OCSO has asked for a new search warrant for the Anthony home!

11 Dec

Local stations are reporting that they are planning to search the home again. I wonder if she was wrapped in some bedding or some type of blanket that they think they can track back? Why do you think they want to search the home again?

The Medical Examiner has taken the remains out of the woods. They will be sending the remains to the FBI ASAP and Sheriff Beary said that they will make it a top priority and have said they’re willing to work through the weekend.

The meter reader who likes to nature pee has now said that he kicked the bag and the skull came out. That poor guy– I’m sure that horrific image will stay w/him and… well let’s face it eventually his friends will make fun of him for public urination. I for one am grateful that nature called- him into the woods.

Hmm the Anthony’s have texted WFTV saying “Allen said, not confirmed” and have given no indication that they believe the remains are Caylee’s. I think little Caylee was sick of all the turmoil and agony– she’s crying out!

Channel 9 is playing the courtroom appearance that Jose made for Casey today– after asking for a continuance– he came out and said it would be malpractice to say that he’s ready to go forward in this case when he has a woman’s life in his hands. Jose talked about what a hard time Casey is having in jail– boo hoo. It’s ironic that after he asked for the continuance– someone asked him if he was worried that a delay in the case might lead to a better chance for the body to be discovered and he said no- we believe she’s alive- we’re not worried about that or words to that effect. All of this was happening around the same time that nature boy, I mean the meter reader was making his discovery.

Reporters are speculating that the search warrant for the Anthony home may be seeking duct tape and garbage bags as forensics may be able to make a match w/such items. I wonder if they shouldn’t also get that kind of stuff from Tony’s house just in case? I wonder too if the Anthony family didn’t already dispose of that kind of stuff. I never would have thought that until I heard about the hairbrush incident.

Evidently Casey has been placed on psychological review which they stressed does not mean suicide watch. The last time something like this happened– when the “remains” were found in the Econ river the press called the jail for Casey’s reaction and they said she just turned away from the TV and went back into her cell. This time they said no comment.

Local 6 just interviewed Anthony family friend Holly G– she was very emotional of course and spoke so lovingly about the family. She seems really sweet. I think she’s the one that originally went on several programs sticking up for Casey in the beginning.

Each station has coverage of the Anthony’s plane coming into OIA. That seems like a bit of overkill but I guess there’s been plenty of that in this case. Do we need an aerial shot of the plane arriving? Do you need to stick your cameras in their face right now? One of the reporters just said the Anthony’s have a hard time NOT commenting for cameras- I guess that’s true but I sure would not like to be sticking a camera in their face right now.

OMG Local 6 is reporting that fellow passengers on the plane w/the Anthony’s say that Cindy was sobbing at times during the flight.

Oh, I just can’t imagine what Cindy and George will be going through– they are just reporting that they won’t be allowed to go back into their house for some time due to the search warrant and they’re talking about sealing it as a crime scene. Cindy is going to lose her mind over that! I sure hope they get that settled soon bc she is going to be so fragile– that will just make her feel angry and persecuted — she will fuel on that rage instead of dealing w/her loss. How long will they need to seal the house– WHAT are they looking for?

BTW where’s Murt? Does anyone know how to get to the chat or the stream? I feel so left out! Friends share?


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2 responses to “OCSO has asked for a new search warrant for the Anthony home!

  1. ghezelle

    December 11, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    Sobbing for both Caylee and Casey I’m sure,

  2. punkinpie

    December 11, 2008 at 7:30 pm

    I have always felt bad for the rest of Casey’s family. She has put them in a terrible situation. I wouldn’t want camera’s in my face either and why do people need to know Cindy’s every emotion. Of course she is crying, wouldn’t the rest of us be doing the same thing? I am sure her attorney will come up with a story that the babysitter must have done this after she kidnapped Caylee. Now that story might hold some worth if Casey hadn’t lied and told different versions of the kidnapping between dropping her off at the Nanny’s (who just drops a 2 year old on the doorstep?) or the other story, they beat me up and took Caylee. And; the evidence the police have appears to prove otherwise. I hope it isn’t Caylee certainly, but that too means that some little child was put through God only knows what and just left there.


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