NG- 12/11 Casey kept saying how close Caylee was.

11 Dec

Natisha is reporting that the bag was “sealed” w/duct tape– but not so sealed that a skull didn’t roll out when the meter reader taking a nature pee kicked it.

Tim Miller is saying that they lost a 4 wheeler in this very area– it became suddenly swamped and over come w/water. He’s talking about how people were criticizing him for pulling out like that– I myself was suspicious– I thought they had maybe found something. Maybe he was just worried about liability in addition to damaging Caylee’s remains if they were submerged. Nancy says– boy were you right, Tim Miller– you’ve never made a better call in your life.

NG saying how is it that this is 15 homes from the Anthony’s when their neighborhood looks so suburban and this area is so heavily wooded. Natisha says– this area is behind their home– recently fenced off as it might have been about to be developed.

Kathy from WFTV says OCSO feels very, very, very encouraged about the find today. They found something in addition to remains that encourages them– something that makes them want to return to the home. WTH could that be??

Dr. Marshall– NG asks IF this is Caylee and if the tot mom knows about and is responsible for the remains– she has been taking them on the ride of the lifetime. Doc is worried that the parents may not be able to step out of the delusion– may continue to blame zanny the nanny. Let’s all pray that’s not true– that would be unbearable for everyone! Casey needs to tell the truth!

They keep talking about matching the garbage bags and duct tape from the Anthony home. I’m sorry but they should have taken ALL of that kind of stuff a long time ago. I don’t have even a tiny bit of doubt that someone would have gotten rid of all that kind of stuff a long time ago! GRR!

Deputies are guarding the Anthony home and NO ONE is allowed back into that house right now. Dr. Bell says its difficult on such a young child to tell from a skull whether its male or female. He says that if the body has been in a bag and in water there may still be soft tissue.

caller says– if they put the DP back on the table– can Casey fess up then and say– ok take away DP and I will tell you. That all depends on the State– they can change their mind right up until the trial. There are aggravating circumstances in that the child was under the age of 10– that makes it DP qualified.

Leonard appeared to be getting a bit emotional as he and Nancy thanked eachother for keeping the story on the forefront. I thank them too. LP said– GOD put this together at the last minute here.

NG showing the police surrounding the home w/crime scene tape. They are not just nailing the tape into the ground w/little stakes as Cindy was so fond of doing… they are stringing that sh!t up on the trees and on the 6 foot privacy fence. They are surrounding this house– WHAT did they find in that bag? Blanket? Sand from sandbox? Plastic storage container? Luggage? Pillowcase or some type of bedding?

How come they know they don’t need to look for some of this stuff at Tony’s house? He could have had some kind of scummy bachelor style comforter and bedding that the new domestic girlfriend “disposed” of by saying– it was gross- look I bought you this. Does Tony even still live there?

Caller asks if the bag was somewhere else and was washed here by Hurricane Faye? Interesting– they are talking again about a shovel. Other speculation on the blogosphere has wondered if she was moved there recently in order to be found? I don’t think so. I think it was either underwater or an animal moved it.

Oh Tim Miller is saying he saw where the bag was found– there was no digging– it was just sitting there and you could tell it’d been there awhile. Wow, I guess they granted Tim some incredible access. He says that according to a neighbor the water just receded in that area about a week and a half ago. Tim has said that he hasn’t spoken to the Anthony’s but would like to hug their neck but he has to fly to Birmingham tomorrow. Wow, what a sad job he has. I know he’s doing a wonderful thing but, still, so sad. I imagine that he’s headed for Mountain Brook and going to talk w/Natalee Holloway’s mother. So sad. Do you think Natalee is alive and has been sold into sex slavery as Joran “confessed” to Greta Van Sustern?

Caller from TX– thinking Cindy has been emotionally blackmailed by Casey– yes that’s an understatement. Now’s the time for Cindy to stop enabling Casey and let her know she needs to tell the truth. True that Bonnie!! I’m just not sure Cindy can do that. OMG they keep playing the video of Caylee singing you are my sunshine! It’s so sad!!

Jose is saying that he realizes that the circumstances as they are would lead people to believe that these are Caylee’s remains…BUT people have been wrong before. NG just said that Cindy had to take a sedative when she heard the news today–that is heartbreaking.

They are saying that it is highly unlikely that Baez’s emergency motion to be allowed to participate in any testing of the remains will be granted — it is highly UNLIKELY that he will be granted that access.

Oh, I didn’t know Cindy and George were following up on a Caylee sighting in California, in addition to appearing on Larry King. That’s just extra sad. I feel sorry for these families who have their young brown haired toddler posted on national news as a possible Caylee sighting. I think Caylee said– that’s enough- I’m gone– here’s where I lay– pls deal w/it and put me to rest.

Wow she’s so manipulative– they just played the clip of Casey talking to Lee about that special bond mother’s have w/children that he can’t really understand but their “mom” can. Oh its so disgusting. She talks about her “gut” telling her that she’s still ok and she’s close to home and OBVIOUSLY if that changes– she’ll let ya know. UGH!!

Larry King just promo’ed that he talked to the Anthonys AFTER the remains were found and that will be on his show tomorrow.

caller– Cindy seemed to be walking on eggshells. Uh, yeah, we all noticed that. Doc says- yep Cindy believed or needed to believe that Casey was fragile and suffering just as she was/is.

Natisha and other reporters are saying that lights are still blazing and there is still activity at both the location where the remains were found AND at the Anthony home– now heavily draped in crime scene tape. So sad!


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5 responses to “NG- 12/11 Casey kept saying how close Caylee was.

  1. johninflorida

    December 11, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    Tim may be exaggerating a little. Here is the ATV and it stayed out of the water, I was there and took photos. I was 50 feet from the body but it was under water, maybe 9 inches of it.


  2. citizenkim

    December 11, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    Oh really johninflorida? Thanks for writing!

    Are you the 4 wheeler he was speaking of? Did you get swamped? How do you know the body was under 9 inches and you were 50 feet away? Can I post the pic? Do you have any others– are you sure that was the area? Pls share.

  3. PHMOM

    December 11, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    Let’s hope the duct tape held fingerprints and some evidence. It may save the state some work in the upcoming trial.

    This sheriff’s department needs a break.

  4. johninflorida

    December 11, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Where we looked:

    The fence at the end of Suburban Dr about 150 feet from the body with the ATV in the back ground:

    Area about 100 feet from the body:

    Right on the otherside of the fence:

    Some of Tim’s guys on the ATV:

    The water levels in that area were 0 inches to about 1 foot deep and not more after tropical storm Faye. There are two retention ponds and at some point and at some other time someone may have slipped into one of them with a ATV as they have grass around most of them and if wet are slippery.


  5. citizenkim

    December 14, 2008 at 1:58 am

    Amen phmom! I’m encouraged that SOMETHING in there led them to search the Anthony home again and take SO much evidence.

    And very nice johinflorida–thanks for sharing! Very interesting!! I’m glad you took pics- I never took my camera when searching.


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