AIG dirtballs should NOT get bonus $$$ -Social Mutants on Display

17 Mar

EVERYONE should sign this petition so that the creeps at AIG don’t get to keep those bonuses bc DAMN!

They are looking for suggestions as to how the government can go about getting the bail out money back. Um, TAKE IT! Don’t you legislate? Make some laws then. This has got me almost as angry as Casey Anthony.

Here’s an idea:
The government just rescinds the offer and sends some IRS suits to go in there and take it. Who is more powerful- US Gov’t or this corporation? How about getting some of Bush and Cheney’s thugs– they really know how to play it fast and loose w/the law!?!! Say that there was a secret signing statement on the contracts and it was just written in invisible ink- only to appear on a need to know basis. In case you’re an absolute DIRTBAG w/no sense decency and are completely lacking a moral compass– then you NEED TO KNOW! OH, and definitely publish their names, bc that type of behavior should NOT go unrewarded.

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One response to “AIG dirtballs should NOT get bonus $$$ -Social Mutants on Display

  1. Icant WAIT

    May 20, 2009 at 1:43 am

    Kim, I Love Your Blogs……..can’t wait to see the next one ….bout Casey Anthonys MYSPACE MAKE-UP ZENAIDA ADDY


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