Iraqi Journalist throws his shoes at Pres. Bush during press conference!

14 Dec

MSNBC just interrupted programming to show footage of this. Its a must see. Bush is quick, he ducks, he’s almost smiling, you know that smug look he has and for the second shoe- he barely ducks and deflects w/his hand. Cool as a cucumber. You’d think he’d be a lot more worried about something that ‘out of hand’ happening. I guess there’s the comfort of what I’m sure are some massive security procedures for such a proceeding in Baghdad of all places. But at the same time, I sure didn’t see any Secret Service diving in front of him. Aren’t they supposed to be ‘at the ready’– ready to take a bullet or a shoe for that guy? One guy dashes up there after the 2nd shoe drops but he seems to re-think it a bit and just sort of stands beside the podium.

Bush apparently jokingly responded by saying– All I can tell you is that its a size 10! Really? What size do you wear George? Are you saying yours is bigger?

This is what the man shouted as he threw his shoes- This is a farewell kiss you dog! In Arab culture the sole of the shoe is considered a high insult. Um, thanks for de-coding that for us MSNBC – what tipped you off on the insult front? I think throwing your shoes at someone’s head is a pretty clear insult in any language. YOU PIECE OF SHOE!!

They are now reporting that this Iraqi reporter had recently been captured and tortured. Yikes. That country is a mess– good job Bushie!

This was supposed to be a big moment w/a big statement from Bush about the “success” of the Iraq war and a moment for Bush’s legacy– the signing of some big agreement– defining a peace agreement between our 2 countries. Well this is quite a different statement. Karma anyone?


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2 responses to “Iraqi Journalist throws his shoes at Pres. Bush during press conference!

  1. LI_Mom

    December 16, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    I was pretty impressed at how quickly Bush dodged the shoe. It made me wonder if he had plenty of experience with things being thrown at him. lol

    If only he could figure out a way to dodge the terrible things the history books will say about his presidency. No such luck.

    Bush. Worst. President. EVER!!!


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