girl crush – cougar style

20 Mar

For some reason you have to click on these vids a few times B4 they “acitvate” — WTF? someone’s getting a letter.

I’ve got a girl crush, cougar style on Taylor Swift. I know she’s been around for a while bc I saw her on Ellen a LONG time ago and she was soo funny talking about how she used to drive by her ex-boyfriend’s house ALOT. Which took me back… bc I did that w/a friend in hi school, in a gray prelude, blasting violent femmes… but that’s neither here nor there- (hey Mana!). OMG I’m OLD! Well, don’t tell anyone. Anyway, I have self diagnosed ADHD – except it’s Underactivity Disorder but the point is I think I just saw the intv bc I don’t really remember her music. OR I might not have listened to it bc she’s a country singer and I don’t dig it the most. But I heard that White Horse song the other day and I LOVE it. Also, I love it bc it reminds me of this song which is just awesome –especially as sung by Simon in Sean of the Dead….(if you missed that movie (nerd alert!) – you should check it out- it rocks!)

which I psychotically LOVE but anyway– it made me track down and re-enjoy White Lines…by Grandmaster Flash. DAMN- I can’t find a good video for that. So I will have to do w/this one: it sucks a bit and takes a real wrong turn around 2:50 but it will suffice. I takes me back about 20 years to PROM or I should say PROMS. I heard the song white lines OVER and OVER again on a road trip once to go to my 2nd prom of the year in high school bc my BF went to prep school about 5 hours away(- WTF?). So, I had to go to way too many “proms” in hi school – they suck. But anyway, I remember having a blast on that trip and learning a lot about driving- I’m an excellent driver. So here’s what I’d like to see become universal behavior– ALWAYS USE YOUR SIGNAL (indicator) and…like, always look several cars ahead- be aware of other people’s needs and the FLOW of traffic, be considerate about merge situations and get the F out of the fast lane unless you’re leading the pack! And BTW DECENT people turn their lights on and then off a couple of times if they have the oppty to WARN you about COPS you might be about to encounter (in case you might be speeding). I STILL do that – it’s quite decent and I wish more people would. It’s quite handy if you have a bit of a lead foot, like me. That gang thing is just a crazy rumor and if you believe that you must be paranoid and smoking something worse than weed- knock it off. But WHAT ARE you smoking? I’d be curious to know. NOT that I’d like to smoke it- WEED is enough for me. JUST kidding. Scandalous.

So I just felt like posting it. I’ve been neglecting poor CitizenKim- but I’m easing back in. The CASEY show just became so tiresome. I think I’m going to write her a letter in jail- just to see if she replies. What do you think? Evidently she get quite a bit of mail daily. I know this bc there was a mention of that recently when people were talking about her birthday. WHY THE FU*K HAVE HER PARENTS STILL NOT DRAGGED THEMSELVES UP TO THAT JAIL?!?!@#$ I’m sorry but that’s just bizarre. They’ve already said whatever might be said that might help bury her- are they incapable of NOT letting something incriminating slip?!?! That sounds kind of incriminating in and of itself. Don’t you think that’s BIZARRO?

PS- BONUS, the “dirtball” dude in the video who cheats on her is from a certain MTV reality show which sadly, I watched. But I didn’t even recognize him bc he did a bit of growing up and he’s doing a pretty good job of it I must say. LC from the Hills used to crush on him and I did NOT get it but he’s improving w/age– BABY steppin’… but still improving.

PPS- OMG my boyfriend future husband Stephen Colbert was on FIRE tonight- if you missed it you should check it out here. It’s not posted yet- the actual rap w/Michael Steele- when it is I will post it if Comedy Central will let me- though they may not bc they’re Viacom’s little bitch and get they’re panties in a wad about friends sharing. You down w/GOP? Hell NO not me!!

PPPS- This is my (adorable) dog judging YOU if you haven’t seen Sean of the Dead!

Dude, you should ogle it pronto, seriously.

Dude, you should ogle it pronto, seriously.

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