Sean Hannity is DUMBER than DIRT…OR he thinks you are. WHO watches Fox?

02 Apr

Sean Hannity should (not) die of gonnorhea and rot in hell. (That’s just a line from a movie so (don’t) go ahead and wig out!) I’m at my sister’s house and thus watching WAY more news than I would otherwise- she watches MSNBC, which is called MSLSD by Hannity, yeah, that’s good for the kiddies AND fair and balanced. I only know this bc I flip over to Fox News on the commercials just for fun. It’s like pulling the curtain back at some skeevy, freak show that’s actually more like a haunted house- scary monsters! They really love the FEAR over there, it’s selling like hotcakes.

Have you seen this PSA? It’s EXCELLENT- enjoy.

Here’s the link for the org – I just thought I’d share a funny bc the rest of this post is just rantin and ravin thanks to the brain trust over at Fox News. It’s hard to watch but sometimes it hurts so good. 😉

G20 summit- Toby a reporter from The Telegraph wrote about the press kits they got- he says to inform them about the destination– UK. Well he’s all in a bunch bc here’s just some of what they said–The UK is slightly smaller than Oregon- GASP how… insulting? and THEN….wait for it, oh, it gets soo much worse…THEN, it calls them one of our closest allies instead of our closest. Sean really has his panties in a was about this one, this ridiculousness- calling it bad foreign policy. Get a grip. WHAT grade are Sean and Toby in? 7th? They sound like two little Mary’s gossiping in the hall. OMG LOL you mean Barry called Lizzy just a friend and not his BFF!! Is Barack going to break up w/Queenie? I’ll pass him a note in Independent Study and see what he says!! Then he goes on to erroneously report that Hill didn’t mention that she ran against Obama in her bio- just said that she campaigned for him. Who gives a tiny rats ass? Sean says this brilliant foreign policy move by Obama– is NOT a good thing. What a dumbass!! I guess they will just grasp at anything to be able to criticize. Here’s the article.

I guess this Liberal translation must be a recurring segment on this show but DAMN I sure hope this is a poor example bc it’s really pointless. It appears that he’s trying to rip off Jon Stewart or Colbert and put a wicked funny spin on something he wants his viewers to see as ridiculous but this was just a miserable failure Robert Gibbs on Airforce One giving an intv- Sean calls it Robert Gibbs’ scholarly view-as if that’s funny- scholarly. They play what Gibbs said and then they go to a black screen w/text and circus music playing where I attribute it as SEAN. Prepare to be UNDERWHELMED.

Gibbs- No one believes that change in our relationship means giving anybody everything they want.
SEAN– w/circus music- as if speaking for Gibbs– ‘I have no place to hide up here. Jake Tapper isn’t onboard is he?!
KIM—oooh bc we’re sooo afraid of the big bad scary Jake Tapper. Grow up.

Gibbs- We’re looking for a constructive relationship that addresses the issues that we have that are of concern in a way that benefits both countries.
SEAN–We’ll talk to anybody. A state dinner for Castro would be nice. I like Cuban food.
KIM—that’s right, stoke the fear w/lies your viewers don’t sweat the small stuff- facts schmacks. We all know that crap is king.

Gibbs- I don’t think that anybody goes into mtgs w/another country believing that the best way to change the relationship is to give the other side everything they want.
SEAN–Except maybe Hillary…I hear she wants to negotiate w/former AlQaeda members.
KIM—That’s lunacy too but keep in on the DL you got to feed the fear and love it and stroke it and play w/it and poke it. Do NOT taunt happy ball.

Gibbs- That’s certainly not the intention of the president or this administration.
SEAN–Have we crossed the international date line? I’d like to throw in an “April Fools” right about now.
KIM—Oh, I see, a funny. So you’re saying it’s opposite day and the president DOES want to just have mtgs w/fools and give them everything they want. Clever. No one is that stupid -that sh!t won’t sell- oh, that’s right it’s Fox.

Israel’s Netanyahu– laid down the gauntlet for Obama- saying Israel may have to take things into its own hands– if the US doesn’t prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Wide eyed believer w/possession of weapons of mass destruction is not a good thing Benji says– Thank you Captain Obvious. We’re watching youuu Iran –don’t taunt us like happy ball and BTW- Um, pot calling the kettle black?

They are plugging the hell out of fox did they just get a website? I haven’t ventured over there. Small doses.

picture-137Bill O or FALAFEL as I like to call him -had someone try to explain twitter today for him and really trotted out his stupidity- he’s so disgusting.

Wow- evidently Sean is having his boyfriend on bc he’s EXTREMELY excited about (t)his book Liberty and Tyranny a liberal manifesto– Number 1 on the NYT list. Mark Levin is the author– Sean’s complaining that nobody from Big Media…no he’s whining that no one from Big media called him, his boyfriend, about his book. BOO HOO. I don’t know if that’s true but even if it is – it’s not some big media conspiracy- not everyone gets a lot of media attn over a book- there’s actually quite a lot of actual NEWS going on in the world so deactivate your sphincter.

The bk is supposedly about the original principals of the Republican Party– THAT should be RICH (no pun intended). He says-they’re pretty good if we believe in them and act on them. OMG– I almost want to read it just to see what kind of sh!t he’s selling- it sounds like he’s got it dressed up real pretty. I will have to go to the library- in fact I’ll reserve it online right now and piss off some right wing nutball that might be living in my part of the hood- ha. I certainly wouldn’t pay money for it. Oh danger, he’s going to try to bring some great philosophers to the table to back his cause- I CAN’T WAIT for that. He sounds like Pollyanna– saying Big Pharm, greatest medical system in the world (he’s talking about ours) and big oil–get b!tch slapped all day long by this administration and the media but what about the other big green meanie… Sean and his boyfriend whine, saying both the biggest and most incompetent thing they’d like to see b!tch slapped is big government. Gov doesn’t do anything even w/tapping into each gallon of gas sold- they say. WTF do you call schools and highways and fire depts and the police force . What a moron. Mark says if you only get to keep 30 % of your income how free are you? MORON. That’s right twist the facts- get your FEAR on– you MUST keep stoking that FEAR.

Sean practically licks him calling him a the great one, the book is taking off it’s on fire, a great American. Ew gross Levin says yeah, thanks for all your support my brother. It’s a full on BROmance.

It’s actually really frightening to watch Fox and just imagine that THAT is all some people watch. That’s where they get their “news” – and I use that term liberally when referring to them. I was volunteering w/this woman the other day and as we were hanging and sorting clothes from a room sized pile that was almost as tall as me we eventually drifted to – so what TV do you watch? It didn’t get us far bc she said her husband can’t get enough Fox News so she really doesn’t watch much TV. The way she said it made me think she didn’t approve and I expressed my deep sympathy at such a travesty in her home– she has small children AND a brain– neither of which are safe in that environment- yikes. We’re working together again next Tuesday night and I told her I’d bring Outfoxed. I’ll be curious to see if she watches it.

Oh coming up on 4/9– 6 ideas to Save America- THAT should be good. Bonus- jeb bush will be on– I will have to live blog THAT if at all possible. The wonderful thing about sister’s TV, whom I like to call Stevie, is that Stevie looks like a Drive-in movie screen and has kick ass surround sound courtesy of top of the line electronics as sister makes MUCH more money than me- but Stevie also has magical powers. Basically she has better cable –w/Dexter, Weeds, Curb and the newly discovered, I’ve only seen one but LMAO United States of Tara– AND she has a DVR so I covet.

Has anyone heard of these that are going on? Here’s a link. I’m going to go to one of them and intv some of the nutballs. I’m so excited about it. I hope I have time to properly research and come up w/some questions that REALLY allow these feeble minded, mouth breathing, tax fearing, but “real” americans to properly display their stupidity. They will probably do just fine on their own but if anyone has any questions they’d like to ask these people pls let me know. I need to develop a solid Top 5 that I can ask as many of them as possible. I’m almost giddy. And if you’re going and you AGREE w/these people — I’d REALLY love to hear from you. I’m curious to know. They want people to post their videos here: I wonder if they’ll post mine. We’ll see.

OMG- Greta has a poll where people can vote as to whether Obama’s aunt should be deported. I wonder how that will go on the FOX “news” site. I went to her “forum” once for something about Caylee and it was SHOCKING the open racism and bigotry that was rampant in the comments. Some really special people have a comfortable home there.

4.4 jobs lost since recession began in Dec 2007 – dude we’re in trouble.

Back to the tea parties w/Newt on Greta. I love tea and parties and I LURV crazy people- deal me in. This will evidently be a massive crowd of people actively angry about taxes– 15,000 already showed up at one in orange county– orlando or CA? They don’t articulate very well what exactly they’re trying to accomplish but they don’t want this budget passed– they want to take their govt back. Newt still can’t articulate the purpose–perhaps he’s read the republican’s budget so he knows that they don’t even have a plan their plan is no plan or at best more of the same but Bush loved up on the rich w/tax cuts but this plan took viagra. It’s ludicrous. Newt talks about changing the regime is the only way to change the behavior –as to how we should deal w/iran, n korea and hamas. He says–These dictatorships are not going to change on their own no matter how long we talk to them. And the Obama idea of respecting them and being courteous and communicating w/them implies that they are fools. Uh, OR it implies that Obama and co are ADULTS.

That’s priceless -good idea- regime change bc that worked out so well in Iraq and Afganistan– our military has the capacity to take on 3 more regime changes. That some real good thinking you did there SH!T for brains. BTW you look ridiculous pls go away, your hair hurts my eyes- jk- word to your mother.

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  1. Debty

    July 26, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    Ahaan… I will follow.


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