George and Cindy winning hearts, dissing Oprah.

22 Apr

Cindy and George grant CBS an interview. OOOPS- stupidity leak. They had a shot at Oprah and then decided to make her play second fiddle to the 3RD fiddle in the MORNING show game and so Oprah rightly said- thanks for playing but…GAME OVER!

Nice intv on the Early Show this morning and there will be more of it tomorrow. The Anthony’s burned Oprah though– so apparently they are still immune to ANY good PR advice. Are they even getting any? What a trainwreck! Though, I have to say- they did do much better at keeping their ‘tude in check (OMG did you see those depos– BRUTAL!!!). It was so ill advised.

Maybe they had valium for breakfast this time, is their attny taking advice from Britney’s dad and drugging them OR could it have been the soft, gentle soothing voice of the interviewer? It was quite the vocal technique – that’s the way I talk to my fur baby (dog) when he has an owie- which incidentally he does right now. The groomers at PetSmart cannot seem to cut his hair w/out scorching his skin- grrr. Anyway, I’ve never seen that interviewer before and I thought she did a good job but her voice struck me as cooing- I was waiting for her to reach over and pet them or scratch behind their ears. Which takes me back to Oprah- though not so apropos- have you ever noticed that sometimes when Oprah is interviewing children and talking about a tough subject- she pets them just like a dog??? It’s so cute (and not at all disturbing)!! If I can motivate myself I will try to find a clip bc I’m kidding you not- she pets children. I think it’s bc she hasn’t or doesn’t spend a lot of time w/kids and yet she raises her dogs like children- so that’s how she comforts. Watch for it.

Anyway here are some questions/comments/thoughts/concerns I had when watching the Anthony’s intv.

They played the clip of Cindy speaking to Casey at Caylee’s memorial saying something like…
I hope you’re able to hear me, I love you and I wish I could comfort you right now. I wish I could take away your tears.

UM QUESTION- Then WHY don’t you comfort her- WHY don’t you visit her in prison? Are you SO unable to avoid saying something that might incriminate your daughter- couldn’t you just say hello, talk and provide that comfort. Or do you just want to talk about it on TV? Are you afraid you would SNAP bc you KNOW she did it? Or are you able to admit that to yourself yet? What will it take?

Is there a way you could write her a letter that would never become public? — If so, would you write to her and tell her you forgive her IF anything did happen but that the best thing for ALL concerned ESPECIALLY Caylee would be to tell the truth so that she can rest in peace. Also, HELLO- the death penalty…the State must be feeling pretty confident- that’s some pretty beefy food for thought. Baez is certainly no legal genius and he has been blowing MAJOR smoke up your daughter’s ass. NEWSFLASH–He has HIS own interests at the forefront and a HUGE SCANDALOUS TRIAL that will be covered world wide is his WET DREAM- he’s not even considering the fact that what may be in Casey’s best interest- is to avoid that at all costs. When you get a serious dangerous diagnosis from a doctor- you ALWAYS get a second opinion. If you don’t you certainly should. Casey should consider doing that- for her own good. I won’t even mention (barely) Caylee again- but she IS watching. What would Caylee want? WWJD? WWCayleeDo?

The interviewer sucks up a bit to start saying that most people don’t sympathize w/them- that they’ve really lost not just Caylee but Casey too—Cry me a river. They’ve had that public sympathy and then they continually turn around and spit and stomp all over it. I still sympathize w/them obviously but they honestly make it extremely difficult.

Casey may be put to death? Their reply is that Casey is presumed innocent- we can’t think about that right now. That’s soo Scarlett O’hara. I just can’t think about that right now– I’ll think about that tomorrow. Classic. I’m actually trying to research cases of people in a similar situation bc they ARE in an extremely difficult position. They don’t want to PILE ON and do anything else that will lead Casey to her death but at the same time it makes them look ridiculous and absolutely OUT of touch w/reality. What would you do?

Plea deal? George says well…Her defensive team wouldn’t take away that option or some such BS and then Cindy comes back much stronger in Casey’s defense saying emphatically NO- Casey would never take a plea bc she didn’t do it. George was obviously trying to give a careful yet intellectually honest answer and I’m sure Cindy will take his d!ck off and jar it tonight for that misstep.

Why so adamant in your belief of Casey? Interestingly Cindy doesn’t say bc we KNOW she couldn’t didn’t/wouldn’t do it– she says bc we love her. That’s telling. AGAIN– think about Caylee. She sees that you are putting Casey first- that makes me soo ANGRY!

WHY no Zanny nanny references? I wish the interviewer would have asked about this- I wonder if it was off limits? I would say– how is the investigation going into WHO DID THIS TO PRECIOUS CAYLEE? What are you doing to bring that person to justice. Have you talked to OJ to see maybe who he hired to look into his wife’s death? ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ZANNY? WHERE IS THE FU@KING SKETCH? We are not as stupid as you (think we are)! Stop insulting our intelligence.

All the evidence- doesn’t bode well for Casey… Cindy looks uncomfortable and doesn’t answer- just turns to Brad who says the typical attny stuff and warns about waiting for a jury.

Cindy says–The truth will come out at trial- that’s what we have to wait for. The jury will be able to see… There’s more to it– Cindy said.

Cindy- we want the truth but we have to wait for everything to come out at trial….MY QUESTION–Do you feel like you know the whole truth now? If not, WHY not? Why hasn’t Casey told you everything? Are you OK w/that? WHY are you OK w/that? Wouldn’t she tell you everything IF she wanted you to help find the person responsible. THINK about that- it does NOT make sense.

Cindy says she can’t answer that right now– about why Casey was afraid and didn’t report. Um, yeah bc you know that is bc she DID it right?

Intv asks — You’ve NEVER gone more than 2 days w/out seeing Caylee- why no missing report??? Cindy stabs our collective brains again w/the answer that she never had a reason not to trust Caylee w/Casey– Casey made Caylee her priority. UM, have you been watching the news- or talked w/your mother or brother. WE KNOW THAT’S NOT TRUE! You were going to go for custody. THERE’S A HUGE MOTHERF@CKING ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM– Why doesn’t she get called on this.

Another question I have–Did you ever try to call any of the numbers you had for Zanny? We know how heartbreakingly concerned you were on July 3rd when you went to the trouble of JOINING myspace so that you could post that heartbreaking post “MY CAYLEE IS MISSING!”

How many times did you call Zanny from that number in your phone book on july 15th? Can I see your phone records? How many times have you tried to locate/call her since then?

My next questions–Tell me about where you believe Caylee is now? What would you say to the person that harmed Caylee. I know you’re faithful and thus you believe that that person who took Caylee, killed, and discarded her like garbage will eventually be judged but what do you think they should do now? Is it more important that they avoid justice or would you ask them to come forward and confess? What would you like to say to them? Do you think Zanny acted alone?

There’s more of the intv tomorrow, I hope they enjoyed their trip to NY in lieu of the windy city. WTF?


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13 responses to “George and Cindy winning hearts, dissing Oprah.

  1. Molly

    April 22, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Lots of good points & questions that have popped into my head also.
    If “the real truth” is that someone else did it, then why aren’t they screaming from the rooftops to find this person or persons. We know they’re very good at using the media to try to get their word out, yet not a peep about finding the “real killer”.
    Why are they even doing interviews at this point? They have no idea what they look like. Brad Conway even mentions all of the media coverage of this case & there they are right on tv adding to the whole thing. They think it doesn’t count when they go on tv??
    And George lied about only confronting Casey once, on the 15th. LP & other people were in the house when he went after Casey wanting to know what happened to Caylee. Don’t they know that this stuff will come up in testimonies from these other people?

  2. prevost1580

    April 22, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    You make excellent points the voice tones were like how I talk to Squee ( avie picture ) when I’m trimming her matts. Did CBS offer treats too?! I’m sure that they did,like a paycheck ( blood money ) and a swanky hotel & fancy dinners.

  3. Sophie

    April 22, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    I would like one person to ask of the Anthonys, and have them actually ANSWER this question:

    “What sentence would you hand down upon the person who committed this crime against your granddaughter…and indeed, yourselves as well?”

    The only bloody thing I want to hear out of these people’s mouths is the answer to that question.

    • copper

      April 28, 2009 at 1:33 pm

      Great Question !!!

  4. Diana

    April 23, 2009 at 2:55 am

    I think the title of your blog is misleading. They won no hearts from this pathetic interview.

  5. laura

    April 23, 2009 at 6:15 am

    I love the questions…. When Cindy says Casey wouldn’t hurt anyone Did she not hurt Caylee by not reporting her missing? I mean I know Casey was busy at video store but couldn’t she have called police, let them go look for Caylee then watch movies? I mean no one in the house actually looked for Caylee so why not watch video while everyone else searched? This family is a real piece of work or piece of something…….

  6. chuck

    April 23, 2009 at 6:52 am

    Where is Zanny the Nanny, hiding out somewhere..Or did Zanny fall off the face of the earth..The case is a joke full of lies..The entire Anthony family knows the truth, but will keep going on TV lying, and trying to fool people and taint the jury pool..Also, keep making money off their dead grandaughter..

  7. Bill

    April 25, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    CBS never asked the Ants the tough question, “Who do you think killed Caylee?”
    Everyone in the media is focusing on getting more viewers and high ratings. Can’t we get someone to ask the tough questions and do a follow up?

  8. copper

    April 28, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    try that Bill, it’s Bozo apologizing for not mentioning the REAL killer and hes only consintrating on DEFENDING casey

  9. copper

    April 28, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    hehehehe, sorry about the spelling, if you can read that .. I have a Tropical Island in Alaska for sale.

  10. MBFelicity

    April 28, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    I am so angry! I just read a post written by someone “anonyomous” that just on and on about how they felt so many sympathy for the Anonthys.

    What these Anthony sympathizers seem to forget is that a tiny, precious little two year old named Caylee was murdered in a horridk, sadistic, cruel and very painful way. Imagine the terror of trying to breath and having your air cut off with duct tape. Imagine the terror of looking into the eyes of your killer and trying to cry out for help and not getting any. Imagine being put in garbage bags and dumped in a filthy, snake filled swamp!

    Well, you can have the Anthonys and all of their lies, and money hungry appearances to live “the good life”! I imagine they have paid their bills for the first time in years thanks to all their Promos. Plus, they have a boat and truck now! Now, they can spend time bragging about what a WONDERFUL mother Casey is and how she would NEVER hurt Caylee!

    These people are as low as it gets and all the money in the world will never make them happy, or give them peace.

    Justice WILL be had for little Caylee! In spite of the lying, greedy grandparents!

  11. jo1031

    April 29, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    Tired of the Anthony’s profiting off of this tragedy? Sign the petition: “No more air time for the Anthony family”. Tell the media what you think!!!


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