She’s Got Issues and a Shiny Shirt – watching Jane and Nancy.

21 Jan

I’ll start w/shiny shirt’s STUNNING bombshells. Over 300 pages of new evidence released– yikes I haven’t even seen 1/4 of it yet. Cindy and George were NOT home during the suspicious searches for neck breaking and house hold weapons. Quel Suprise! The defense received these docs last week- that is why- according to FL law they were released to the public. Even though according to Whiny Little B!tch, AKA Jose Baez– the state is just being mean.

Things Casey threw away w/Caylee:
Small shirt size 3t, white shorts w/vertical stripes-size 24 mos, a cloth laundry hamper bag (Caylee was double bagged–grr), a small heart shaped sticker (GRR), a small toy horse, a Winnie the Pooh blanket, small iron-on letters, and a stainless steel knife,…

Ugh, we’ll interrupt here for a wordle:

Caylee’s room and her bedroom specifically were decorated w/Winnie the Pooh items. Nancy’s twins don’t have their room decorated in Winnie the Pooh– therefore Casey did it– Nancy dropped Lucy’s binkie and went back 7 Avenues in the snow looking for it–Casey buried Caylee w/her favorite blankie?– therefore Casey did it. Nancy is in rare form. Me too actually, that heart shaped sticker just sets me OFF!!!

Playing more of the Casey WOE is me/ANGRY is me jailhouse “lost” video tapes. Dr. Perper– would the ME have discovered the adhesive in the shape of a heart on the duct tape? He says that it suggests someone who loved the child did it. He says the crime lab technician would likely have discovered the heart shaped adhesive.

caller- When you show the tape w/the parents- the dad doesn’t make direct eye contact– is that bc he was a cop and he knows Casey did it? Kathy Bellich says he’s been the most honest- brings up him acknowledging the smell. She talks about today’s docs showing that there was a very volatile relationship between George and Casey. Cindy’s co-workers say that in June Cindy had been complaining about her home situation (which was unlike her)- in particular about money and always having to care for Caylee. Says that when told she should should go for custody she said they couldn’t afford it? WHAT? What would be different? WAS Casey contributing some money? Or did Cindy just realize they would have to pay for and provide actual child care– not just imaginary Zanny the Nannies?

caller- Did Kronk ever agree to a polygraph? No one has heard about that. WDBO guy says that the only one he’s heard of taking a polygraph is Jesse Grund. Leonard is on basically saying I told you so…ha NG just called him on tooting his own horn. Um, have you met Leonard??

Playing the whole bizarre conversation in which George tells Casey that she’s the Boss! SOO STRANGE!

Talking about soil samples taken from the scene and that they took ALL of Casey’s shoes. Seems like another one of those things they should have done much earlier– she was probably wearing shoes. Cindy has probably already cleaned all Casey’s shoes by now…you know…just as part of her usual routine. Casey had joked, to Ricardo, her ex-boyfriend, about putting Caylee to sleep w/baby medicine. Ricardo, if you’ll recall, was also the one who had this photo on his website.

Things that make you go, hmmm.

Things that make you go, hmmm.

Nancy is asking about long term effects if Casey had been continually drugging the child. I had a comment from a Doctor early on (will look for post) where I was speculating on the whole Xanny the nanny = Xanax theory and the doc said that there would likely have been residual effects- like slurred speech and grogginess. But I think it all depends on dosage and timing– Casey could have just not brought Caylee home until she was sure Caylee was recovered. Casey had a fairly flexible schedule.

Oh, Jose is under investigation by the FL bar. Jose says, it has nothing to do w/this case– blames it on someone just having an ax to grind w/him. They are talking about whiny little b!tch complaining that he’s being criticized bc he’s Hispanic. Right on NG– she just said he should just STOP saying that right now. I concur. One of the attorney’s says its silly to vilify Jose– NG says we’re not– he’s the one who stuck his foot firmly in his mouth. No doubt– he must have quite a case of “tasty feet” bc he does it a lot. My dog often suffers the same malady– “tasty feet” along w/tasty…other body parts.

Jose is thinking he’s some kind of huge pioneer and says that he’s not stupid enough to challenge that type of trail blazing reputation w/getting involved in some kind of shady entertainment deal. It’s the ‘I’m not that stupid’ defense– you should really re-think that Jose! It doesn’t work for you. You might really be THAT stupid. Nancy is showing some cute twin pics– PLEASE leave off the blurry ones…I don’t get it. Oh, dear– getting Lucy started on NG’s costume jewelry– I guess they don’t make shiny baby shirts 😉

Holding up George Anthony’s time sheets- showing that he wasn’t home during incriminating computer searches. NG is saying its important bc it seems apparent that chloroform was involved in this case. The attnys say– well, someone else could have done it. NG is saying that its pretty incriminating– I agree. Unless you get all ‘lawerly’ on it– its going to play HUGE w/the jury IMO. Nancy is saying she hopes the defense tries that at trial– me too! I can’t even imagine what kind of ridiculousness Jose will try in court.

LP has a theory about there being a possibility of the duct tape holding traces of chemicals– the doc says no- those traces will be gone. They can’t tell if the clothing was on the skeleton– the bones were too scattered. Ugh.

caller- did the duct tape also cover the nose? we don’t know And, is the death penalty still a possibilty? Yes, the state can still reverse their decision to remove it.

caller- can they see if the Winnie the Pooh blanket matches Caylee’s particular bedding set? NG says excellent question– hopes the police are watching. I wonder if they are. Do you think the authorities watch Nancy?

Still, no one has visited Casey in jail. I would like to pay her a visit.

Jane covered much of the same but had interesting updates on the following:


Jennifer Kesse case update. Jennifer’s parents are on the HLN show Issues. Her father recently met w/an inmate who claimed to have information regarding Jennifer’s case. Her father said the conversation was strange but that he believes the inmate was sincerely trying to offer information, he believed to be true, in the case. They are being a bit vague but it sounds like this inmate, who is in jail charged w/murdering a woman from Longwood, overheard fellow inmates talking about having seen Jennifer’s picture on some playing cards. WEIRD! This makes me wonder — was she kidnapped as part of some sex slavery ring? She just vanished- beautiful, young blonde- not a trace. Is she in some other country- held captive?

The Kesse’s and the police are saying this is not new information
– evidently they’ve heard this bizarre story before. The Kesse’s are stressing that Jennifer’s case is NOT A COLD case and the authorities are stressing that THIS incident is not big breaking news in this case. This case is so devastating– I’ve written and linked about it here before– here’s Jennifer’s website. There’s a link on there to a great piece that 48 Hours did on the case. Here’s the picture of the suspect who was seen parking and abandoning Jennifer’s car about a mile from her home where she was last seen.

Person of interest in Jennifer Kesse case.

Person of interest in Jennifer Kesse case.

Amanda Knox– the American college student charged w/murdering her roommate in Italy, the judge in her case ruled today that cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom.


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11 responses to “She’s Got Issues and a Shiny Shirt – watching Jane and Nancy.

  1. Diane

    January 21, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    I appreciate your blog as I don’t have access to television programs- at all. One of the negative aspects of living in the country (I got sick of paying Direct TV & 86’d it). I must say that your summary of the Nancy Grace show is excellent. Thank you.

  2. citizenkim

    January 21, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    Ooh Diane- glad you like it- I feel for you- but good for you! TV- bad, country -good! 😉

  3. topcat08

    January 21, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Kim- Didn’t they also find a knife in Casey car trunk?

    • citizenkim

      January 21, 2009 at 10:59 pm

      Hi topcato8! Actually, I think you’re right–they found a kitchen knife in the backseat or the trunk- I can’t remember. It was one of those things that Cindy so helpfully washed IIRC– grr.

  4. trensota

    January 21, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    If the knife was the murder weapon–and why else bury it with the body?–then there should be bloodstains on some of the clothing, etc. If they can still be detected after all this time.

    Gruesome image. Drug her with chloroform and then what? Slit her throat? The doc already said her bones were not injured, so you can’t really cook up some story about accidentally backing over her with the car and then panicking…

    It’ll be interesting to see what story the defense does come up with, if any.

  5. Sheron

    January 22, 2009 at 12:23 am

    Actually, one of the most striking things to me today, reading through the new docs. Cindy has NEVER complained to co-workers about her family strife.?! Really. Because it appears she has been in strife for a long time. Odd. It just struck me as an odd thing in this whole deal. And her co-workers tried to get her to call the police about Casey. After never hearing anything odd from Cindy about her family life. Her supervisor MADE her leave work, after telling her she needed some kind of Employee Assistance Program, on July whatever. They all swear Cindy never said anything odd prior to July 15th – but all of the sudden, she’s needing help? That’s weird. Her co-workers sound like they need help as much as she does. Who to believe??!

    Is Cindy on paid leave?! Because I can’t figure out how this couple on the brink of bankrupcy has managed to not work in months.


  6. sophie

    January 22, 2009 at 8:58 am

    I bet that the only people that Cindy complains to are her family and super close friends. They are so into trying to look like the perfect family, that she’d probably never want her co-workers to know about her marital problems, or the problems with Casey. Another reason? Because then people would offer advice…which she wouldn’t take, and then not want to continue to listen to her problems from then on. Got a sister who’s like that.

    Jose Baez is pulling the race card because he’s got nothing else up his sleeve to play against people complaining against him. If he wasn’t Hispanic, what would his excuse be? Ohhhh…that’s right, he’s out of his league and a junior attorney who keeps screwing this up.

    If his last name was O’Neal, would he dare try to say that this is because people don’t like him because he’s Irish? Come ON.

    He’s no pioneer. He’s a twit.

    Oh, and I myself have walked more than 7 blocks at night looking for a lost ‘binky’. If you are out on an evening walk and baby tosses it, and it’s your last one, and you don’t want your baby screaming through the night, you walk 7 blocks in the dark with a bike lamp looking for it.

    And when you don’t find it because your little one more than likely strategically tossed it into a huge plot of ice plant, you borrow your neighbors baby’s binky and boil it.

    What you don’t do is duct tape your baby’s face, put a sticky heart on it and douse her with chloroform and leave her in the trunk of your car for several days and then dump her at the side of the road.

    Like some ‘moms’ do.

  7. Leslie

    January 22, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    Has anyone ever thought to do a paternity test on Lee and George Anthony to see If one of them could be calee’s fauther?????

    • citizenkim

      January 22, 2009 at 7:43 pm

      Hi Leslie- I know they took DNA from both. They had to get a subpoena for Lee’s-grr. There have been lots of rumors about their possible paternity but I just find that too hard to believe! What do you think?

  8. AJ

    January 24, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    The clothing in the bag is different from what George described on 6/16 – the last time he saw Caylee. Remember Casey said ‘They haven’t even found the clothes yet.” Is Casey referring to the clothing that George saw Caylee in on 6/16? Where are the clothes George saw Casey wearing that day?

  9. AJ

    January 24, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Last time George saw Caylee, she was wearing blue jean shorts, pink blouse, white-framed sunglasses, pink & white backpack & Mama the doll (so sad). If I recall correctly, Mama was found in the car without her doll clothes…hmmm… Was Caylee holding Mama when……OMG…It gets sicker and sadder all the time.


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