Casey’s car being inspected by Dr. Henry Lee.

14 Nov

So I guess Dr. Lee is part of the defense team now. They were allowed to take pictures but were not able to touch anything. They had access to the forensic tests but were not allowed to do their own testing. WFTV is reporting. They said that the car still smells of death. Dr. Lee was the one who spit ketchup in the courtroom to demonstrate blood spatter in the Michael Peterson trial— the staircase murder.

Also, bonus– Jose and Casey are actually counter suing Zenaida Gonzales saying that her suit against Casey for defamation of character is frivolous and publicity seeking and that Zenaida is just after the money. Link.

Leonard Padilla and the Blackwater Divers were searching the Econ River all day again today. They will not search this wkd bc the park is usually really busy over the wkd. It is said that they are expected to return Monday. Leonard will likely be in town another week– he still has to take the polygraph that OCSO has asked for. I guess they are accusing him of planting evidence in the case. I think that’s ridiculous– that bag had obviously been in there for a long time and what would Leonard have to gain from that?

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One response to “Casey’s car being inspected by Dr. Henry Lee.

  1. whichferret

    November 16, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    How did the interview on Nancy Grace go? I did not get to watch. I really do have to get my updates from you. Hubby does not really go for this stuff, so I don’t watch it on tv…but I do come to you. 🙂

    I hope they find something soon…for all of us. But for you especially. I know you could use a break. For now I will send a *HUG*


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