Jose just left meeting w/Casey Anthony– will Casey cop a plea?

11 Dec

He had no real comment for reporters- just walked out w/his sad looking broken umbrella looking agitated. I think he’s sad about his sad broken down big publicity case. It may have just evaporated. Surely a good attorney would convince her that her best best is to cop a plea? It was reported that he was in there for a little over 2 hours. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on that wall? He said he will be holding a press conference later in the day. I can’t wait.

OCSO has just confirmed that they will meet the Anthony’s at the airport. Good, I hope they get protected and treated w/kid gloves. I cannot imagine walking in their shoes today. Everything is pointing to this being Caylee. The sheriff just said they may be out there all night, FBI at Quantico has been alerted to stand by to analyze the remains, and Jose didn’t rush to go see Casey the last time “remains” were pulled out of the water at Jay Blanchard Park.

I wonder how much Casey has confided in Jose? Did he know that that area was significant? He sure got to the jail quickly. I wonder if they cooked up a scenario for this when they were cooking up their brownies and Casey tales? I wonder if his ego will allow him to convince her that her best bet is to say it was an accident and go for a plea deal? I wonder if Casey’s psychosis will allow her to admit to anything?

WFTV just said they will be airing a special about the Caylee case today at 4pm– wow they’re bumping Oprah.

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