Caylee found!?! “We’ve Got her!” <–Tim Miller got call from OCSO!!

11 Dec

OMG Remains found!! 1/3 mile from Anthony home– Caylee?!
Tim Miller is on the phone w/WFTV right now — he says he just got off the phone w/local authorities who indicated to him that the remains found are likely to be Caylee. I’m not sure how they can confirm that so early unless there is something else in the bag that ties back to Casey. The words directly from authorities who CALLED Tim Miller “WE GOT HER!” OMG!

Tim says its a very sad day but a very happy day as well. Leonard Padilla said on the phone earlier that he was elated and sad. I guess it IS such a good thing that her body be found– I’ve been praying for it– but its hard to use the words elated and happy to describe how I feel right now…so sad. I’m thinking about George and Cindy right now– their grief will be unimaginable. Let’s all keep them (and everyone who loved Caylee in our thoughts and prayers!

I know that the Anthony’s were in California for Larry King last night. Are they back in town? OMG!

They are saying that these woods ARE the woods that one of Casey’s friends mentioned to police as near their elementary school, Hidden Oaks, and a place where Casey and friends liked to hang out. Leonard on the phone w/Local 6 now saying that he will likely be booking a flight and back in OrLAHndo tomorrow morning to attend a Caylee memorial.

They said that this morning at about 9:30 an Orange County water meter reader had to step into the woods to relieve himself — he was not too far into the woods when he found the black trash bag. When he moved it a small skull fell out– apparently there was duct tape around the neck part of the bag. He called OCSO. There are some conflicting stories as to the duct tape. They are mentioning that there was a garbage bag found in Casey’s trunk– they are saying it was black but I remember earlier reports saying it was a white bag.

WESH is reporting that Jose Baez was arguing in court this morning that his client needs to have a change in venue and that he has the right city in mind. Um, I’m curious to know what city he has in mind bc unless it’s on Mars– what’s the diff? And, if you live in that city aren’t you going to be a bit insulted that Jose thinks HE can give you a snow job?

Authorities just asked the newschoppers to get lost– active crime scene. I think this is Caylee.

OCSO spokesperson just updated saying nothing that we don’t already know so far– he said the FBI is on the scene as well. He is not at liberty to provide any info that could compromise the case– wouldn’t even confirm that it’s human remains. Oh, he just said that the Anthony family has been notified about the proceedings going on. So sad.

WESH reporter talking to someone that searched w/Equusearch and searched w/another group. He says they’ve gone through this area twice– he says the vegetation was VERY dense and they didn’t see anything. He says that he believes he recalls even LE cadaver dogs being in this area. He believes the remains are Caylee– says it may be raining on us right now but the sun is shining on Caylee today. That’s so true– his name was Drew Tate. Today a light is shining on Caylee– we have all prayed that she would be found.

Jose waived the right to a speedy trial– asked for a continuance. The trial was slated to begin in January will now be postponed for sometime in March. The next court appearance will be January 15th. That is when we will hear what city Jose would like the trial moved to. He says he has done extensive research across the stat and knows just where he’d like to hold the trial. Er, ok, hello whatever city that is– Jose Baez thinks you’re really stupid– and that’s really saying something.

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