Casey finally tells the truth– “I’m the dumbest person and the worst mother!”

26 Nov

Live blogging Nancy’s show– obsession back in full force. Shiny shirt is off tonight and Mike Brooks is filling in. I can’t believe shiny shirt wouldn’t be here for the actual bombshells and breaking news. The neck breaking search is just heart breaking. The searches were done on the Anthony home computer. Cindy was at work but George was unemployed. I’m sure that they could further narrow it down by emails sent during the time period, IM’s sent during that same time or maybe the infamous cell phone pings. The computer evidently had a sign in for the family which was password casa de anthony (or something like that) and Casey had a separate one which at one time was Rico (for boyfriend flavor of the moment Ricardo) but the most recent one was timer55.

Talking to computer experts about the family being smart enough to delete possibly incriminating searches– I think they’re over estimating the internet computer savvy of that family– Casey included. They just showed a list of other sex related searches– some speculate that this was George but I think that was Casey searching for a new profession and she planned to vanish herself.

caller– question about the hairbrush and washing the “jeans” – Talking about Cindy and her powers of self delusion. They are saying that she never cooperated w/handing over the pants and they had to get a search warrant to get them even after Cindy laundered them. That’s news to me – I thought she’d been offering them up and they never picked them up? Who knows– now everything that comes out of Cindy’s mouth is suspect. It took me a long time to get there (I went kicking and screaming) but now– I have to seriously question her motives and agenda w/every move she has made.

Cindy is claiming that she told authorities that the hairbrush that she provided was used by both Caylee and Casey– that’s absolute BS– the authorities would have immediately said– no give us the one that was used by just Caylee. The unleashed attorney’s are saying that its unlikely Cindy will be charged w/obstruction– oh wait the other attorney- Renee is saying she wouldn’t be surprised if they charge Cindy w/something. Mike is saying of the Anthony’s–why not take the polygraph? Well I think its clear now why they don’t want to take a polygraph… that machine will tell us when they are lying. That’s a more sophisticated technique than the one that I’m now employing on Cindy– a very simple test to tell if she’s lying– are her lips moving?

March 22- googling neck breaking, household weapons, how to make chloroform, missing children. I wonder if this is the time period in which the Puerto Rico trip was being planned? I think she knew her mother wouldn’t babysit and fund a trip such as that so Caylee was really cramping her style. Maybe she thought about getting rid of Caylee way back then and thought that by June her family would say– oh poor Casey– you lost your daughter– you deserve to get away w/your friends– go to Puerto Rico.

Cindy is trying to explain George’s honest interview w/the FBI (the recent tapes released) by saying that he was in shock and when you’re in shock your mind doesn’t work the way you want it to.

The email from Cindy’s brother is priceless– he’s obviously been trying to give the family especially Cindy a reality check by saying such things as– Has anyone seen the friggin babysitter…if you can’t answer me that then count me out…Your ignorance is intolerable…you need to get some psychiatric help <– just some highlights from the email.

caller- questioning the boyfriend (Tony) not being able to smell the car. Casey didn’t let him get anywhere near that car and I think it did not start to smell as strongly until it was sealed up and left in the tow lot. George did not smell it during the gas can incident on the 24th.

caller– asking about the sex site searches being possibly related to Caylee being sold. Yuck. They remind us of the cadaver dog hits and the decomposing smell in the car.

Should Cindy stay off TV and keep her mouth shut? Uh, yes but er have you seen Cindy– that’s impossible. I think she thinks she will be able to turn people around. In that FBI interview its so ridiculous when she’s laying out her theories and saying that w/in Casey’s lies were buried clever clues from Casey. She says she thinks once they hear how she’s put these clues together — which basically amount to her blaming any and/or all of Casey’s friends- you know the ABC theory = Anyone But Casey)– that they will begin to see the light. I don’t know how they sat in the room w/her and had the patience to listen to all that BS.

Gross– talking about Casey stealing from Caylee piggy bank. They knew they were living w/a monster for quite some time. I think the guilt the Anthony’s are suffering for letting the monster scam them and make them look stupid for so long is the reason they are going full tilt for the crazy theories they are now.

Yeah– I’m really digging Mike– he’s a bit tougher on Cindy but so much nicer to guests– doesn’t try to make them feel stupid, and doesn’t interrupt them.

They are talking about the Anthony’s letting the crazy continue to spew out and how that might be helping Casey by possibly convincing one juror that Caylee is still alive.


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6 responses to “Casey finally tells the truth– “I’m the dumbest person and the worst mother!”

  1. Bill

    November 27, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    It’s all about reasonable doubt . Get Drs. Lee and Koby to convince one juror to doubt the evidence and the case goes down the tubes. But, it looks like the OCSO has done it’s home work and hopefully will bury Casey with evidence from lies, phone pings, text messages, e-mails, etc.
    January will be an interesting month!
    AND, isn’t the show great when NG is missing.

  2. Jinx

    November 27, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Boy that email from Lee to his mom about all their lies and carryings on and how sick he is of everything really opened my eyes about the entire family. No wonder Lee has been :missing” from the picture. He knew what was up from day one just like most of the public did.

  3. Bill

    December 2, 2008 at 8:22 am

    Lots of repeat action on NG’s show.
    I picked up on something this weekend that I didn’t notice before. When Cindy made the initial 911 call the operator asks to speak with Casey. You can hear Casey in the background stating, “I’m not gonna talk to them.” Then she picks up the phone, and nice as pie says, “Hello.” You can hear the change in temperment in just a few short moments.

  4. mary jo bafile

    December 11, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but i’m just drained! i was beginning to think this baby would never be found ….today’s been emotionally draining for me and i’m wondering who else feels that way? my heart goes out to the grand parents and brother, i can’t imagine what they’re going through. even though both george and cindy changed stories, tried to throw people off the track, i think i understand their thinking. i can’t exactly accept it, why change their story to the people about the smell of decomp and the pizza bit, cindy even lied about the first phone call and george about “knowing that odor” and ‘hoping his daughter or grand daughter were not in the trunk’ he and cindy made themselves out to look like fools and i don’t understand why.
    it’s time for cindy and george to confront casey. the girl has no bargaining chip now, the game’s over. the world deserves to know what happened to end this baby’s life. cindy called in the media and we the public listened to this tragic story and fell in love with this baby with the most beautiful eyes i’ve ever seen. not only is this a shock and nightmare for the family, but for all of us who followed this story and prayed for this baby to come home safe. how do we deal with our grief?

    • citizenkim

      December 11, 2008 at 9:39 pm

      Oh me too mary jo bafile! My heart goes out to everyone that has been so affected in this case.

  5. Debbie

    December 11, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    I hope they fry Casey. I don’t even feel sorry for Cindy anymore,because she has comprimised evidence,and lied about things she has said.


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