UnHappy Halloween. :(

31 Oct

Someone close to me died last week. I try not to tell anyone I know or talk about it bc I can’t really hold a conversation just yet and if anyone brings it up I fall apart. Her life didn’t just end, someone took it.

A friend of mine who lives in MY NEIGHBORHOOD was murdered in her bed. Police said there was no sign of forced entry so all of her friends were interrogated bc it seemed apparent that she had invited him in. Friends, co-workers and casual acquaintances spent hours in questioning and took lie detector tests- well the men took them, we didn’t have to. She was raped. I spent less than an hour w/them just telling them what I knew of her routine, who she’d been dating – was anyone bothering her? Was she arguing w/anyone? Who would want to hurt her? Was she promiscuous?

NO!!!!!!! None of that! I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt her. I don’t think she had any enemies. She hadn’t even lived here that long. Less than a year, I remember bc I met her as she was moving in. Our dogs made the introductions. They took my fingerprints bc I’d been there recently. Everyone who knew her was a suspect or a person of interest until they found out what the neighbors saw and they looked in her guest bedroom. He had been hiding in there. I don’t even know how I’m writing right now bc I’m FREAKING out but I really don’t know what else to do and it helps me process. Plus the typing is quiet. I can’t even turn the TV on anymore bc what if I can’t hear? I need to make sure no one’s here. I’ve checked every crevice of my apartment and I am alone but I still keep hearing noises. I’m sure my mind is playing tricks on me.

He was inside her home with her a LOT. He had evidently come into the home several times, so much so that a neighbor commented- they just thought that she had a new boyfriend. They found food items and a sort of cubby hole he’d made in the closet of her guest room. It appeared that he had been hiding in there listening while she was awake and then wandering about while she was at work and watching her while she slept.

She was mostly a home body who kept to a routine: walk the dog in the morning, go to work, walk the dog, watch TV go to bed. She didn’t go out much. I’d go over to her house for dinner or movies or she’d walk over here sometimes dinner- not a lot of wild nights on the town. But the one thing she did like clock work was take long walks in the morning. She walked her dog every morning- long walks so he would be ok while she left him home all day for work. She didn’t always lock the door. Police suspect this is how the killer gained entry.

She was found tied to her bed gagged, not blind folded. Ugh. I hated hearing that bc I think that must mean she knew he was going to kill her. She saw his face. She must have had to look at him a lot. I’m sure she tried to plead w/him. What kind of MONSTER could do that? They suspect he came out of the closet while she was sleeping, slipped wires over her to secure her to the bed and then she awoke to days of horrific rape and torture. He waited until a Friday so that he could have her for the wkd. They think he killed her Sunday night. His finger prints were all over her house and even on her answering machine. When they questioned one of the guys she had dated he said he had left her several messages trying to make plans for that wkd but she hadn’t returned his calls. She never got those calls bc the killer had erased them.

The wire he used to strap her to the bed had cut her to the bone in some places. When police found her the wounds were clean and her dog’s face fur and feet were covered in her blood. They say he may have destroyed crucial evidence. UGH. He had been licking her wounds clean and pacing on the bed around her. There were bloody paw prints all over the bed and tracked throughout the house. I’m probably over sharing on the details right now but they are in my head and I want them out. Her poor little dog. I don’t even know who has him right now but I’m sure he’s traumatized. He’s the cutest little pug.

He’s the friendliest dog will lick a stranger to death I don’t think I’ve ever even heard him bark. I guess he wouldn’t have barked at the killer- obviously he didn’t- all those times he was there. UGH. I wonder if my dog would let me know? I want to go out and get a doberman now. I want to get 5 of them. How do you ever feel safe again? I want a gun/husband/boyfriend/alarm/roommate. UGH! I want to move.

I want to KILL him. I think if I knew who it was and I could, I would run him over, back up and repeat. I don’t just want to hurt him. I want to stop his heart. And I don’t even believe the death penalty is right. (I think it’s not a deterrent, it’s discriminatory, there have been tragic mistakes it’s much more expensive than life in prison.) But I reeeally want to see this man dead. I hope that goes away. I hope they catch him. Where did he go? Does he live near here? WHO IS HE? Have I met him? Is he one of the people in the neighborhood I wave to? I’m afraid of the dark. Shit- I’m afraid of the light. I’m scared. I want to KILL him.

Oh well, I just had to vent my rage. I’m hoping it will subside. I guess I’ll have to grieve for her later bc right now I’m too angry.

Here’s the newspaper article if you’d like to read it.


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11 responses to “UnHappy Halloween. :(

  1. Sassy

    November 6, 2009 at 1:17 am


    Tonight for the first time I read your entire blog/site. This Unhappy Halloween post is so sad! I would be absolutely terrified if I lived there. To think someone could hide in your home for days. OMG. Is this in Florida? What’s with that state? Haleigh Cummings, CMA, Sommer, etc. I hope you have a burglar alarm. SERIOUSLY. My mother used to have a tape recording of a German Shepherd barking. Just in case. She also had a golf club by the front door. Do you have a license for a gun? At least get some pepper spray.

    Now if you don’t leave any posts on your site I will worry.

    I know you mentioned that you were going to NYC shortly. How ironic that you’ll feel a whole lot safe there. What is the world coming to?

    WHY would she NOT lock her doors? It only takes one psycho.

    On a lighter note, before reading this last post I read all of your opinions on the CMA saga. I was in hysterics at the way you made side notes. I sat hear and laughed and laughed. I’ve been scared to say anything about Casey because Boston has been pontificating about not “tearing anyone down… Casey deserves the best… Casey deserves redemption… ” etc. I think the only way I can stomach Casey is to stand back and laugh at her because she is such a fool. Her crime is against all citizens of the state. We are all victims, and if we want to laugh at her foolishness then we deserve to!

    Sometimes I wonder, “What were you thinking, God?”
    Have a safe trip, but please check in once and a while!

  2. citizenkim

    November 12, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    Hey Sassy- You’re so sweet! I didn’t mean to make you worry- that was just a scary STORY for Halloween- SORRY!!

    There was a link at the bottom- that explained my “april fools style -halloween trick” under the guise of a “newspaper article” w/the “full story.” But I do appreciate your concern. I am actually VERY careful w/personal safety- some would say too cautious. I was mugged outside my front door once when I lived in Atlanta so I’m that girl in the horror movie who is the scaredy cat- the one that usually survives (let’s hope). My dog actually has a tremendously loud and intimidating bark- much bigger than his bite, but he’s definitely a good watch dog and one to be approached w/caution!

    NYC was FABULOUS btw! I could never live there full time but gosh I love and miss it. I saw Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig on Broadway from about 8 rows back- YUM! and Bill Maher at Lincoln Center from about 3 rows back– good times!!

    I will check back more regularly- I’m about to sign up for a blog challenge that will force me to post much more often. I’m trying to be a better blogger. Thanks for visiting- love your comments!

  3. Sassy

    November 12, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    Now I know how the radio listeners felt when they heard Orson Welles narrate H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds” on Halloween. I really was worried about you because did not post any comments. I LOVE NYC! I used to stay at the Intercontinental at 48th and Lexington, and I would go to a musical and walk back to the hotel with absolutely no fear. One day I even saw 2 major shows.
    I always stand in line with cash before a matinee and I always get outrageous 3-6th row center tickets! I love all of the little ethnic restaurants, especially the East Indian ones. Yum-o!

    Well, I’m glad you are back and safe. Don’t scare us again!
    I’m interested in your opinion about the latest bombshell of the syringe and chloroform. I am aware that the parts per million were less than home drinking water, but the sample had been out in the weather for months. I’m trying to find out if Chloroform can leach through a plastic bottle. I know that plastic can leach into drinking water with heat, so perhaps…??

    Get some pepper spray anyway!

  4. WolfmanJack

    November 13, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    More women (and men) need to keep a shotgun under the bed. Waaaay waaaayy waaaayyyy too many of these crimes are repeat offenders. Since the legal system lets them out, again and again, arming oneself and keeping doors and windows locked is the only thing to do. It is hard to envision someone actually in the house for days with your friend not knowing it. There sure are a lot of weirdos out there. May God’s peace be with you.

    • sassy

      November 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm

      Hi wolfman,

      Read up two posts to Citizenkim’s post of November 12. The story about her friend being murdered was a Halloween story that Citzenkim made up. Don’t feel foolish, I had no idea it wasn’t true either. Yes, you are right. I think I’ll get a license to carry a concealed weapon. I hear shooting ranges are all the rage for women. 🙂

    • citizenkim

      November 19, 2009 at 8:59 pm

      Hey WolfManJack- do you really think MORE people need to keep a shotgun under the bed?? Did you think my story reinforced that? Curious?

      I don’t necessarily think that MORE shotguns are the best idea. Do you? Also, someone hiding w/in someone’s house is actually NOT that hard to “envision” – or at least it shouldn’t be. Plenty of people that I know have portions of their house that are rarely used. People are RIDICULOUS consumers of wealth. If I was a psycho killer- w/a deadline, I would DEFINITELY study my victim and WHAT better place to do it than from w/in the home?? I would be an EXCELLENT psycho killer!

      I COULD sneak up on you, WolfmanJack, OR don’t you think? And,…ARE YOU SURE?

      Anyway, thanks for writing Wolfman Jack! Peace be with you too!

  5. maze

    November 13, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    KIm,wow you had me going,I thought oh my god..but you know stuff like this happens all the time.everyone should watch your back ,and your surroundings,change the routine once in awile.Great story ,Do I hear a book in the works?

  6. WolfmanJack

    November 19, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Ha ha. Ahhh. Kim, Kim. You got off a good one on us. A new twist on Halloween and April Fools rolled into one. Glad this didn’t happen. But you know, most adult murders like this don’t even make the national news anymore. They are that frequent.

  7. WolfmanJack

    November 19, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    I think it was the part about the dog that made it seem real to me. (Because that’s exactly what a dog would do).

  8. WolfmanJack

    November 30, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    I do. I think everyone should be armed for self-defense in their own house. It depends largely on where you live. If you live in downtown Chicago, the police might actually get there in a few minutes. In more remote locations, good luck with that. You have a right to defend yourself. But a gun is also a responsibility. I am assuming no small children on the premises. If you have small children, better trust the police to get there.

  9. WolfmanJack

    November 30, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    My house is small. I like it that way. Cozy.


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