Gag order DENIED — Cindy and George can continue to blab. Oh joy.

26 Nov

More documents were released in Casey’s case today reveal even more damaging Google searches on the Anthonys’ computer. There were searches for “neck breaking,” “how to make chloraform [sic]” and “household weapons.” Oops, I wonder how they will explain these. These searches were done in March, around the time that Casey was also searching different missing children sites. There were over 700 pages of documents released on a CD from the State Attorney’s office. I don’t think any of the news outlets have them posted yet.

I’m so far behind in this case its ridiculous– I’ve been trying to obsess less. But once again– everytime I try to pull away– they bring me back in. The one thing that really drew me back and I want to look into more is that email that former Anthony family spokesperson Larry Garrison released — where he seems to be setting up a case for Cindy Anthony to be charged w/obstruction. The email was apparently sent to WFTV– Larry hints that he has more to say so I guess he didn’t think his 15 minutes were up – lucky us. I’m curious about what he has to say to further this story but also curious to hear his explanation as to why he took money for Anthony family photos from NBC w/out sharing w/the Anthony family. There are a lot of special people involved in this case. Here’s the email:

email provided by Larry Garrison

email provided by Larry Garrison

So my benefit of the doubt for Cindy Anthony has just been pushed over the edge. She wanted to confuse investigators w/that hairbrush– what other explanation is there? Leonard Padilla said on Nancy Grace that his co-worker Tracy said she overheard Cindy saying she actually wanted to confuse things even more and regretted that she did not give authorities the DOG’S toothbrush when they asked for Caylee’s!! WTF?? I think she WOULD take someone else’s child like the police tried to do in the movie the Changeling– I think if I had a little 3 yr old w/brown hair and hazel eyes- I would be very careful when taking said child out in public. Be careful she’s crazy! I still feel sorry for her but she has definitely gone off the deep end. George needs to stand up to her and stop FEEDING the MADNESS!

The “decomposing” pizza that Cindy and George have been saying is responsible for the car smelling like there’s been ‘a damn dead body in the car’ — that pizza didn’t exist, at least not in the trunk. The documents reveal that there was a pizza box but no pizza.

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