with someone to bring Caylee home. I just don’t understand it either. They have been on news shows, saying Caylee is alive- someone has her- then why aren’t you pleading them to bring her home? I would be on tv bawling my eyes out asking them to bring her home everyday if that was me! I also think Casey reacted that way when she saw the tv, because she knew Caylee wasn’t in the river. I’ve thought practically since day 1, that Caylee was put under that new slab the Anthonys put down in their back yard July 4th weekend. If they dig up the slab, they may find her. Casey always says- I feel Caylee is near, I feel she is close to home- maybe she’s closer than anyone realizes! Just my thoughts!

  3. stacy

    November 14, 2008 at 8:31 am

    Rebecca, I think they’ve already done a thorough search of the Anthonys’ yard….Maybe, the body was put there temporarily, but I’m pretty sure it’s not there now…..KIM- your thoughts???

  4. pak31

    November 14, 2008 at 8:42 am

    Wow. Where do I start?? In response to Bill’s comment about the money they could make. I guess I don’t understand, if this case is all about Caylee, then why are people dwelling so much on what Tim or Leonard says about this or that, or if Tim digs here or Leonard dives there. Who Cares!!!! Why are people so focused on the soap opera drama around this case instead of Caylee?? No one is perfect and we could sit here and report about what Padilla had for lunch or what time Tim Miller goes to bed, and we could pick apart every detail of what each man said to whom, etc. But at the end of the day none of that has any relevance to finding Caylee. Okay, so there is a love-hate(mostly hate)relationship between Tim and LP. Who cares. Tim Miller, seems to keep bashing LP on national t.v. where LP usually says kind words. Not that it makes anyone worse or better but we don’t need this thrown into the mix. They should solve their differences privately and leave us out of it. Tim can let it be known that he doesn’t like LP but leave it at that. This case has brought out the best and worst in people.

  5. pak31

    November 14, 2008 at 8:50 am

    I decided to put my thoughts in two posts. In regard to Cindy. I 100% completely agree with you. It’s like she just sits around and waits for America to call her with sightings. That is it. Let me tell you, I was watching the live feed of the search yesterday and as soon as they pulled that bag out of the water and you knew something was going on, my heart sank, and it’s not even someone I know. The first thing I thought of was Cindy, then someone said that the Anthony’s were on their way(but that was false) and all I could think of was the emotional state that she must have been in at the moment they told her they found something. Then I see her being interviewed about it and the newest Caylee sighting, and she’s all cheery and happy and positive that it isn’t anything. Then she says “let’s let LE handle it and they’ll tell me if its anything”. WHAT?? That was not the real Cindy, I thought she didn’ t care for LE. How is she so certain it’s nothing. That is not normal. I also thought the same thing that NG said, and I was glad she brought it up, but how do the Anthonys know that if Zanny kidnapped her that she didn’t “get rid of her”? They don’t know that. Cindy keeps saying she’s alive because of all the sightings, but none of the sightings has been Caylee so that makes no sense either. I can’t stand those attorneys NG has on either. I know they try to keep a middle of the road opinion but that one said something like, “they knew it wasn’t Caylee because they feel she’s alive”. So if you feel someone is alive, they are? Ridiculous.

  6. moniquerecker

    November 14, 2008 at 9:24 am

    I have been watching this mess from the begining. My freind and I call about everymornng.we are both grandma’s.and if we did’nt heir from our kid or grandchild for 31 day’s,we would not being just sitting around. Cindy is just covering her a butt,because she has told so many lies also. If you go back she to all the stories she has told she sound just as nut’s as her daugher. and I beleive that Lee is in this mess too.

  7. moniquerecker

    November 14, 2008 at 9:33 am

    I just Padilla to keep doing what he is doing.thank you padilla you are the man. that family is nut’s.and I do beleive that if Cindy got in my face Iwould have slap that s—,right out of her.casey need’s to be but with the other people in jail.someone please let me know why she has her own little room. when she is a baby killer.andsome of the people are in their for just traffic stuff.

    orange park fl.

  8. Bill

    November 14, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    In response to pak31: LP seems to have an agenda, and now I wonder if it’s just to make money. Is he helping? He is constantly throwing out information and insights that keep him in the public eye, and I still have questions about the ethics of his discussing matters that occurred while he was employed by the Anthonys (yes, employed, they were paying his nephew for a service). It must be great (and cost effective) to have the Nancy Grace show for your PR agent. But if I ever needed bail, I wouldn’t go to him!
    Caylee will be found when Casey decides to confess. but her attorney really can’t allow that to happen unless they come to some sort of plea deal.
    Let’s hope Tim Miller gets lucky and finds Caylee.

    Moniquerecker I agree with you about the family, but just what has Padilla done? He needs to butt out. NG will find someone to replace him as a filler.

  9. citizenkim

    November 14, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    Hey Bill! I wondered too about OCSO being able to dismiss so quickly. I’m sure they know much more than they’re letting on but…do they know where Caylee is? Even if what they saw wasn’t bones– bones still may have been there and what about the toys? I don’t get it! As to Tim– I don’t know why he had to get so rude and Padilla- didn’t address it but was going to and NG cut him off or did he just not want to get down in the mud? Who knows? And yes Nancy is definitely special- but I like that she’s keeping this story alive– feeding my addiction.

    Hi Rebecca– Yep Casey knows where she is- I don’t think she will ever tell. The slab was not really a concrete slab they just put down pavers. So I don’t think anything is in the yard. I don’t think Casey would do the work to dig a hole like that.

    Hi Stacy– yep we agree on this. I don’t think she’s back there- I think Casey thought about it and her body was there at some point but who knows where she is now?

  10. citizenkim

    November 14, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    Hi Pak31– I so agree about the infighting! I don’t understand why Tim would have a problem w/Leonard doing a more thorough search– he didn’t find that bag of toys. And you’re right on about the ridiculousness that is Cindy. I still have such sympathy for them but I just don’t understand. They don’t know that the imaginary nanny or the “kidnappers” didn’t kill Caylee. And BTW — If you had the most popular toddler in the country– one who’s been getting unprecedented national TV coverage– would you just casually trot her out to McDonald’s or Kmart. And I can’t even talk about the sketch thing– that’s my button. It makes me so angry and I really hope Nancy brings it up tonight. I’m going to email her — I think we all should– ASK WHY NO SKETCH! They can’t possibly have a good answer for that!!

    Hi moniquerecker! Right on- no normal person would wait that long to contact authorities about their baby. And IF she didn’t do it bc she was scared for Caylee- then why let Cindy do it? Why not say ok mom- don’t call 911…here’s what happened. And yes– Casey and Cindy are the perfect illustration of the nut not falling far from the tree. They give nuts a bad name! Padilla seems really nice and I can’t imagine he said that to Tim. I hope NG lets him address that again- If he wants to.

    Bill- I think Padilla’s agenda is to find the baby AND he is definitely not camera shy- but then neither was Tim when he was searching. I don’t agree w/everything he does and certainly not everything he says but why is it harmful to search that river more thoroughly? I’m just thankful to anyone who is searching for Caylee bc I don’t think her mom will ever tell us what she did w/her. 😦 Let’s hope someone–anyone gets lucky and finds Caylee.

  11. eletha

    November 14, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    it is so sad that LP and TM are not hitting it off so well………LP is a bountyhunter and at least he is making an effort to look for her and spend his own money in the process……I respect him but I also respect TM as well……..Maybe LP should call in the DOG…..bountyhunter……..he said that he had some other BHs helping with the search………Cindy is whacked………if the authorities want LP to take a lie detector test then TM and George & Cynthia should as well………..and Lee…… what if LP gets a little glory for his actions……he seems to be the only one that is attempting to search……..If Cynthia thinks she is in PR or TX or some other place besides Orlando, why doesn’t she travel to those places like Beth Holloway did when she was searching for the truth about her missing daughter………….there is an old saying….give somebody enough rope and they will hang themselves………it seems that is what the investigators are doing now……..Casey should stay in jail……..she should get the death penalty regardless of if they find anything left of little Caylee or not………she should get the needle……..I think if she was in general prison population, she’d have the hell beat out of her ass by now………….maybe somebody should ruff her up a little bit…….make her crack…….she sure didn’t have any mercy for her own flesh & blood…….I think she put her in a dumpster for the landfill or she fed her body to the alligators……..she is that cold blooded.

  12. Bill

    November 14, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    I have a back ground in law enforcement.
    If OCSO dismisses the find, there is a valid reason. I’m sure they know more than has been released, and it’s important not to release everything from an investigators standpoint.
    I hope they find the body soon, and hope this will bring closure to the Anthony family. They deserve to know what happened, and everyone needs to realize they are victims of an event they had no control over.

  13. Jinx

    November 14, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Just wondering why the Anthonys werent on NG tonight.

  14. thinkingoutsidethecircle

    November 15, 2008 at 10:27 am

    I wonder when that picture was taken, and from where it came?

  15. ghezelle

    December 2, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    The Anthony family isn’t the least bit greatful that Paddy bailed out thier daughter .. probably twice…and allowed them to at least have her home with them possibly for the the last time. I suppose the greatful part will not come to light until they realize it was the last time, Since Lee no longer lives there, and Casey has moved out for good … Once it is all said and done, it is going to be a quiet place,
    and Cindy will have plenty of time to review every ” cameo” she and her family have had,.
    and when she has to see that baby’s room, and she can hear Casey’s lies over and over in her head as she finally has no choice but to deal with the consequenses of raising a child without teaching her consequences. If she had been a little more real ,, like the first day she called 911, we all would feel sure your kid can betray you, and yes you can still love them, but you don’t let them think its ok..
    Cindy has definatly had a rough go of things,
    but she needs to learn that lies do nothing but destroy. Cindy seems to mother with a love hate approach, instead of teaching and demanding respect, she lashed out with horrible comments that remained under the surface,
    If casey used that computer to steal from her, and from others, why did she not keep it locked in her room,, You know casey didnt pay for it, She abused the privelege of using it.
    Letting her keep it allowed her to venture into a place she probably was at the very moment Caylee went swimming alone.

  16. AnotherVoice

    December 17, 2008 at 8:51 am

    Murt lied. There was no shamrock charm found at that location. Go to for more about Mr. Murt.


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